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A podcast where CEOs share their hard-earned stories on how to be a better CEO.

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Discover how Phil Lidgerton transformed Building Materials Nationwide into an industry powerhouse through strategic growth, innovation, and a seamless buying experience. Listen to his inspiring journey of determination, overcoming challenges, and fostering a positive team culture.

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Explore Collette Easton’s transformative journey as CEO of YARD Digital, where she revolutionizes the digital marketing agency model, emphasizing quick wins, strategic planning, and a people-first culture to drive client success and foster innovation.

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Join John Straw as he shares his incredible journey from startup opportunist to strategic thinker, emphasizing the importance of sales skills, overcoming failures, and leveraging AI to transform businesses. His insights into building strong relationships and navigating the future of business make this a must-listen for any CEO.

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Learn from Steve Brown, CEO of Moonpull, as he delves into enhancing affiliate marketing through advanced analytics, overcoming tracking challenges, and the importance of collaboration and accurate data in driving industry success.

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Join Matt and Ian as they debate Jensen Huang’s aversion to one-on-one meetings, exploring its impact on leadership, feedback, psychological safety, and the importance of adapting management styles to different organizational contexts.

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Learn from Matt and Ian as they explore the power of OKRs in achieving business success through goal-setting, data models, cross-functional collaboration, and strategic alignment, highlighting the importance of OKR maturity for driving effective outcomes.

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Join Matt and Ian as they explore the differences between KPIs and OKRs. In this episode, they discuss types of analytics, core use cases for KPIs and metrics, and strategies for implementing OKRs. Learn about the importance of leading metrics, feedback loops, and weekly accountability conversations. They also highlight the cultural impact and value of continuous learning.

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Welcome To

Need To Know For The CEO

Welcome to What To Know For The CEO.

This point of the podcast will be obvious, but not the why. Being a CEO is hard. It’s intellectually, emotionally and physically demanding. That’s true whether you’re relatively new to the role or have been in the seat for a long time.

The more consulting engagements we completed, the more we realised the value of sharing stories and lessons we’ve learned from working with other CEOs. So, we decided to cut out the middlemen.

Your Hosts

Who are the middlemen? Matt Roberts, the CEO, founder and consultant at ZOKRI. Ian Harvey, a principal consultant at ZOKRI. What do they consult in?

  • Strategy & OKRs
  • An Experimentation Mindset
  • KPI/Metrics/Insights
  • Productivity Optimisation
  • Management Systems
  • Growth Mindset
  • Culture Alignment
  • Agile / SCRUM
  • Specific Skills, e.g. Product Management, Marketing …

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Your experiences are invaluable, and sharing them could be the key to fostering success across the entire spectrum of business leadership.