Product Management OKR Examples

Product Management OKRs are where you will express the biggest priorities you’re facing right now as a department or potentially as the leader of a product lead cross functional team.

What you are not trying to do is operationalise Product Management using OKRs. You’ve roadmaps and tools like Confluence for that.

Product Management OKR Examples

Easy To Understand Product Management OKR Examples

Below we’ve created a few Product Management OKRs so you can see how they are structured with Objective and Key Results.
The pattern you should notice is the Key Results contain metrics (KPIs) with a hard to achieve target. Any projects, sprints,
tasks you might want to add should be added as Initiatives not OKRs.

What are the biggest challenges being faced by Product right now?

You could easily include product analytics KPIs as Key Results as well. Not all of them,
just the ones that MUST change this quarter.

OBJECTIVE - Build what matters

KEY RESULT 1 – Have Customer Development Calls with 30 Customers  METRIC – Customer Development Calls

Product Managers are often guilty of not speaking to Customers enough and just managing feature requests from Customer Success teams. Great Product Managers have Customer Development meetings with ICP customers and prospects.

OBJECTIVE - Deliver Innovation that gives us a competitive advantage

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Development Resources assigned to Innovation features to 30%  METRIC – Development Resource

Competitive advantage comes in different forms. One form is innovation that’s valued by customers and is hard or expensive to replicate. Making sure that Innovation is part of your Roadmap is a smart move.

Writing Your Own Product Management OKRs

You’ve read the examples above – are you ready to start writing your own Objectives and Key Results?

If the answer is yes, we have something special for you. OKR experts and coaches have helped us build a tried
and tested OKR Canvas Template, tutorial and video for you and your teams to follow.

It’s time to develop on the goals that really matter the most.
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