Easy To Use OKR Software For High Performing Teams

  • OKR Software for companies that need a common platform to align OKRs, track and report on progress, confidence levels, problems being faced and wins that need praise.
  • Manage check-ins, daily stand-ups, 1-on-1’s, and team meetings – on-premise, remotely, and asynchronously.
  • Connect you most important KPIs, project and communications tools seamlessly.

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Easy To Use OKR Software For High Performing Teams

  • OKR Software for companies that need a common platform to align OKRs, track and report on progress, confidence levels, problems being faced and wins that need praise.
  • Manage check-ins, daily stand-ups, 1-on-1’s, and team meetings – on-premise, remotely, and asynchronously.
  • Connect you most important KPIs, project and communications tools seamlessly.

Only 15% Have Clarity

Only 15% of employees actually know their organization’s most important goals – either there are no goals or have too many goals.

Only 10% Having Goal Discussions

Only 10% of employees discuss goal progress with managers. That leaves 90% that are not having these critical discussions.

Unlock x10 Growth Opportunity

There are much better ways to set goals than Budgets and SMART Goals. OKRs are credited for Googles x10 growth rate.

“ZOKRI is filling the void many businesses are struggling with: setting better goals and bringing teams closer together.

ZOKRI helps teams to create better-connected goals, manage workflows and prioritise their most important tasks. ZOKRI smart logic enables teams to have enhanced conversations through answering sets of simple optimised questions. OKR’s won’t be a burden anymore.

If you need to improve your company’s performance, improve HR and Management outputs while aligning with your business, ZOKRI will be an all in one solution you have to roll out.”

Danny Denhard
Focus – Company Culture Coach

Danny Denhard

The Best OKRs Software For Systemizing Goal & Execution Alignment

Bed Bath & Beyond

“Not only does ZOKRI run our OKR process, it is what is on-screen when we meet and the focal point of team meetings.
Capturing priorities, solving problems, assigning actions, and keeping everyone on track. Transformational.”

Collette Easton, Yard Digital

ZOKRI Is A Catalyst For Growth

 The truth is that companies and teams are not always having the right conversations and doing the right things to drive growth optimally. So ZOKRI sets the agenda for the ‘right’ conversations, whether you’re talking about strategy, goals, initiatives, weekly priorities, problems, wins or learnings. 


Agree the goals and initiatives that matter most and commit.


Pinpoint what success looks like, track and even stretch for great.


Share and discuss new ideas, approaches and innovate.


Agree the priorities that will achieve results quarter-on-quarter.


Check-in to share progress, confidence, problems and wins.


Continue to share, debate, adapt, and learn to keep growing,

“ZOKRI is much more than an OKR tracking tool to us. We view the platform as an engine for business transformation. It is really easy to use and enables teams to plan, set goals and then execute effectively. ZOKRI helps business that are serious about implementing OKRs to create workflows that enable teams to share the right information with the right people at the right time.”

Peter Kerr, OKR Expert

Use ZOKRI To Share Aligned & Outcomes-based OKRs

With ZOKRI, you have an easy to deploy, common way to connect company strategy and goals to employees.

Empower teams to create their own departmental and cross-team goals that align, and watch them work efficiently and collaboratively on delivering what needs to be done to achieve them.

The adoption of OKRs is an easy way to move from silos to collaborative relationships and shared goals.

From the beginning to the end of every planning cycle, ZOKRI will support your traditional and cross-functional teams to deliver your company’s most important goals. 

Best-practice outcome-based OKR management is easy in ZOKRI – with all of the types of goals and metrics your teams will want to create being available.

“Since implementing ZOKRI as our OKR management system we have started to see the expected benefits, but also many more that we did not anticipate. ZOKRI facilitates important conversations that people weren’t necessarily having before, removing roadblocks to progress, providing clarity of prioritisation and improving collaboration across our business. This is even more critical for us given the move to remote working during the Covid pandemic.” 

Michael Conn, CFO, Atlas Cloud

Discuss Ideas & Agree The Priorities That Will Achieve Your Goals

You are going to identifying collaborative high impact OKRs with outcome-based measurement baked in. 

