The Best Goal & Performance Management Solution For SaaS

The fastest and best way to grow is to align, focus, stretch, empower, and inspire your people with ZOKRI.

Introduce a better way to set and manage goals, optimize execution, and manage people driven SaaS Growth.

Replace a mixture of tools, spreadsheets and docs, with a single, better, and more effective way of growing MRR.

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Smarter Growth Management
For Scaling SaaS Companies

ZOKRI has been designed to replace a mixture of tools, spreadsheets and docs, with a single, better, and more effective way of managing growth.

  • Adopt a proven system for setting corporate, team and individual goals that gets used and works brilliantly
  • Empower your teams to define goals that align with your company's objectives
  • Focus and align teams on metrics that encourage the right behaviours and drive growth
  • Give your teams access to Growth Initiative libraries that are proven to grow MRR and reduce Churn
  • Invest in the activities and people that are proven to get results


Track the metrics the drive growth
See insights & action them
Be confident you’re in total control


Set goals using OKRs
Develop ambition, focus and alignment
Be strategic and agile


Reach your goals faster
Execute more impactful activities
Capture knowledge, become smarter


Love the focus and agility of check-ins
Save time with focused agendas
Confidently know how plans are going

Performance Management

Provide focus and guidance
Allow teams to work and work smarter
Find and develop your valuable assets


Easy to invest in your growth story
Show that you’re in total control
Increase the chances of an exit event

Easy & Fast Evaluation

It’s easy and fast to see if ZOKRI is going to work for you and your teams and help drive the growth you’re looking for

Up, Running, Benefiting In Minutes

  • Easy to invite teams and gather feedback
  • SaaS Metrics ready to go
  • OKRs you can use immediately
  • Initiatives library proven to drive growth
  • Easy to connect your tools