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Re-ignite growth and maximize the value of your company for you, your employees and shareholders. ZOKRI makes it easy to a formulate and share winning plan, then execute it, and then scale.


Why An Integrated Growth Operating System & ZOKRI

The path to scaling effectively is often marked by a myriad of complexities, requiring not just business acumen but also an integrated operating system that aligns all facets of an organization towards a shared vision.

As a company grows and scales, it faces new challenges that were not present, or not as pressing, in its startup phase.

While these challenges can vary depending on the specific industry, market conditions, and the nature of the company's products or services, the following are some common issues that tend to arise:

  • Maintaining Company Culture and Values
  • Systems Not Scaling Leading To Operational Inefficiency
  • Slower Decision-Making and Increased Bureaucracy
  • Leadership Challenges As Increased Trust & Delegation Is Required
  • Mis-communication, tool and communication overload
  • Pressure On Hiring and Retention
  • Decreased Employee Engagement and Morale
  • Slower Rates Of Innovation
  • Reduced Market Share

These pain points can be severe and can impact the company's performance, reputation, and long-term sustainability. It's important to recognize them early and take steps to address the underlying issues.

Effective management of growth requires proactive planning, ongoing learning and adaptation, and a keen focus on people, processes, and performance.

With ZOKRI, an Integrated Growth Operating System (IGOS), we aim to provide a comprehensive toolkit tailored specifically to the unique needs of scale-ups, high-growth companies, and emerging leaders.

The IGOS distills and integrates the most effective strategies from frameworks like OKR, Scale Up, the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) ®, and the 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX) ®.

Each of these approaches has proven invaluable in various contexts, and by drawing upon their strengths, we have crafted a unified blueprint for growth that addresses the essential components needed for a successful scaling business that wants to have a chance of emerging as a category or market leader. For this reason our customers are often:

  • Companies that are no longer start-ups, need to manage the scaling process and don't want growth to stall, and want significant quarter-on-quarter growth.
  • Companies that have scaled and then stalled, and need to re-ignite the furnace and get going again.


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Scalable Success

Experience the power of integrated
growth with ZOKRI

Your growth catalyst, aligning your operations, people, and strategy into one seamless, scalable system. Our all-in-one software utilizes the best concepts from OKR, Scale Up, EOS®, and 4DX® – is purpose-built to accelerate your business growth.


Dramatically reduce the time needed to lead and manage your business and teams. Inspire, delegate, coach and enjoy being in control.

People, Systems & Measures

Have the systems, processes, measures, and people in the right roles that will support and enhance your winning strategy.

Values, Habits
& Rituals

Embed the values, traits, habits, behaviours and rituals associated with high performance at every level of your company and watch growth happen.

Chart A Path To Success

Vision & Strategy

  • Craft a future-proof vision for your company with our strategic tools.
  • Clearly articulate your enterprise’s vision, purpose, and strategy to drive alignment and track progress.
  • With ZOKRI, your vision isn’t just a statement – it’s an actionable roadmap to success.
Visionary Leadership

Crafting Vision and Formulating Strategy: The Cornerstones of Organizational Success

ZOKRI brings your Vision and Strategy to life and allows the seamless integration and alignment of Objectives, Key Results and day-to-day work that’s going to deliver the goals to align. KPI scorecards to then keep score and alert to issues.

Understanding the importance of articulating a clear vision and formulating a robust strategy lies at the heart of successful business leadership. Drawing from the wisdom of renowned strategic thinker Roger Martin, we delve into the criticality of these two concepts.

Vision: The Organizational North Star

Every successful journey begins with a destination in mind. In the business landscape, this destination is encapsulated in the organization's vision. It acts as a North Star, providing direction and purpose to every individual within the organization, illuminating the path that leads to the desired future. Without a well-crafted vision, organizations risk wandering aimlessly, with resources squandered and opportunities missed.

