Execute Company Strategy With OKRs & KPIs

 Combine With Individual Performance Management
& Watch People Powered Growth In Action


Strategy Execution

Define strategy, set better goals, track better metrics and increase the likelihood of what is being worked on moving the needle on performance.

Personal Development

Set goals and use personal development plans to nurture and retain your talent, and make it easier to recruit future talent.

Recognition & Reward

See everyone based on their true contribution via anytime and 360 feedback, goals, & appraisal inputs, match with personal incentive plans.

Easy To Use, Modular & Customizable

The All-in-one Growth Hub Where Employees
Can Make An Impact, Learn & Grow


Powerful, quick and easy to use and gets results fast.

ZOKRI Feature Depth

Improve Performance By Design


Improving your business performance is our job.

Set and track better goals

90% of strategies do not get executed. With ZOKRI it is easy to execute and report on yours using pillars, OKRs and KPIs. RAG hotspots help you solve challenges in real-time.

Set and track better goals

Gather and use organization wide insight

With ZOKRI you’ll have a systemic way of discovering challenges and opportunities, along with potential solutions.  By listening you will also energize people more and get them to push much harder.

Gather and use organization wide insight

Let information flow and get more done

ZOKRI gives you an easy solution to the org. wide one rhythm / cadence problem. With fast and easy check-in, reporting and goal setting processes, you’ll see better information flow, challenges will get solved faster and more will get done.

Let information flow and get more done

Have a plan to harness everyones potential

ZOKRI makes it easy to establish a consistent and systemized  approach to personal development so that the best talent stays and industry talent is desperate to join. 

Have a plan to harness everyones potential

Create and manage an enviable culture

Ensure cultural as well as strategy, goal and KPIs clarity is top of your agenda, and everyone know what is expected, and those living it are visible.

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In 30 days change is noticeable, in 90 days it’s measurable, in a year it’s transformational


Imagine The Impact Of Achieving All Of This

Embed The Skills, Habits & Rituals That Improve Performance

Optimize Alignment, Create Focus, Measure Impact

Define Your Culture, Recognise & Reward Those Living It

Recognise Role Based Capabilities As Well As Positive Desirable Character Traits

Make Appraisals Fair, Balanced & Energising

Accelerate All The Lagging KPIs Stakeholders Value

All Achieved Without Impacting Execution Time

Less than < 3% of your time is needed to:

Time that improves engagement, productivity, impact and learning.

And Without Investing Much For A Big ROI

A Small Investment

$12.50 Per Month Per Employee
See Pricing

With Up To 66x ROI

The forecasted ROI range on investing £180 is £2K – £10K
Per Employee

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