Company OKR Examples

Your Company OKRs are top of the OKR hierarchy. They are often Annual and / or Quarterly, and are an extension of your strategy. This means that your company OKRs are aligned with your strategic objectives, your areas of focus and ‘must-wins’.

This means that the best Company OKR are built around your strategy, with your OKR being expressions of what you’re going to focus on, and how you’re going to measure success. 

You can also build you company OKRs from Balanced Scorecard categories or themes : Financial, Customer, Process, Learning & Development.

Because Company OKRs are the top of the top-down, bottom-up alignment you’re creating, they will provide direction to other teams and are what other teams align their OKRs around.

Here you will find examples of Company OKRs. Remember that OKRs were NOT created for ‘Business As Usual’ Goals, projects you are going to undertake, or really long-term goals.


If you want to see an example of a full cascade from Strategy to Company and Departmental OKRs visit this page.

Examples Of Company OKRs

Which KPIs Are Key To Your Strategy

The choice of which KPIs are key is unique to your company and your strategy. Which and how many KPIs you should have and how many company OKRs you should have is impossible to say. The ‘right’ is the obvious answer, and the other guidance is ‘less is more’. Like with strategy, OKRs are an exercise in focusing effort and resources, not running the BAU activities.

Strategic Pillar : Fast Growth – It’s a Race To the Top
A few players will end up owning this market and once their position is established they will be hard to beat.

Become fastest growing company in our category to attract investment to invest further and dominate in 2021

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase MRR Growth from 150% to 300%

KEY RESULT 2 – Decrease annual customer churn to less than 4%

Strategic Pillar : Data Quality & Usefulness  – The best data is the key to winning our market
Having the leading go-to data in our category will make growth easy, especially if it’s a disadvantage not having it.

API usage is helps our customers succeed faster, successful customers stay and grow

KEY RESULT 1 – 95% of our customers use out API to connect our data to their CRM and Marketing Automation Systems

KEY RESULT 2 – Expansion Sales have grown from X to Y

Strategic Pillar : Customer Experience – Customers have a real affinity for us
From first contact with Sales to long-standing customer – your experience is always amazing.

CX with us is high at every interaction so we keep customers and they spread the word

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase CSAT to 95%

KEY RESULT 2 – Product reviews show all of our products as 4.5 stars or above

KEY RESULT 3 – Reduce Churn from 4% to 2%

Strategic Pillar : Fastest Delivery – Customers want what they want, now
To complete we need to fulfil orders in record times.

OBJECTIVE - Provide the fastest delivery in our category

KEY RESULT 1 – Over 95% of items customers want are in-stock

KEY RESULT 2 – Deliver over 85% of orders next-day

Strategic Pillar : Solve Claims Fast – It’s what is expected of us
When a claim is made our customers need it settled quickly so they can get on with their lives.

OBJECTIVE - Make claim resolution almost immediate to help normal life return ASAP

KEY RESULT 1 – 95% of claims are resolved within 48 hours of the claim

KEY RESULT 2 – 90% of claims have not required Customer Service conversations

Strategic Pillar : Customer Choice – Customers want us to provide choice
Choice means our customers don’t need to shop elsewhere.

OBJECTIVE - Provide the most choice in our category so customers think of us first

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase our product range by X

KEY RESULT 2 – Increase the Average Annual Spend Per Customer from X to Y

Strategic Pillar : Supply Chain Efficiency 
We need to manage our supply chain efficiently to give customers what they want and manage our cash well.

OBJECTIVE - Supply chain efficiency that increase our margins

KEY RESULT 1 – 100% of our supply chain has been audited and optimised 

KEY RESULT 2 – Our Margins have improved by 20%

Strategic Pillar : Employees Wellbeing – We are a people first business
We are not just another job, we’re a company our employees like and are proud to work for..

Happy talent is productive and that's good news for everyone

KEY RESULT 1 – Everyone has complete clarity on goals roles and how they are contributing

KEY RESULT 2 – Employee NPS is over 8

KEY RESULT 3 – Flexible working is working with over 90% reporting it’s help them and the company

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Company OKR Advice

The final advice we’d like to share when thinking about Company OKRs is that you also need to commit to OKRs and the working practices that help them embed. Processes like check-ins where you share problems.

You need to lead be example, then everyone else is more likely to follow your lead and commit as well. This means your company OKRs have a better chance of being delivered, and you will have helped increase your employee engagement levels and agility.

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