A clear and compelling vision stimulates motivation, fosters alignment, and acts as the adhesive that binds teams together. It provokes a sense of higher purpose, transforming ordinary tasks into steps towards the achievement of something greater. As Martin aptly notes, the ultimate test of a compelling vision is that it guides behavior when the leader is not present.

Strategy: The Bridge Between Today and Tomorrow

If vision lays the foundation for 'where we want to be,' strategy acts as the blueprint for 'how we get there.' Strategy formulation is a thoughtful and deliberate process of making conscious choices, addressing Roger Martin's strategic questions:

  • 'Where will we play?'
  • 'How will we win?'

Through these lenses, leaders can identify the most valuable competitive spaces and outline unique, sustainable ways to win within them. A well-designed strategy acknowledges

  • Existing resources and capabilities
  • Contemplates external factors
  • Aligns insights with the organization's ambitions

The Strategic Choice Cascade

The Strategic Choice Cascade is a model introduced by Roger Martin in his book "Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works." The model presents a series of interconnected choices that companies need to make to build an effective business strategy.

The concept revolves around five fundamental questions that sequentially follow one another, forming a "cascade". Each question must be answered in order and the answer to each influences the choices and possibilities for the next. Here are the five key questions:

What is our winning aspiration?

This is the high-level overarching objective or goal, which aligns closely with the organization's vision. It's about defining what it means for your organization to 'win'. It might involve being the market leader, changing a societal issue, or creating an innovative solution to a known problem.

Where will we play?

This involves choosing the specific markets and customer segments where the organization will compete. The choices might relate to geographical markets, product lines, types of customers, distribution channels, or stages of production.

How will we win?

Here, the organization defines its strategy for how it will win in the chosen areas. This often relates to the organization's unique selling proposition (USP) and how it differentiates itself from competitors.

What capabilities must be in place?

This refers to the key abilities, resources, and assets the organization needs to win in its chosen areas. These could include special skills, unique processes, superior technology, or key relationships.

What management systems are required?

Finally, the organization needs to identify the systems, measures, and organizational structures that will support and enhance its chosen strategy. These include performance management software, decision-making processes, and cultural elements, like those managed in ZOKRI.

The key point is that these questions, and their answers, cascade - the choices at each level are dependent on the decisions made at the level above. This helps to ensure that the strategy is internally consistent and aligned, increasing the likelihood of success. This approach to strategy is not about prediction; instead, it's about making explicit choices to win in the marketplace.

A Symbiotic Relationship

The relationship between vision and strategy is symbiotic. A strong vision without a strategic plan is like a dream without a roadmap—engaging but impractical. Conversely, a strategy without a vision is directionless, lacking in purpose and motivation.

In this intricate dance, the vision provides the 'why,' inspiring and motivating the organization, while the strategy provides the 'how,' translating that inspiration into tangible action. When married together in the Roger Martin way, vision and strategy powerfully drive organizations towards their desired futures, turning dreams into realities.

Mastering this duality of vision and strategy is not an option; it's an imperative. It's the very DNA of effective leadership and the propelling force towards sustainable organizational success.

Final Vision and Strategy
Amplify Your Competitive Advantage

People & Culture

  • Cultivate a culture of innovation and growth with our human-centered modules.
  • Foster a winning culture and align your team’s growth mindset with your organization’s core values.
  • Put the right people in the right roles, and unlock their potential to drive innovation and growth.
People Power Amplified

Amplifying Your Competitive Advantage: Harnessing the Power of People & Culture

ZOKRI allows you to be specific about the values and behaviors that are going to allow you to execute your strategy and build a competitive advantage. The platform then brings these values and behaviors to life with features like ‘Shout Outs’, league tables, and value based questions in evaluations and 360 reviews.

ZOKRI builds on the values with a clever org.chart planning feature that allows you to see whether the right people are in the right areas with the correct roles and responsibilities, along with goals, issues and other performance dimensions.

These features matter because competitive advantage does not simply arise from technological innovations or cost leadership alone. Instead, it often emanates from an organization's most unique and valuable asset - its people and the culture they foster.

