Strategy & OKR Software

Supercharge Your Growth Plan.
Manage Strategy & OKRs In ZOKRI


With ZOKRI you’ll be setting better strategies and goals, dialling up energy and urgency, and improving engagement and ambition. You will not just feel the difference, you’ll see it all happening on-screen, in-front of you.

Manage Strategy, OKRs, KPIs & More, Your Way

Give Teams The Software That Makes Using OKRs A Doddle


Strategic alignment and goal setting conversations are some of the most valuable hours invested by teams each quarter. ZOKRI ensure teams think, align, agree and execute plans the way you wanted them to, without exception, and without any complaints about being too busy.

Cascade Strategy & Goal Management From The Top Down & Bottom Up


Set you intent, provide a clear strategic planning process and guidance, and invite teams to align, top-down and bottom-up, and watch what a difference it makes to performance.

ZOKRI - Hierarchy

Create A Central Hub For Strategy, Goal, KPI, & Strategic Projects Progress


The best strategy and goal management software can bring together everything that’s performance related into one central hub and then carry on adding value.

Guide, Nudge & Alert Everyone To What Is Needed & When


Sticking to planning and execution cycles without exception is easier when you’re given the right guidance and support, and proving the updates is really easy.

Shortlisting, Agreeing & Updating OKRs Has Never Been This Easy


For some OKRs come with rules and complexity with OKR quality being variable. So we make OKRs easy, by design.

What Are We Best At?


Most Flexible
& Customizable

Whether you want to start with a simple configuration and extend feature use in time, or match your way of doing strategy and OKRs, we’ve got you covered.

Unique Features
That Really Help

With ZOKRI you get feature innovations like OKR meeting management that mean you never need to make slides for Strategy, OKR, or KPI update meetings ever again.

Report Updates

That paragraph of update commentary that’s needed once a month for stakeholder reports does not gathered by other tools, and can mean a lot of copy and pasting.

Unlocking KPI
& OKR Synergies

Mature Strategy and OKR Management involves KPIs as well, with OKRs always being seen as complimentary not a replacement to KPIs – we’ve unlocked these synergies.

Priority &
Win Sharing

A useful optional module is the weekly priority and win sharing feature. Share these with your team in a few clicks to create greater alignment, accountability and autonomy.

Training & Support

Customer get access to guides, tutorials, handbooks, playbooks and coaching that ensures that your implementation success is going to never be in doubt.