KPIs & Metrics For OKRs

Great Strategy & OKRs Need Metrics That Matter

Solving The Problem Of  Metric Immaturity

What Is Metric Maturity? 

Metric maturity is the level of an organization’s ability to effectively collect, analyze, and leverage data and metrics to make informed decisions and drive business growth. Metric immaturity is characterized by:

Core Use Cases

What can you do easily when you have this capability?

Your teams will embark on a journey that, for some, will be scary. Measurement comes with accountability and failure, not only success. So we will help you map out that journey, engage with stakeholders, and bring them along with us, reassuring them and you along the way.  Once they have the capability and embrace it, the sky is the limit.

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Strategy Creation & Articulation

OKR consultants and trainers teach teams new skills and ensure your OKRs will have the impact you expect and can be achieved.

OKR Implementation

As important as the metrics is the ability to use and act on them. We train and coach teams on how to approach improving metrics in the fastest time and least effort.