Product Management OKR Examples

Meaningful OKRs for Product and Engineering can be hard

But they do exist and should be used. These teams are also key Collaborators in other teams OKRs

OBJECTIVE - Build what matters

KEY RESULT 1 – Have Customer Development Calls with 30 Customers  METRIC – Customer Development Calls

Product Managers are often guilty of not speaking to Customers enough and just managing feature requests from Customer Success teams. Great Product Managers have Customer Development meetings with ICP customers and prospects.

OBJECTIVE - Deliver Innovation that gives us a competitive advantage

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Development Resources assigned to Innovation features to 30%  METRIC – Development Resource

Competitive advantage comes in different forms. One form is innovation that’s valued by customers and is hard or expensive to replicate. Making sure that Innovation is part of your Roadmap is a smart move.

Product Management OKRs need to reflect the actions and behaviours required of world-class Product Managers.

Product Management are firstly accountable as Collaborators of OKRs that are targeting Trial to Customer Conversion, MRR, ARPA, and Churn. If these metrics are not functioning then there’s likely to be an issue with the Product.

When you consider OKRs that are owned by Product Managers, two you should definitely consider target Customer Development Calls / Interviews and Innovation. Why? It’s common for Product Managers to stop talking to ICP customers and get lost in inbound feature requests. Plus it’s common for Roadmaps to lose genuine Innovation. This can mean you end up having low levels of defensible Product IP, and little by the way of USPs for Sales.

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