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Plan & Execute Goals That Really Matter

Make Strategy & OKRs Your Competitive Advantage


Make strategy, goal and executional capability your competitive advantage.
Use ZOKRI as the hub where teams plan, align, manage, and execute the goals that move-the-needle and grow revenue fast.

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The #1 Strategy & OKR Management Software

Centralized Strategy & Goal Management Made Easy


ZOKRI is modular strategy and OKR software, designed to work the way you do. Configure the modules you want to use, connect your tools, and watch performance improve..

Channel Market, Customer & Business Know-how


What are the major issues being faced that are holding us back? What is performing badly, which processes are not working properly, which opportunities are being missed?

Your teams know. Channel this insight and knowledge through ZOKRI. Get clarity on the strategies and goals that are wildly important, and empower teams across the company to align to deliver them.

No more confusion on what needs to be achieved. No more conflicting or low impact goals. Just purpose, energy, transparency, accountability and achievement.

Enjoy Real-time Updates On Strategy, OKRs & Executional Plans


Know whether you’re winning or losing your key strategic battlegrounds and where needs help at any moment in time. Get real-time information on where the issues are so they can get resolved in record-time.

Enjoy a single-point-of-truth on your strategic planning process, goals and execution, and an early warning system that spots risk.

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Upgrade How You Plan, Track & Report


You may have the right strategy but you’ve probably got the wrong tools from which to execute it. It’s time to upgrade from tools that are not designed to do this job.

Upgrade How You Plan, Track & Report

Then Connect & Streamline Everything


Connect your team favourite day-to-day tools with your new strategy and execution hub.

Plan, track progress and report on strategy, goals, KPIs and Strategic Project from one place.

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