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Channel Market, Customer
& Business Know-how

You know a lot about your market, your customers, your challenges and opportunties, it’s now time to channel that and focus on what will move the needle most.

Combine Strategy, OKRs & KPIs To Accelerate Performance

Leading companies use strategy, OKR, and KPIs best-practices to constantly narrow down what you needs to focus to drive transformational growth.

Move From Theory To Success Much Faster & Unlock Your Full Potential

ZOKRI is a platform where teams see how and where they fit in and get to share their goals and update colleagues on priorities, progress, challenges and the wins.

Has Your Discovery Of OKRs & The Companies They Help To Lead Markets Got You Excited?

The C-Suites Guide To OKR

Before You Commit To OKR Your Team Needs The Facts – Can We Share A Really Good “Business Case For OKR” Document


Using The OKR Canvas


An OKR canvas is a great way to practice creating OKRs. Our coaches often use exercises like this for teams learning OKR.

It will guide you to think about and create your OKRs in a structured and best-practice way.

OKR Canvas

The State of OKR