Cultivating a culture of innovation and growth, fostering alignment, and placing the right people in the right roles can amplify your competitive advantage.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation and Growth

At the heart of every high-performing organization lies a culture that inspires innovation and growth. This culture is not an abstract concept, but a palpable force that permeates all levels, impacting daily operations and long-term outcomes. It motivates employees to think outside the box, encouraging them to challenge the status quo and drive change.

This culture of innovation fosters an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and continuous learning. It signals that it's not just acceptable but essential to take calculated risks and learn from failures, transforming them into opportunities for growth. This growth orientation serves as the bedrock for sustainable success, leading to novel solutions that create lasting competitive advantage.

Fostering a Winning Culture: Alignment with Core Values

The winning culture is one that aligns the team's growth mindset with the organization's core values. It requires the marrying of individual ambitions with the company's mission, creating a shared sense of purpose that guides behavior.

This alignment does not occur by accident; it is the product of conscious and consistent efforts. Leaders need to live and breathe the core values, demonstrating through their actions what it means to embody them. These core values then become the compass guiding all decision-making, providing a clear direction towards 'how to win' in the strategic choice cascade.

The Right People in the Right Roles: Unlocking Potential

People are the lifeblood of an organization. Placing the right people in the right roles is an art that demands deep understanding of individuals' skills, passions, and potential. Leaders who master this art not only enhance productivity but also unleash a powerful force of innovation and growth.

Each person, when aligned with a role that resonates with their inherent strengths and interests, can contribute significantly beyond their job description. They become more than employees; they transform into innovators, growth drivers, and brand ambassadors. This alignment between people and roles not only nurtures individual growth but also amplifies the organization's competitive advantage.

The Strategic Imperative of People & Culture

People and culture are no longer peripheral aspects of strategy; they form its very core. Cultivating a culture of innovation and growth, fostering alignment, and putting the right people in the right roles are strategic choices, crucial to amplifying competitive advantage.

It is this human-centric focus, blending intellectual and emotional dimensions, that creates a unique, hard-to-replicate strategic advantage, paving the path for sustained organizational success. In the strategic choice cascade, the 'how will we win' becomes intrinsically tied to 'who will help us win,' highlighting the undeniable importance of people and culture in strategic success.

People and Culture
Track & Discuss Measurements That Matter

Data & Scorecard

  • Harness key metrics to drive success with our powerful analytics suite.
  • Leverage the power of data with custom, team-specific dashboards and scorecards that provide real-time insights into your company’s health.
  • Define key metrics and track progress effortlessly.
Measurable Impact

Track & Discuss Measurements That Matter: Unleashing the Power of Data & Scorecards

In the data-driven business world of today, understanding and tracking the right metrics is not just valuable—it's essential. Leveraging powerful analytics, utilizing custom dashboards, and defining key metrics can significantly improve your business health and performance. This brings a heightened clarity to the 'what management systems are required' aspect of the strategic choice cascade.

Harnessing Key Metrics: The Pulse of Success

Data, when correctly interpreted and utilized, can illuminate the path to success. Key metrics act as the pulse of an organization, reflecting its health and effectiveness. But in the multitude of data, not all metrics carry equal significance. It's about pinpointing those critical few that tie directly to your strategic objectives and driving actions based on them.

Our powerful suite comes into play here, offering a robust platform to collect and present these key metrics. This data-driven approach allows for strategic decisions to be made with confidence, backing intuition with hard evidence. It ensures that you invest resources where they matter the most, driving us towards our winning aspiration.

Custom Dashboards and Scorecards: The Power of Real-Time Insights

Data in isolation lacks value; its true potential unfolds when it's displayed in an understandable and actionable format. This is where custom, team-specific dashboards and scorecards step in. They transform raw data into real-time insights, providing a visual narrative of the company's health.

These tailored dashboards create a 'single source of truth,' eliminating confusion and promoting transparency. By providing team-specific insights, they help individual departments understand their contribution towards the strategic objectives. It's about converting the 'how will we win' into measurable outputs, making the progression towards the goal visible and trackable.

