Finance OKR Examples

The finance team are often the custodians of a companies most important metrics (KPIs) and as such are usually aware of the targets that have been set. As a team they are also responsible for a number of key business processes like invoicing, collections, payroll, and reporting.

Priorities for improvement is the typical approach to how OKRs are planned, not finance – the business-as-usual is expressed as OKRs. Not ignoring the part finance often needs to play in helping other teams track metric (KPIs) for their own OKRs.

Here you will find some examples of typical Finance OKR goals. Remember that OKRs were NOT created for ‘Business As Usual’ Goals, projects you are going to undertake, or really long-term goals.

Easy To Understand Finance OKR Examples

Before you look at these Finance OKR examples – ask yourself a couple of questions. Name your top
3 Finance priorities right now as these will make great Objectives.

If you were then forced to prioritise them with the top of the list being the priorities that would have a
material impact on the business right now, what would the sequence look like? These are candidates for your
upcoming quarter Finance department OKRs.

How would you then measure the success? Which metrics would be improved by working on these Finance OKR examples?

The answers will help you create Key Results. What would be a stretch target that would force you
to really focus and think hard about how to achieve the objectives?

Would your priorities support your company priorities?

OKRs For Finance

OBJECTIVE - High margin high growth

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase our Gross Margin % from 70% to 85%

KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Average Monthly Revenue Growth Rate to 20%

OBJECTIVE - More efficient board reporting

KEY RESULT 1 – Reduce the time it takes to create board reports from 2 days to 3 hrs

OBJECTIVE - On-time collections

KEY RESULT 1 – Reduce Accounts Receivable Days : Over 60 days to 20%

Writing Your Own Finance OKRs

You’ve read the examples above of typical OKRs for Finance departments – are you
ready to start writing your own Objectives and Key Results?

If the answer is yes, we have something special for you. OKR experts and coaches have
helped us build tried and tested OKR blueprints for you and your teams to follow.

It’s time to develop on the goals that really matter the most.

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Diagrammatic blueprints of how the whole company can measure, share and work on what matters, improve
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OKR For Finance Conclusion

Finance teams have to blend many aspects of business. Helping shape strategy, setting up the controls
that allow the business to track and react to change, we well as report, and of course the day-to-day operational
aspects of finance like Payroll. Finance department OKRs could focus on all or part of these. It depends on there your priorities are.

Maintaining all of your KPIs in the form of OKRs is not ‘best practice’. You are not trying to run your finance operations through OKRs.

ZOKRI has worked alongside industry experts to create intuitive OKR software that provides Finance teams with the
tools and features to make OKR embedding and adoption easy in your company.

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