If You Have Chosen EOS®  You Can Make Help It  Thrive With ZOKRI

EOS® stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System and is a set of systems and processes created and marketed by EOS® Worldwide. The EOS® Model highlights Six Key Components of a business that, when optimized, will help leaders drive growth and succeed. The components are: Vision, Data, Process, Traction, Issues and People. EOS® should be considered a Business OS and more than a goal framework as it extends to include ways to help organizations achieve their goals.

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EOS® Software

ZOKRI is not affiliated or associated with EOS® Worldwide. ZOKRI does not provide EOS® training and is not licensed to present or market our own business management software as EOS® software. That said, ZOKRI has the ability to host, manage and optimize the universal business management best-practices that have been collectively developed and refined by generations of business leaders and can be read about in countless business management books. These include:

  • Sharing your Mission and Visions
  • Track KPIs, create dashboards and create company and team scoreboards
  • Set and track goals with a variety of measurable outcomes
  • Create and assign to-do’s
  • Flag issues as well as priorities
  • Run one-off and recurring meetings with agendas of your choice using the features and data contained within ZOKRI
  • Align and develop your people to ensure the right people are doing the right jobs

Use EOS® and then do even more with ZOKRI

ZOKRI has the flexibility to evolve and extend to the frameworks, systems, processes and ways of working our customers find work for them. Sure, you can use ZOKRI for EOS® if you choose to configure it that way. Or if you wanted to move away from Stephen Covey’s concept of Rocks to OKRs or Important Goals, you can in a few clicks. Or you don’t want to follow an exact meeting agenda format and evolve it to include or exclude certain parts, you can.

By developing ZOKRI to do more than the core EOS® elements you get access to features like:

  • Share Priorities + Issues – Agile teams share priorities as well as issues as a way of debating and agreeing what to focus on in the week ahead. Sometimes a priority is an issue, but not always, and not every to-do is a priority as well.
  • Operationalize Retrospectives – Use another agile teams practice, make retrospectives that capture and share learnings part of a goal cycle.
  • Define & Reinforce Cultural Values – define and share the values you want employees to display and reinforce them via features that allow value peer-to-peer recognition. You can even see league tables of who is most aligned to the values that matter.
  • Streamline Appraisals – Frequent appraisals that reference goals, scorecards, values, 360 feedback and much much more are easy with ZOKRI.
  • Get A Pulse On Wellbeing – don’t just find out what people are doing, find out how people are feeling and get organization wide analytics to be able to pinpoint problem areas.

In short, with ZOKRI you can strictly or loosely follow most Business Operating Systems. Most customers actually find themselves with a hybrid that is perfect for them, their size, market and culture.


Even more differences vs EOS® Software specialist

  • Connect KPI Data – integrate directly to tools and spreadsheets. CRMs, Excel, Google Sheets and more in just a few clicks. Less double entry is a good thing!
  • Connect Project Tools – sometimes teams don’t want to change the project or task tool they are using. We think this is fair enough. So we make it easy to connect to Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday, Todoist, MS Projects and more to share to-dos, priorities and issues in ZOKRI and their status, without double-entry. A Rock might even be a project in one of these tools and progress could be automated.
  • Slack and MS Teams – Get notifications, updates and reply to comments directly from the communications tools teams use, without having to login to ZOKRI.
  • HRIS and Active Directory – HR teams want to sync their HRIS systems and / or MS Active Directory with users in ZOKRI and not have to add them twice or remember to remove them.
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) – There are a number of ways tools make signing-on easy and secure. Google, Microsoft and Okta are the usuals. You need your software partner to be able to offer them all to be able to make the CTO happy.

The EOS® Methodology – Great Foundations

Would ZOKRI recommend the EOS® Methodology for an SMB wanting to grow? Absolutely! All of the components the methodology encourages to work through and adopt create the right structure for success.

EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Concept Alternatives

If you consider these elements to be universal to every business that follows business planning and execution best-practices, you will find the concepts and processes are more or less universal. The names of the concepts change. but the intent and advice for using them incredibly similar.

Which you choose to use and how you choose to combine them, and how you evolve them is entirely up to you, your team and your employees. We can and will not recommend an EOS® alternative. If there is an alternative that is right for you you will find it by adopting and mastering core business and people management systems, skills and competencies.

This is why we love ZOKRI’s flexible approach to business management and creating your Business Operating System. Choose the elements that are right for you and grow from there.