ZOKRI is compliant with the “EU Data Protection Law” which means (i) prior to 25th May 2018, European Union Directive 95/46/EC; and (ii) on and after 25th May 2018, European Union Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

When using ZOKRI in the course of a business or other entity (the “Client”), the Client will upload and store Personal Data (defined below) for employees, team members, contractors and other related people. ZOKRI has no direct relationship with these individuals, and each Client is responsible for providing notice to these individuals concerning the purpose the Client uses, processes & stores their Personal Data. In the framework of GDPR, ZOKRI is the data processor for the Personal Data.

When a single individual (the “Individual”) uses ZOKRI, they will only upload and store their own Personal Data. In this limited scenario, in the framework of GDPR, ZOKRI is the Data Controller for the Personal Data.

Personal Data includes but is not limited to name, email, wellbeing survey results, personal development and employment related activities.

ZOKRI uses the following sub-processors when providing the service to the Clients and Individuals.

Google Cloud & Google Suite






Microsoft Teams


This statement relates to the service provided through, , ZOKRI Microsoft Teams App, and ZOKRI Slack App.

ZOKRI Privacy Policy is available at

Last Updated: 24 July 2023