As a means of efficiently achieving these outcomes you will want to capture everyones ideas for value-added activities. You will also want to eliminate work on irrelevant or low priority activities. 

With ZOKRI it is easy for anyone to be able to share their ideas for goal achieving initiatives. You will also want to make it easy to share, debate and collaborate on weekly priorities regardless of the tools you use to manage your tasks in your team.

Use ZOKRI to set goals and then plan, create, share and execute the day-to-day that will achieve them.

Connect tools like Jira, Trello, or Asana to prevent double-entry.

“No book could replicate our path to success…the system brought us clarity, the coaching brought us consistency. ZOKRI is intuitive, user-friendly, and flexible. Combined with OKR coaching, it has evolved our business in a very short time. We are clear on what we need to action, its impact, and how we can be each other’s support network. Now we are set to capture the market. The software, insights and on-call support has made an impact in less than 6 weeks.”

Mel Tsiaprazis, COO, Bitstamp

Track & Discuss OKRs & Metrics

KPIs that tell you whether your Company or Team is ‘healthy’. Having them as a pillar of your Performance Management and OKR planning is recognised as essential best-practice. 

Adding Health Metrics / KPIs to ZOKRI ensures you tracking and discussing the metrics that are important to goal achievement and team health. 

What’s more, ZOKRI makes owning, updating and sharing updates on metrics easy. They can be Checked-in the same way as Key Results by having their progress and confidence updated, as well as sharing comments and resolving problems quickly.

“It is easy to sign up to a software and give it a good go. It is likely to fumble in the dark for a while though until you get it right. Having very little time to implement ours, we opted to get ZOKRI as out OKR software tool and the coaching instead and looking back, we are so pleased we did. The training took us through the process strategically, helping us create our company OKRs and walking us through the steps we need to create clear objectives linked to even clearer key results.”

Chirine Harb, Head of Operations

Collaboration & Congratulations Made Easy

Say goodbye to set-and-forget goals, unrecognised achievements, and issues that have been left unresolved for too long.

ZOKRI uses in-app notifications, email, Slack or MS Teams to ensure teams are kept informed of everything from assignments to comments. And when success levels are reached, we’ll even remind you to congratulate colleagues.

When there are Check-ins of OKRs or KPIs required we’ll let you know via the channels you prefer -in app, email, Slack, or MS Teams. 

You will never miss an update, and there will be a single-point of truth on OKR progress, confidence, issues and wins.

Adopt An OKR Management System You Build Revenue With

Goals in spreadsheets and fragmented execution tools makes departmental and cross-functional goal achievement harder. This impacts growth but is easy to fix with a common platform – ZOKRI.

ZOKRI is ‘Growth Management Software’ for CXO’s and the wider org. It’s a platform where you will know that every team is setting and discussing weekly execution priorities that align with goals / OKRs, and also managing team KPIs.

We will not only smooth but accelerate the growth curve because the right conversations are happening. 100% of your productivity is going to be focused where it can help you the most.

And When You’re Ready, Fair Performance Management

Performance Management That Works For Everyone

Balancing the needs of the company with the needs of employees through continuous feedback and coaching is the best way of managing performance. 

ZOKRI works for companies and employees by providing a view of performance based on roles, responsibilities, KPIs, OKRs, Personal OKRs and Personal Development Plans.

ZOKRI can even provide pulse surveys to gather information on areas like learning, engagement, and wellbeing.

When it’s time to meet, ZOKRI makes it easy to set the agenda, and have the information you need on screen, have great meetings, record decisions, update plans and follow-up.

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The tool, catalyst and agenda for some your most important conversations

OKR software is not just there to provide a place to add Objective and Key Results. It’s the focal point for some of the best and most important conversation teams have every week.

  • Are your team(s) are having the conversations that matter?
  • Does everyone feel included in the process of discussing and agreeing the goals and initiatives that matter most?
  • Do you pinpoint and measure what success looks like and have you set the bar high enough?
  • Are you sure everyone feels safe to share and discuss new ideas and approaches
  • Every week, are teams openly agreeing and committing to the priorities that will achieve results quarter-on-quarter.
  • Is there a company-wide process and platform to share, debate, learn, and adapt?
  • Are goals, execution, priorities, problems and wins transparent?
  • Do you have a common system to agree goal, role and executional plans, share and get updates, have adhoc and planned meetings with everything you need to talk about on-screen and ready?