Defining Key Metrics and Effortless Tracking: The Winning Combination

While harnessing metrics and leveraging dashboards are crucial, it's equally important to define what those key metrics should be. They need to align with the organization's strategic objectives, resonating with the 'where will we play' and 'how will we win' aspects of the strategic choice cascade.

Once defined, tracking these metrics should be an effortless exercise, allowing leaders to focus on decision-making rather than data collection. An effective data system automates the tracking process, ensuring the availability of accurate, up-to-date insights at your fingertips.

The Essential Need for Data and Scorecards

In the pursuit of competitive advantage, the ability to track and discuss measurements that matter is a game-changer. It provides a data-driven lens to view the organization's health, making strategy a tangible and measurable concept.

Of course you understand that your strategy is not just about defining a winning aspiration or choosing where to play and how to win. It's also about knowing what systems, like data and scorecards, are required to make those choices a reality. This combination of strategic insight and data intelligence is what truly fuels sustainable success in the competitive business landscape.

Data and Scorecard
Don’t Just Set Goals, Achieve Them

Aligned Goals & Execution

  • Bring clarity to execution with aligned and cascading goals using OKRs.
  • With ZOKRI, maintaining disciplined execution and clear accountability becomes second nature.
  • Align and cascade goals using OKRs, see the steps to achieving a goal broken down and worked towards.
Aligned Achievements

Don’t Just Set Goals, Achieve Them: The Power of Aligned Goals & Disciplined Execution

The art of achieving business success doesn't stop at setting lofty goals; it extends to aligning these goals and executing them with unwavering discipline.

The importance and power of using Objective and Key Results (OKRs) to bring clarity to execution, leveraging tools like ZOKRI for disciplined execution and clear accountability, and cascading goals for comprehensive goal achievement should not be underestimated.

Clarity in Execution: Aligning and Cascading Goals with OKRs

Bringing goals to life requires a clear, shared understanding of what they are and how they will be achieved. This is where OKRs come into play, a powerful framework for setting, tracking, and achieving goals.

The two-fold focus of OKRs on what we want to achieve (Objectives) and how we plan to achieve it (Key Results) aligns perfectly with strategic questions: like 'What is our winning aspiration?' and 'How will we win?'

OKRs act as a lighthouse, aligning teams and individuals with the company's strategic direction. When these goals are cascaded down the organization, it ensures that every person knows their part in the bigger picture, creating a compelling synergy between individual tasks and organizational ambitions.

Disciplined Execution & Clear Accountability: The ZOKRI Effect

The successful execution of goals requires a disciplined approach and clear lines of accountability. Here, ZOKRI, a dedicated OKR and performance management tool, becomes your strategic ally. It facilitates maintaining disciplined execution and instilling clear accountability, both of which are fundamental to turning strategic goals into reality.

ZOKRI fosters an environment where each team member understands their responsibilities, deadlines, and how their work contributes to the overarching strategy. It enhances transparency, ensuring everyone in the organization knows the status of key initiatives and who is accountable for them.

This focus on accountability aligns seamlessly with the need to answer 'what capabilities must be in place' and 'what management systems are required.'

Achieving Goals: The Cascade Effect with OKRs

The real magic happens when OKRs are used to cascade goals across the organization. This process breaks down complex objectives into manageable, concrete tasks that individuals or teams can work towards. It ensures every step taken is a step towards goal achievement.

Cascading goals using OKRs provides a comprehensive view of the path towards success, allowing for progress tracking and timely adjustments. ZOKRI and OKRs breathe life into your strategic choice cascade, making it actionable and visible to all.

From Setting Goals to Achieving Them

In the journey from setting goals to achieving them, the keys to success lie in alignment, disciplined execution, and cascading goals. Leveraging OKRs and tools like ZOKRI, organizations can bring strategic goals within their reach, making the ambitious achievable.

