Embed OKRs Brilliantly,
First Time

Increase productivity, employee retention and profit

ZOKRI is how companies communicate their priorities using OKRs, track and share progress, flag problems and recognise progress in a systemised way.

The combination of easy to use OKR Software, training and on-boarding ensured companies and teams succeed with OKRs first-time.

Achieve consistent ‘best-practice’ OKR use and high levels of engagement at scale, regardless of whether you’ve tens, hundreds of thousands of employees.


The Best OKR Software For Unlocking OKR Potential 
& Step Changes In Performance 

Purpose & Clarity

Not everything can be a top priority. ZOKRI is designed to ensure everyone has absolute clarity on what matters and what needs to be achieved, is aligned, informed and supported by their team as well as management.

Remote Working Excellence

When you’re not in the same building it’s harder to plan, collaborate on, and keep track of goals and executional progress. ZOKRI makes keeping teams aligned, focused and engaged when working remotely easy.

A Culture Of Performance

ZOKRI not only improves company wide productivity through quarter-quarter improvements in priority setting, effort and efficiency, the impact on culture should not be ignored. High performing cultures use OKRs and ZOKRI.


ZOKRI - Culture

Watch Priorities Get Agreed & Delivered

  • Learn and Plan OKRs the right way across one or every team
  • ZOKRI makes it easy to adopt OKRs and follow best practices. It not only easy to use, it's easy to adapt to how you want to manage OKRs
  • Avoid common issues like Key Results being tasks by aligning projects and tasks (the inputs) with OKRs (the outcomes)

The Hub Where Direction & Priorities Are Decided, Discussed & Kept Up To Date

  • Check-in progress, confidence and comment on things like 'what's holding you back'
  • Schedule, prepare and run amazing meetings, in the office and on video calls
  • Suggest and vote on agenda items in addition adding OKRs, Initiatives, what's holding you back, previous meeting actions and more to meeting agendas
  • Increase meeting effectiveness
ZOKRI - Culture
ZOKRI - OKR Progress

Track & Report On Progress  In Every Way

  • Track progress of OKRs, KRs & Initiatives manually or through automations
  • Create Dashboards with progress configured in anyway you choose - team, individual OKRs, child OKRs ...
  • Monitor and report on OKR progress and KPIs in shared on private dashboards
ZOKRI - Aligned Companies With ZOKRI
ZOKRI - OKRs Tracked
OKRs & Initiatives
Being Tracked
ZOKRI - Structured Meetings
Better Meetings

You’re In Good Company

Bed Bath and Beyond

And over 3,000 other companies, small to large.

ZOKRI - OKR Canvas

Plan OKRs The Right Way First Time

An OKR Canvas Template
That Works Everytime

This OKR Canvas Template has been designed to eliminate many of the issues teams have with planning and creating OKRs.

It’s a perfect template for both preparing individually and debating in teams. It’s these conversations that are going to ensure you create great OKRs.