ZOKRI platforms conversations that drive performance

  • Suitable for all sizes of organization and any team type.
  • Easy to see the big picture then drill down to teams and individuals with ease.
  • Guides best-practice without the need for lots of OKR training.
  • The catalyst for great team conversations and amazing results.
  • All the nudges, reminders and integrations needed to keep everyone in the know and on track.
  • A highly valued part of the day-to-day and week, and definitely not ‘another tool’
  • World-class on-boarding and coaching support.

Focus and control without ever being controlling

ZOKRI uses a deep understanding of goal setting best-practice to help managers and their teams focus on the goals that will make a material difference, week-on-week. You can trust and empower teams to deliver without the need to be controlling, because you’re in control.

Set and manage OKRs the easy way

ZOKRI has been built to support OKR best practices and to avoid common pitfalls. It also allow to you define strategic planning, manage and embed KPIs, and align Initiatives. Goal setting and management done well has these building blocks.

Combined with guides, tutorials, and expert coaching, you’re going to give your teams the knowledge and tools they need with ZOKRI.

Separate OKRs from Initiatives

If Objectives and Key Results are the outcomes you are committing to achieving, how you will achieve these outcomes are with Initiatives, which can can move from a backlog of ideas to being completed with any learnings documented. You can even connect your favourite project tools like Jira and Trello.

Track and discuss KPIs that support OKR and team performance

With OKRs, fewer is best, as it’s easy to focus one more thing than ten, and when that one ‘big’ thing is done, move on.

It’s become an established best-practice to define, share and manage Health Metrics alongside OKRs. Health Metrics are small sub-set of KPIs that tell support OKR achievement and give you a snapshot of how a company or team are doing. If an important metric becomes ‘unhealthy’ it might become a focal point of an OKR. 

Lots of business-as-usual work aligns with Health Metrics, and having employees aware of these metrics and having them as part of their personal dashboard ensures you are recognising the everyday as well as OKRs designed to target exponential growth opportunities.

Ensure check-ins always happen

Check-ins are the updates that happen at a cadence of your choice and on a day of your choice.

  • Status shares whether an OKR is being actively worked towards vs ‘not started’ for example.
  • Progress looks back and is your where you are in relation to your target.
  • Confidence looks forward and shares how you’re feeling about the achievement of a goal.
  • Problems like dependencies and blockers can be shared and marked as resolved.
  • Wins as well as more general comments can also be shared.

Updates are then shared and can be replied to via Slack or MS Teams. Of course emails are sent as well if you prefer.

Know that great meetings are being planned and scheduled

ZOKRI allows you to plan, schedule run and follow-up great meetings, right in the app.

  • One-off or recurring meeting templates
  • Integrates with Calendars
  • Agenda collaboration and voting
  • Add components like OKRs, Initiatives, KPI, last meeting actions
  • Assign actions
  • Take notes
  • Automatically send meeting follow-up notes

And if you like, send a post meeting Return On Time Invested (ROTI) survey and find out how good your meeting really are then improve where necessary.

Get up and running fast

We’ve got everything you need to launch OKR the right way in your company fast. There will be no need for an expensive re-boot, and nobody will be left behind and feel excluded. From the ground up, you will improve performance.

Want to help your teams learn OKRs?

ZOKRI has spent years helping businesses of all sizes succeed with either a mix of coaching and software or self-serve OKR software with education and on-boarding support built in. We’ve become leaders at ensuring customers don’t just have OKRs, they have great OKRs, are feeling the full benefit, and employees understand and like the framework, and can see how it help them to succeed. This ground-up adoption matters to your long term success.

If you’d like to talk to us about OKRs, how best to implement them correctly, and learn how ZOKRI has helped companies successfully embed OKRs to improve alignment, engagement and performance, book a call, we’ve lots of valuable advice to share.


No sales pitch, just great advice on how to succeed with OKRs.