Strategic, Goal-Oriented Leadership

A Strategic Planning & Execution System That Makes It Easy To Unlock Your True Potential.

Igniting and sustaining business growth is hard without a winning strategy and a great culture. ZOKRI provides the the software, know-how to improve how strategy, goals and culture is defined and managed to grow revenue and profit.

Are You A Strategic Or Un-Strategic Company?

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We help companies become Strategic

You have a great strategy when you have aligned your winning aspiration with a deep understanding of the value that customers will pay for, and have you have a plan to deliver that value better than your competitors, to the point where you can often outmanoeuvre competitors and sustain that competitive advantage for a long time.

You sustain your focus on your strategy by combining other planning concepts like goal setting and KPIs with executional processes and rituals that become part of the fabric of your company and how you manage your business.

About Our Software

We launched our software in 2018 to help make it easy for companies to create a interconnected system planning tools, concepts, and processes that are proven to increase company performance.

Planning documents, KPI data, and goals are usually spread around a company, are often siloed and out of date, and definitely don’t have a heartbeat. This stops companies from being strategic, and makes continuous performance improvements less certain.

ZOKRI makes it easy to create a strategic, goal focused, accountable and efficient company. It’s easy to use and, roll-out and makes an immediate impact.

We can streamline updates and optimize communications via integrations to KPI spreadsheets and tools, project tools like Jira, communications tools like Slack and MS Teams. We also integrate with over 30 HRIS systems.

We have customers in over 40 countries and can support you across any time-zone you happen to be in.


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Capabilities We Help To Develop & Enhance That Drive Growth


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is not budgeting and forecasting. It’s a process, a battle plan to achieve your winning aspiration, and a source of focus, growth and profit.


OKR Goal Setting

OKRs will provide a easy to follow goal roadmap. They will be the focal point of company town halls, weekly team meetings, and external reporting.


Execution Management

The business operating system we help you to create will have the processes, concepts, and rituals you need to move from a winning aspiration to winning.

Need A Strategy & Want To Learn How To Use & Align OKRs To Execute It?

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8 Step Growth Planning Course

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