Easy to use OKR Software that just works

ZOKRI platforms your strategy and goal setting conversations. Helping you create, align and track OKRs, and keep to check-in cadences. ZOKRI also provides a place to see non OKR contributions, for example, KPIs that are tracking well. This gives you a better picture of how performance is being managed, and ensure OKRs are being used to describe priority goals, not business operations.

Easy to use OKR goal software that drives growth

Focus and control without ever being controlling

ZOKRI uses a deep understanding of goal setting best-practice to help managers and their teams focus on the goals that will make a material difference, week-on-week. You can trust and empower teams to deliver without the need to be controlling, because you’re in control.

Set and manage OKR the easy way

ZOKRI has been built to support OKR best practices and to avoid common pitfalls. It also allow to you define strategic planning, manage and embed KPIs, and align Initiatives. Goal setting and management done well has these building blocks.

Combined with guides, tutorials, and expert coaching, you’re going to give your teams the knowledge and tools they need with ZOKRI.

Keep everyone on track

The nudges and alerts you need to ensure progress, plans and problems are shared on-time, are how your teams will stay in the loop, keep focused, remain agile, and support each other. Giving you the best chance of reaching your goals faster.

Make measurement matter

Define KPI and OKR owners as well as collaborators. Track, set targets, share and collaborate on the metrics (KPIs) that matter and use KPIs in Key Result and dashboards.

Connect projects and tasks to outcomes

KPIs, SMART goals and Objectives and Key Results are meant to be the outcomes you want committed to at the end of a period like a quarter. How you will achieve these outcomes are Initiatives, which can start as an idea, and become a project, a sprint or a task. Connect projects and tasks to strategy and goals in ZOKRI and show how the day-to-day impacts measurable progress. 

Check-ins and great meetings happen

To improve KPIs, achieve OKRs, complete Initiatives, and know that you’re part of an amazing company and a great team you need great conversations. Check-ins and well planned meetings are the catalyst for some of the best conversations you will have, and ZOKRI is where they can be scheduled and managed.

Easy to use OKR goal software that drives growth

Get up and running fast

We’ve got everything you need to launch OKR the right way in your company fast. There will be no need for an expensive re-boot, and nobody will be left behind and feel excluded. From the ground up, you will improve performance.

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Want To Help Your Teams Learn OKRs?

ZOKRI has spent years helping businesses of all sizes succeed with either a mix of coaching and software or self-serve OKR software with education and on-boarding support built in. We’ve become leaders at ensuring customers don’t just have OKRs, they have great OKRs, are feeling the full benefit, and employees understand and like the framework, and can see how it help them to succeed. This ground-up adoption matters to your long term success.

If you’d like to talk to us about OKRs, how best to implement them correctly, and learn how ZOKRI has helped companies successfully embed OKRs to improve alignment, engagement and performance, book a call, we’ve lots of valuable advice to share.

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