In essence, the 'how will we win' becomes not just a strategic choice but a daily reality, driven by clear objectives, robust systems, and dedicated people.

You will of course know that it's not just about setting goals—it's about designing the strategic, systemic, and human processes to achieve them.

Share It & Sort It

Issues & Problem-Solving

  • Navigate business challenges with our intuitive issues and problem-solving features.
  • Proactively address issues before they escalate.
  • ZOKRI’s dedicated feature helps your team identify, discuss, and solve problems efficiently, fostering a resilient problem-solving culture.
Solving Together

Share It & Sort It: Navigating Issues & Enhancing Problem-Solving

Needless to say, issues and challenges are inevitable. What differentiates successful organizations is not the absence of problems, but their ability to navigate them efficiently. The importance and impact of proactive problem-solving, utilizing intuitive tools like ZOKRI, and fostering a resilient problem-solving culture should not be underestimated.

ZOKRI: Your Strategic Ally in Problem-Solving

ZOKRI's dedicated problem-solving feature plays a pivotal role in a proactive approach to solving problems. It provides a platform for teams to identify, discuss, and solve problems efficiently, converting the often-daunting process of problem-solving into a streamlined, manageable task.

ZOKRI ensures that problem-solving is not just a theoretical concept but an actionable strategy, embedded in the organization's daily operations.

Fostering a Resilient Problem-Solving Culture

At the core of efficient problem-solving lies a resilient culture that encourages open communication, mutual trust, and continuous learning. This culture supports the sharing and sorting of problems, promoting collective wisdom over individual silos.

Sharing and Sorting - A Strategic Imperative

Sharing and sorting issues are not just tactical actions; they form a strategic imperative. By promoting proactive problem-solving, leveraging tools like ZOKRI, and nurturing a resilient problem-solving culture, organizations can navigate business challenges effectively, transforming potential obstacles into opportunities for growth.

This approach shows that 'how will we win' is as much about the issues we overcome as the goals we achieve. It's about embedding a problem-solving mindset into the strategic DNA of the organization, enabling it to thrive amidst challenges and excel in the competitive business landscape.

Issues and Problem Solving
Align Priorities & Celebrate Wins

Sharing Priorities

  • Priority setting ensures urgent and important tasks are prioritized, reducing inefficiencies and boosting overall performance.
  • Transparency ensures everyone is working towards the same objectives. and enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the team.
  • When tasks and deadlines are clear, individuals are more likely to take ownership, leading to improved outcomes.
Mastering Priority Alignment

Align Priorities & Celebrate Wins: The Power of Shared Priorities

Aligning priorities and celebrating wins are key drivers of organizational success. There is no doubt that priority setting boosts performance and plays a key role in improving transparency,  fostering alignment and increasing productivity.

Priority Setting: The Engine of Efficiency and Performance

Priority setting is a strategic compass that guides teams to focus their efforts on what's truly important and urgent. 

By ensuring urgent and important tasks are prioritized, organizations can reduce inefficiencies and boost overall performance. Priority setting acts as a strategic filter, sifting through myriad tasks and responsibilities and pinpointing those that deserve immediate attention and resources.

Transparency: The Key to Alignment and Efficiency

Transparency ensures everyone is working towards the same objectives, fostering a shared understanding of what needs to be achieved and why. 

Transparent communication of priorities enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the team.

When priorities are clear and accessible, team members can align their individual tasks and goals with those of the organization, creating a powerful synergy that propels the team forward.

Clarity and Ownership: The Route to Improved Outcomes

Clear tasks and deadlines foster a sense of ownership among team members, leading to improved outcomes. 

When individuals understand what's expected of them and by when, they are more likely to take ownership of their tasks. This leads to a higher quality of work, increased job satisfaction, and improved results, culminating in a collective sense of achievement and the celebration of shared wins.

Aligning Priorities and Celebrating Wins - A Strategic Necessity

Aligning priorities and celebrating wins isn't just a good practice; it's a strategic necessity. By setting clear priorities, fostering transparency, and promoting ownership, organizations can elevate their performance and revel in the joy of shared victories.

