Engineering OKR Examples

Engineering build the products that underpin competitive advantage. The products marketing and sales sell, customer teams support, and investors want to invest in. So building what matters most at speed is foundational to success, and OKRs for Engineering teams are what can direct those efforts.

Here you will find some Engineering OKR examples that help ensure you focus on optimizing your teams output. Common engineering OKR pillars to target with OKRs are Velocity, Quality, Frequency. 

Remember that OKRs were NOT created for ‘Business As Usual’ Goals, projects you are going to undertake, or really long-term goals.

Easy To Understand Engineering OKR Examples

Before you look at these OKRs for Engineering examples – ask yourself a couple of questions. Name your top
3 Engineering priorities right now as these will make great Objectives.

If you were then forced to prioritise them with the top of the list being the priorities that would have a
material impact on the business right now, what would the sequence look like? These are candidates for your
upcoming quarter Engineering department OKRs.

How would you then measure the success? Which metrics would be improved by working on these OKR examples for Engineering?

The answers will help you create Key Results. What would be a stretch target that would force you
to really focus and think hard about how to achieve the objectives?

Would your priorities support your company priorities?

KPI Examples For Engineering To Help OKR Preparation

Your KPIs really are the metrics that matter most because they are often mostly connected to performance, either in a leading or lagging way.

Focusing your efforts on improving them and measuring them can only have one outcome – performance improvement.

Here are some KPIs for Engineering that are designed to measure what matters. Consider these when writing your Engineering OKRs.

KPI Examples For Engineering

OKRs For Engineering Teams

OBJECTIVE - We write great code

KEY RESULT 1 – Reduce the number of Customer Reported Bugs to 10 this Quarter

KEY RESULT 2 – Reduce time to fix critical bugs in production from 2.5 Days to 0.5 Days

OBJECTIVE - Quality code by design

KEY RESULT 1 – Test code coverage is 80% this Quarter
KEY RESULT 2 – Code reviews happen 90% of the time this Quarter

OBJECTIVE - Scaling Engineering fast

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase total front-end hours available by 20% this Quarter

KEY RESULT 2 – Increase total back-end hours available by 40% this Quarter

OBJECTIVE - Continuously develop Engineering talent

KEY RESULT 1 – All engineers to propose, agree and complete 1 weeks education this Quarter

OBJECTIVE - Our API satisfaction is high

KEY RESULT 1 – Survey 10 API users for feedback and satisfaction score
KEY RESULT 2 – API satisfaction score in over 80%

OBJECTIVE - Low levels of technical debt

KEY RESULT 1 – Our technical debt ratio is under 5%

Writing Your Own Engineering OKRs

You’ve read the examples above of typical OKRs for Engineering departments – are you
ready to start writing your own Objectives and Key Results?

If the answer is yes, we have something special for you. OKR experts and coaches have
helped us build tried and tested OKR blueprints for you and your teams to follow.

It’s time to develop on the goals that really matter the most.

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OKR For Engineering Conclusion

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