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OKRs Made Simple

ZOKRI is a comprehensive OKR and Performance Management solution that allows you to easily implement best-practice goal setting using Objectives and Key Results.

ZOKRI manages the continuous delivery of your strategy and goals, with an emphasis on keeping teams goal aware, focused and agile. Making what’s really hard to achieve in a spreadsheet, easy.

Goal management software to set better goals, align execution and stay on track

Drives Performance Improvements & Growth From Day-One

Strategic Goals

Set company goals that align with your strategy and business plans and start creating top-down, bottom-up alignment..  

Departments & Teams

Using OKR, and KPIs, set the goals and measurement targets that needs when committed to, would deliver the plan.

Goal & Role Clarity

Assign owners, and collaborators to KPIs, goals and execution and achieve clarity on how success is being achieved.

Evaluate & Adjust

Track progress, discuss problems, and plans to stay on track with check-in and meetings management.

Plan & Manage Goals Like Google, Microsoft
& Most High Performing Companies & Teams

Total Clarity On The Goals That Will Have A
Clear & Measurable Impact

Measurement centric goals aligned using Objective and Key Results (OKR) will consistently deliver the improvements that matter most every quarter.

ZOKRI makes goal management using OKR easy and gives instant visibility on progress, problems, risk, and successes, allowing everyone to see and feel their impact.

And when you're ready to discover better Performance Management...

Continuous Feedback
That Works For Everyone

‘Way back then’ performance feedback is quickly being replaced by continuous feedback and coaching. ZOKRI makes it easy to set the agenda, and have the information you need on screen, have great meetings, record decisions, update plans and follow-up.

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Grow Faster With ZOKRI

Strategy lead, people powered growth happens in ZOKRI.

Michael Conn

"Since implementing ZOKRI we have started to see the expected benefits, but also many more that we did not anticipate. ZOKRI facilitates important conversations that people weren’t necessarily having before, removing roadblocks to progress, providing clarity of prioritisation and improving collaboration across our business. This is even more critical for us given the move to remote working during the Covid pandemic, which had limited the ways that people traditionally interacted with each other."

Michael Conn, CFO

"No book could replicate our path to success...the system brought us clarity, the coaching brought us consistency.

ZOKRI is intuitive, user-friendly, and flexible. Combined with OKR coaching, it has evolved our business in a very short time. We are clear on what we need to action, its impact, and how we can be each other's support network. Now we are set to capture the market.

The software, insights and on-call support has made an impact in less than 6 weeks."

Mel Tsiaprazis, COO
Mel Tsiaprazis
Peter Kerr AuxinOKR

"ZOKRI is much more than an OKR tracking tool to us. We view the platform as an engine for business transformation. It is really easy to use and enables teams to plan, set goals and then execute effectively.

ZOKRI helps business that are serious about implementing OKRs to create workflows that enable teams to share the right information with the right people at the right time."

Peter Kerr, OKR Expert

"It is easy to sign up to a software and give it a good go. It is likely to fumble in the dark for a while though until you get it right. Having very little time to implement ours, we opted to get ZOKRI and the coaching instead and looking back, we are so pleased we did.

The training took us through the process strategically, helping us create our company OKRs and walking us through the steps we need to create clear objectives linked to even clearer key results."

Chirine Harb, Head of Operations

Chirine Harb

Resources To Help You Right Now

ZOKRI OKR Blueprints


Diagrammatic blueprints of how the whole company can measure, share and work on what matters, improve performance, and ensure everyone knows and feels that they really matter as well.


A free to download eBook on the why and how of OKRs, and how to avoid common pitfalls.


The ROI of OKRs is huge when you see it though the lens of the cost of labour and productivity.