It's about creating a strategic framework that enables teams to navigate their tasks efficiently and celebrate their wins passionately, fostering a culture of performance, collaboration, and shared success.

Sharing Priorities
Give Performance & Pulse

Find Your Rhythm

  • Align and engage your team with our easy-to-use update and meeting tools.
  • Schedule and manage updates and meetings effortlessly with ZOKRI’s unique features.
  • Foster alignment and engagement by ensuring everyone’s on the same page.
Unleashing Performance Pulse

Give Performance & Pulse: Finding Your Business Rhythm

Finding your business rhythm is about achieving a harmonious alignment and engagement within your team. ZOKRI has a suite of unique features for scheduling and managing updates, and ensure everyone's on the same page and engagement levels are high.

Alignment & Engagement: The Power of Update and Meeting Tools

Each team member plays a crucial part. The challenge is to align these parts and engage each player to create a cohesive, high-performing ensemble.

The need for unity and collaboration in achieving business objectives is obvious. Our easy-to-use update and meeting tools serve as conductors, orchestrating this alignment and engagement. They facilitate effective communication, providing a platform for sharing updates, discussing plans, and aligning efforts towards shared goals.

Effortless Scheduling & Management: The ZOKRI Advantage

The management of updates and meetings should not be a burdensome task; it should be an effortless exercise that enhances productivity rather than hindering it. This is where ZOKRI's unique features come into play, providing intuitive solutions for scheduling and managing updates and meetings.

ZOKRI ensures that coordination becomes a seamless process, aligning with Martin's strategic element of 'What management systems are required?' By automating and simplifying scheduling, ZOKRI allows leaders to focus on strategic decisions, fostering an efficient rhythm that drives performance.

Fostering Alignment & Engagement: The Unified Page Approach

In the quest for high performance, it's essential that everyone's on the same page, understanding their role and how it contributes to the overall business objectives. Ensuring this alignment fosters a sense of belonging and engagement among team members, fueling productivity and satisfaction.

This unified page approach ensures that the business rhythm isn't just about ticking boxes and attending meetings, but about creating a synchronized, engaged, and high-performing team.

Performance and Pulse - The Business Rhythm

In the rhythm of business performance, it's not just about setting the tempo; it's about ensuring every team member is in sync with it. By leveraging intuitive tools for updates and meetings, taking advantage of ZOKRI's unique features, and fostering alignment and engagement, organizations can find their unique business rhythm.

This rhythm allows the organization to answer not just 'How will we win?' but also 'What must be in place to win?' It's about creating a pulse that permeates the organization, driving it towards its winning aspiration in harmony and unity.

Find Your Rhythm
See & Develop Everyone

Evaluate, Develop & Reward

  • Be known and loved for having a fair and balanced evaluation process.
  • Create a culture that values behaviour, effort and learning, as well as results.
  • Provide clarity on what triggers a bonus and watch teams reward you back. 
Develop, Reward, Succeed

See & Develop Everyone: The Power of Evaluation, Development, & Reward

The ability to see and develop every individual within an organization is a cornerstone of sustainable success.

The value of cultivating a culture that rewards behaviour, effort, and learning as much as results, and the clarity of reward triggers to foster reciprocal recognition is huge.

Fair & Balanced Evaluation: The Foundation of Trust

A fair and balanced evaluation process is a strategic tool to build trust and promote transparency within the organization.

Being known for a just evaluation process not only elevates your organization's reputation but also boosts employee morale and productivity. It ensures that everyone is seen and heard, their contributions recognized, and their potential identified and nurtured.

Cultivating a Rewarding Culture: Beyond Results

A culture that values behavior, effort, and learning equally with results fosters a growth mindset and drives long-term success.

When employees feel valued for their overall contribution, not just their end results. It encourages risk-taking, innovation, and continuous learning, promoting a holistic approach to success that looks beyond mere figures and milestones.

