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Before you review our OKR examples it helps to remind ourselves of what OKRs are and why a company, team and individuals set goals using OKRs. This way you are in a better position to understand the examples described below for both Objectives and Key Results

Over 100 OKR Examples By Team

Arranging a session with an OKR consultant is the best way to learn and implement OKR, however, it is useful to look at OKR examples if you’re new to OKRs or need inspiration. But where ever possible your should try and write you own by working the challenges and opportunties that are being faced right now. OKRs allow you to  describe a goal that describe where progress most needs in order to support company and team achievement. The goal can then be tracked.

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Further Reading For Objectives & Key Results

Ultimate Guide To Objectives & Key Results

OKR can be made complicated but they are actually pretty simple. Here’s a simple guide for getting started with OKRs fast.

Book – Measure What Matters

OKRs – The simple idea that drives 10x growth. Written by John Doerr who brought OKRs to Google, this book is a great for read any team leader interested in growth.

OKR goal-setting framework – Wiki

Read the background behind how and why OKRs accelerate performance in companies on this Wikipedia page about Objectives & Key Results.

What The Best OKR Software Looks Like

OKRs are best managed in OKR software. Here is a list of free and paid for OKR software plans and OKR tools for organizations of varying sizes.

New Language For Remote Working

Explore the challenges of remote working and learn how to set OKRs that will set up remote teams for success.

Use OKRs for Teams, Not Individuals

OKRs fall short when companies attempt to apply them to individual contributors.

Revolutionize Education with OKRs

If schools were to adopt OKRs, maybe this would allow for a personalized approach to education that is currently missing.

Using OKRs in Local Government

Private organizations use performance management to understand progress toward goals. The public sector is no different.

The Success of OKRs in a Medical Clinic

Medical clinics can count themselves as some of the most complex businesses to run. Learn about how OKRs can be implemented here.