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Company OKRs Have A Job To Do

There is no standard way to write Company OKRs. Company OKRs do have specific jobs to do though, so when writing your OKRs you bare these things in mind.

Company OKRs should unify and focus your company – there should be no ambiguity around where you want teams to focus. Writing these type of OKRs alongside an OKR coach or consultant will optimize the process and rollout.

Company OKRs should communicate and measure your strategic pillars and priorities – because OKRs are an invitation to align, you need to make sure that what teams are being asked to align with is strategically important with revenue, profit and market share not being strategic, and instead being how you will measure the success of your strategy.

Company OKRs Outlining Strategic Intent

Here is an example of an approach that can work well. Set one high level OKR for your strategic intent based on lagging KPIs like revenue, profit, market share and customer satisfaction.

How you are going to deliver your growth, profitability and market leadership is the job of strategy. These lagging indicators are how you will be able to tell whether your Strategic Company OKRs are working.

Strategic Company OKRs are where you are sharing:

  • Which markets and segments are you going to play in?
  • What are you going to be best at?
  • How are you going to win?
  • How are you going to keep score?

These are the OKRs that are going to be launched to the company in meetings like a town hall, after which teams are going to spend a lot of time considering how they will support these strategic OKRs.

Perhaps these OKRs might be very customer and product centric, or outline a specific go to market approach that will give you an advantage, or an approach to how you create a culture of amazing talented people that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

Company OKRs

In order to help the company achieve these Strategic Company OKRs you want teams to consider and propose their OKRs based on answering questions like:

  • What are the major issues being faced that are stopping us from achieving these goals?
  • Which core capabilities and competencies do we need to improve or acquire to support these goals?
  • What do we need to make progress on most right now to support these goals?

From this thinking you can decide what to resource and what not to, and then move to execution.

Company Strategic OKRs

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Examples Of Company OKRs

A Clear Strategy Is Where You Need To Start

The best Company OKRs are created from your company Strategic Pillars. A good way of expressing and sharing your is using Strategic Pillars. These are your areas of focus or ‘battlegrounds’ you’re aiming to win. For example your strategy could be more value based, which is good for cross-functional and departmental OKRs e.g.:

  • Product Value – The best product value will make us the market leader.
  • Customer Experience – Our competitive advantage will come from having a better CX and better customer support at every touchpoint. 
  • Operational Efficiency – Our competitive advantage will come from having the most efficient and effective systems and processes.

STRATEGIC PILLAR: Product Value – We’ve a genuinely loved product
Customers are buying our solution rather than competitors, using it, and keeping it.

OBJECTIVE – We make something difficult really easy and we’re loved for it
KEY RESULT 1 – Increase quote to closed : won from 31% to 45%
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Weekly Active Users from X to Y
KEY RESULT 3 – Increase retention to 95%

STRATEGIC PILLAR: Customer Experience – Customers have a real affinity for us from first contact with Sales to long-standing customer – your experience is always amazing.

OBJECTIVE – CX is high at every interaction so we keep customers and they spread the word
KEY RESULT 1 – Increase CSAT to 95%
KEY RESULT 2 – Product reviews show all of our products as 4.5 stars or above
KEY RESULT 3 – Reduce Churn from 4% to 2%

STRATEGIC PILLAR: Fastest Delivery – Customers want what they want, now
To complete we need to fulfil orders in record times.

OBJECTIVE – Provide the fastest delivery in our category
KEY RESULT 1 – Over 95% of items customers want are in-stock
KEY RESULT 2 – Deliver over 85% of orders next-day

STRATEGIC PILLAR: Customer Choice – Customers want us to provide choice. Choice means our customers don’t need to shop elsewhere.

OBJECTIVE – Provide the most choice in our category so customers think of us first
KEY RESULT 1 – Increase our product range by X
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase the Average Annual Spend Per Customer from X to Y

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Company OKR Advice

The final advice we’d like to share when thinking about Company OKRs is that you also need to commit to OKRs and the working practices that help them embed. Processes like check-ins where you share problems.

You need to lead be example, then everyone else is more likely to follow your lead and commit as well. This means your company OKRs have a better chance of being delivered, and you will have helped increase your employee engagement levels and agility.

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Company OKRs are the foundation of your plans to grow and increase marketshare. When they are planned and written well they will not only direct your teams, they will inspire your teams.

At the core of your company OKRs is strategy not a revenue target. You can read more about the strategic planning process here. This resource outlines a 10 step process that can help you arrive at your Company OKRs.

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