Marketing OKR Examples

Marketing is one of the teams that sees significant performance increases from using OKRs.

The Marketing OKR examples below cross all the key areas of brand, lead generation and content, social, organic search, and paid media. However, Marketing OKRs are not meant to be where every KPI you track has a goal and a target value. 

Your Marketing department OKRs should be the most important priorities you want to address in the period e.g. quarter. You have KPI dashboards for business-as-usual metric tracking.

Here you will find some examples of typical Marketing OKR examples and goals. Remember that OKRs were NOT created for ‘Business As Usual’ Goals, projects you are going to undertake, or really long-term goals.

Easy To Understand Marketing OKR Examples

Before you look at these OKR examples for Marketing – ask yourself a couple of questions. Name your top
3 Marketing priorities right now as these will make great Objectives.

If you were then forced to prioritise them with the top of the list being the priorities that would have a
material impact on the business right now, what would the sequence look like? These are candidates for your
upcoming quarter Marketing department OKRs.

How would you then measure the success? Which metrics would be improved by working on these Marketing OKR examples?

The answers will help you create Key Results. What would be a stretch target that would force you
to really focus and think hard about how to achieve the objectives?

Would your priorities support your company priorities?

The way to approach your OKR planning is to answer the question ‘what are our biggest challenges or opportunities?’.
These might indeed come from KPIs that are underperforming, or conversations like Sales that
require you to align your OKRs with theirs.

The examples below have been created to avoid being lists of Vanity Metrics. This means these Key Results should
correlate with company performance. They will also work for B2B as well as B2C companies.

One of the common mistakes teams make with Key Results is to make them the inputs i.e. the Project / Campaigns / Tasks
aka Initiatives that will be created to influence the outcomes you want i.e. Marketing OKRs.

If you create the separation you’ll be using OKRs well. In fact, connecting OKRs with the ‘doing’ is the engine-room of continuous
marketing performance improvement, and something ZOKRI has been specifically designed to do.
Think of it as combining Growth Hacking with OKRs and Key Results.

The results of using the OKRs in your Marketing team will be improved performance as long as the Target Metrics are set with the
right amount of stretch and you don’t set and forget them. Which is where the weekly check-in comes in.

KPI Examples For Marketing
To Help OKR Preparation

Your KPIs really are the metrics that matter most because they are often mostly connected to performance, either in a leading or lagging way.

Focusing your efforts on improving them and measuring them can only have one outcome – performance improvement.

Here are some KPIs for Marketing that are designed to measure what matters. Consider these when writing your Marketing OKRs.

KPI Examples For Marketing

OKR Examples For Marketing

Priority Problem / Opportunity
Our CPA has been climbing and is not over $200 and we need it to be less than $150 whilst still delivering the volume and quality.

OBJECTIVE - A big reduction in our CPA

KEY RESULT 1 – Reduce out CPA from $210 to less than $150

KEY RESULT 2 – Generate 1,200 MQL for Sales to follow-up

Priority Problem / Opportunity
Our website conversion rates are low compared to other websites and we need a big drive on optimising the conversation rates.

OBJECTIVE - Turn our website in to a lean mean lead generation machine

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Trial Sign-up Conversion Rate to 8% this Quarter

Priority Problem / Opportunity
Our sales team needs some amazing content to help the SDRs increase their performance.

OBJECTIVE - Great content is helping Sales sell

KEY RESULT 1 – Whitepaper has created over 1,000 MQLs for SDRs to follow-up

KEY RESULT 2 – SDR email open rates have increased by 5%

Priority Problem / Opportunity
Our CRM system is not being used fully or enough so we want it to work harder and generate more engagement.

OBJECTIVE - Email is performing brilliantly

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Email Open Rate to 5% this Quarter
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Email Click Through Rate to 2.5% this Quarter

KEY RESULT 3 – Increase Sign-ups from Email to 200 this Quarter

Priority Problem / Opportunity
Our Google Ads spend in big and we need to make every $ count, so we’d like to balance it with more Organic traffic to reduce the blended search CPA, whilst increasing total sign-ups.

OBJECTIVE - SEO is a big ROI channel

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Organic Search Session to 10K this Quarter

KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Content Downloads from Organic Search to 500 this Quarter

KEY RESULT 3 – Increase App Sign-ups from Organic Search to 250 this Quarter

Priority Problem / Opportunity
Sales want more social proof to help them close more deals. It’s also good for our own website conversion rates.

OBJECTIVE - We don't need to say we're the best, our users do

KEY RESULT 1 – Look – social proof, our G2 and Capterra ratings are over 4.5 stars this Quarter
KEY RESULT 2 – 3 epic case studies are on our website this Quarter

Writing Your Own Marketing OKRs

You’ve read the examples above of typical OKRs for Marketing departments – are you
ready to start writing your own Objectives and Key Results?

If the answer is yes, we have something special for you. OKR experts and coaches have
helped us build tried and tested OKR blueprints for you and your teams to follow.

It’s time to develop on the goals that really matter the most.

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OKR Examples For Marketing Conclusion

ZOKRI has worked alongside industry experts to create intuitive OKR software that provides Marketing teams with the
tools and features to make OKR embedding and adoption easy in your company.

With ZOKRI teams can measure, share and work on what matters, & improve performance quickly.
A ZOKRI account ensures everyone knows and feels that they really matter.