Product Marketing OKR Examples

Product Marketing OKRs are really important to growth. Continuous focus and improvement ensures your great product is understood and gets trialled.

Product Marketing OKRs, like the more general Marketing ones, are designed to drive performance, connect to commercial drivers of the business, and inspire Initiatives that will directly impact them.

Here you will find some examples of typical Product Marketing OKR goals. Remember that OKRs were NOT created for ‘Business As Usual’ Goals, projects you are going to undertake, or really long-term goals.

Easy To Understand Product Marketing OKR Examples

Before you look at these Product Marketing OKR examples – ask yourself a couple of questions. Name your top
3 Product Marketing priorities right now as these will make great Objectives.

If you were then forced to prioritise them with the top of the list being the priorities that would have a
material impact on the business right now, what would the sequence look like? These are candidates for your
upcoming quarter Product Marketing department OKRs.

How would you then measure the success? Which metrics would be improved by working on these Product Marketing OKR examples?

The answers will help you create Key Results. What would be a stretch target that would force you
to really focus and think hard about how to achieve the objectives?

Would your priorities support your company priorities?

These Product Marketing OKR examples focus on the key areas of a Product Marketing teams
responsibilities. But being being open and visible to the rest of the company, there’s an opportunity to accept
ideas and help from other teams and individuals.

For example, when people know that you’re targeting conversion from the website and are looking to improve
messaging, they are sure to have thoughts about how you might achieve this, and with ZOKRI,
a means of having and capturing the conversation.

OKRs For Product Marketing

OBJECTIVE - Craft messaging that resonates with and influences our Ideal Customer Profile

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Direct Session to Conversion : Trial Sign-up to 1.5% 
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Paid Session to Conversion : Trial Sign-up to 3.8% 

OBJECTIVE - Optimize our Social Proof

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase our Average Star Rating on Review Websites to 4.5
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase our Review Count on Review Websites to 250 
KEY RESULT 3 – Get Detailed Product Reviews on website of 3 Influencers 

OBJECTIVE - Maxmize awareness of our new Launch

KEY RESULT 1 – Generate Sessions : Launch Content of 15K 
KEY RESULT 2 – Generate Launch Content : Trial Sign-up of 100

OBJECTIVE - Perfect the live Product Demo

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Demo : Trial Sign-up to 60% 

OBJECTIVE - Achieve Top Right Gartner Magic Quadrant position

KEY RESULT 1 – Top Right position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 

Writing Your Own Product Marketing OKRs

You’ve read the examples above of typical OKRs for Product Marketing departments – are you
ready to start writing your own Objectives and Key Results?

If the answer is yes, we have something special for you. OKR experts and coaches have
helped us build tried and tested OKR blueprints for you and your teams to follow.

It’s time to develop on the goals that really matter the most.

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Diagrammatic blueprints of how the whole company can measure, share and work on what matters, improve
performance, and ensure everyone knows and feels that they really matter as well.

OKR For Product Marketing Conclusion

ZOKRI has worked alongside industry experts to create intuitive OKR software that provides Product Marketing teams with the
tools and features to make OKR embedding and adoption easy in your company.

With ZOKRI teams can measure, share and work on what matters, & improve performance quickly.
A ZOKRI account ensures everyone knows and feels that they really matter.