EOS® or ZOKRI's FAST Transformation?

The Key Differences Between EOS® & ZOKRI’s  FAST Transformation Framework

EOS® stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System and is a set of systems and processes created and marketed by EOS® Worldwide. The EOS® Model highlights Six Key Components of a business that, when optimized, will help leaders drive growth and succeed. The components are: Vision, Data, Process, Traction, Issues and People.

The FAST Transformation framework is similar, but there are differences. Our framework:

  1. Puts way more emphasis on helping you to formulate a winning strategy. It does not matter how good you are at setting goals / Rock or escalating Issues in a Level-10 meeting, if you have not got a Strategy, their impact is diluted.

  2. We get more teams involved at Step 3 because we believe the people doing the work have insights and ideas as well and leaders are not all-seeing and knowing, and would actually welcome inputs.

  3. We don’t use jargon like Rocks and Level-10 because strategic planning has perfectly good and often better concepts with better names e.g. Strategic Narratives, Objectives and Key Results (OKR) and KPI Scorecards.

  4. We’ve designed the FAST TransformationTM framework from the ground-up to be self-implemented with fractional support, saving you money and speeding up the process massively.

  5. We’ve cherrypicked the best coaches to be Fractional Chief-of-Staff’s for you every week, not just a few hours a quarter because that’s the support most actually want and need – some also work for EOS®.

  6. Our ZOKRI software is way better than EOS Software – and we mean, way better. 

Cohesive Strategic Planning & Execution, You Can Do Yourself

FAST TransformationTM Framework has been designed to help leaders that want to follow a best-practice strategic planning process that works, and then get given the week-to-week execution processes and rituals that keeps everyone focused and on-track. Not a dissimilar from EOS®.

  • Winning Aspiration
  • Clearly Articulated Ideal Customer Profiles, Value Propositions, & Products / Services For Great Market Fit
  • Opportunities & Issue Analysis 
  • Strategic Narratives With KPI Scorecards
  • Team Visions & Guiding Principle
  • Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) That Align With Strategy
  • Executional Processes E.g. Check-ins & Meeting Agendas



Your Guide To Scaling-Up Growth Using An OKR Centric Business Operating System

Download a full preview of Step-Change, written by ZOKRI co-founder Matt Roberts.

Step-Change takes you through a revolutionary Business Operating System (BOS) to overcome growth plateaus and supercharge scaling efforts. A blend of practical strategies and real-world insights designed to streamline operations and enhance strategic agility.

This can all then be platformed in ZOKRI, brought to life and given a pulse that becomes the heartbeat of your success.

We should also mention that the ZOKRI software is also included in the first year as well. Saving you even more money and time, and improving your company performance.

If you’d like to carry on working with us, we will introduce you to one of our Fractional Chief-of-Staff Team, and you can have them working along side you. Keeping your plan in focus, ensuring the new ways of working are sticking, and supporting teams that need help. 

Fractional Chief-of-Staff

Ensuring Your Strategy Is Delivered Is Their Only Job

After formulating your plan, proceed with an easy and affordable next step.


FAST Transformation Book

Journey through the cohesive planning stages to create your new growth plan.


Fractional Expert Support

Gain strategic guidance and feedback from our seasoned Fractional Chiefs of Staff.


Strategy & OKR Management Software

Utilize our advanced strategy and OKR management software for streamlined transformation.

Simple, Effective & Powerful

All-in-One Software Solution For Managing Growth

We’ve included a Starter Plan with 10 annual user licenses, with your purchase -FAST Transformation Strategic Planning Toolkit. It’s worth over $1,000!