Clarity on Reward Triggers: The Cycle of Recognition

Clarity on what triggers a bonus or reward is crucial in motivating teams and promoting performance.

Providing clarity about reward triggers ensures that teams understand what is expected of them and what they stand to gain from exceeding these expectations.

This clarity ignites motivation and drives performance. Moreover, when teams understand the reward system, they often reciprocate with heightened commitment and dedication, rewarding the organization back with their exceptional performance.

Seeing & Developing - A Strategic Imperative

Seeing and developing every individual within an organization is more than a human resources mantra; it is a strategic imperative. By promoting a fair evaluation process, nurturing a culture that values all aspects of contribution, and providing clarity on reward triggers, organizations can unlock the full potential of their teams.

These practices answer the critical question of 'How will we win?' It's about recognizing the power of every individual and leveraging it towards a shared winning aspiration. The 'how' lies not just in strategy and systems, but also in people and their development.

Evaluate, Develop & Reward
Success Engineered

Empowering Business Growth with ZOKRI

It’s time for your team to reach its full potential. Join the ranks of the successful businesses using ZOKRI’s IGOS to enhance their growth strategies. Start your journey to greatness today.


Dramatically reduce the time needed to lead and manage your business and teams. Inspire, delegate, coach and enjoy being in control.

People, Systems & Measures

Have the systems, processes, measures, and people in the right roles that will support and enhance your winning strategy.

Values, Habits
& Rituals

Embed the values, traits, habits, behaviours and rituals associated with high performance at every level of your company and watch growth happen.


Tried, tested and loved

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our satisfied customers about how ZOKRI’s IGOS has transformed their businesses.

Optimal Support

All The Know-how & Support You Will Need

There is little to no execution risk on the project if you have the right people supporting and there is a commitment to change and being the best you can be.

Easy Workflow Shift

Seamlessly Transition to New Ways of Working with ZOKRI

At ZOKRI, we understand that change, though necessary, can sometimes be challenging. We believe that with the right people in the right roles, this transition can be a smooth and rewarding journey. Here's how we can help your organization embrace new ways of working:

Appointing Stakeholders with Clear Roles & Responsibilities

We endorse a strategic structure of leadership that ensures everyone feels supported and heard during the transition:

Executive Stakeholder

A senior leader with the clout to make critical decisions and allocate resources. They secure buy-in from other senior leaders and set the tone for the rest of the organization.

Project Lead/Champion

Overseeing the transition process, they motivate and guide the team through the change. Their commitment and leadership inspire others to get on board with the new ways of working.

HR Lead

They align HR policies and practices with the new ways of working. They play a key role in adapting performance evaluations, training programs, and more to the changes.

Team Leads

These are change agents within their respective teams. They facilitate communication, provide support, and address specific concerns within their team.

These strategic appointments create a support network that guides and assists each team member through the change, driving towards a successful transition.

Stages and Ways of Working

The transition is carried out in thoughtful stages:

Strategic Communication

We explain the 'why' behind the changes, the benefits, and the specifics of the new rituals. We ensure everyone understands the strategic objectives.

Leadership Buy-In

Our appointed leaders embody the changes, demonstrating their commitment to the new ways of working.

Training and Development

We provide targeted training sessions to help teams acquire the necessary skills and understand the new rituals.

Pilot Implementation & Feedback

We start with a pilot group to identify and address challenges early, allowing for adjustments before a wider rollout.

Reinforcement with Systems & Processes

We adjust systems and processes to align with and reinforce the new ways of working.

Expert Coaching and Implementation Support

Our expert coaching in areas such as OKR offers guidance and support that's directly relevant to the new ways of working. We also provide part-time or fractional implementation support for a flexible, tailored approach to your organization's specific needs.

Change doesn't have to be daunting. With ZOKRI, your organization is equipped with the right people, resources, and expert support. We assure you that the transition will run smoothly, and the benefits of these changes will be quickly felt, propelling your organization towards a future of growth and success.


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