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ZOKRI aligns strategy, KPIs, OKRs, culture, and people, and as a result, directly drives improvements in revenue and profitability. Start with a free demo and trial set-up call.

Module 1

Strategy Management

ZOKRI is a leading platform for managing various strategic planning concepts. With ZOKRI, you can easily align your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) with different strategic frameworks such as Strategic Pillars, Balanced Scorecard Perspectives, One-Page Strategies, Narratives, or even your own company’s strategic OKRs. By doing so, you can effectively execute your strategy and track progress towards achieving your goals.


Module 2

OKR Management

ZOKRI offers state-of-the-art software for OKRs that simplifies the process of implementing and following best practices. The software includes various features such as key result types, end-of-quarter roll-overs, OKR grading, check-ins, and more, that teams can use seamlessly. Moreover, if you are new to OKRs, ZOKRI provides courses and expert training to ensure you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

OKR Sign-off Workflows

Better performance is achieved with clear and structured goals. ZOKRI simplifies writing, structuring, discussing, and resourcing OKRs before they are committed to.

ZOKRI Sign Off Workflow

Check-in & Meeting Management

Your Strategy can only be executed if your OKRs are aligned, check-ins and meetings occur, and information flows. ZOKRI enables teams to easily adhere to these best practices.

KPI Management

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are two important metrics used to measure organizational performance. These metrics have a synergistic relationship, and they are often used together to achieve better results. The best strategy and OKR coaches recommend the use of KPI scorecards alongside OKRs, with KPIs selectively used in some Key Results. To make things easier, you can integrate KPIs with tools, spreadsheets, or manually update them.

ZOKRI Culture

Module 3

Culture Management

ZOKRI can help you align your company’s values and guiding principles with your strategic plan and OKRs.

Tag Shouts Outs With Values, Guiding Principles & Other Fabulous Traits & Gather People & Team Analytics

We understand the importance of feedback and how valuable it can be when given in the moment. That’s why we have made it extremely easy for you to recognize your colleagues. You can even add tags to your comments with your values, guiding principles and any other behavioral attributes that you would like to encourage and reinforce.

You can also view the analytics by individual, team and the company as a whole. This feature is also available in appraisals.

The under-appreciated skills of an OKR Consultant

Module 4

People Management

The process of aligning strategy with OKRs and roles is about creating a big picture and then demonstrating each person’s role within it. It involves treating everyone as individuals, unlocking potential, and recognizing and rewarding excellence.

Org. Chart With Roles, Responsibilities, OKRs & More

It’s easy to see who does what inside your organization and what they are working towards, and whether they need support. You even give them a shout-out.

You’d also love the Role and Responsibilities update workflow, which ensures they stay current and accurate at all times.

ZOKRI Roles and Responsibilities

Personal Developmental & Performance Goals

Continuous personal development drives growth and retention. Personal OKRs can be seen by managers and HR for development and performance goals.

Streamlined Reviews, Appraisals, PIPs & More

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow and managed process for your annual or quarterly development plans, reviews. appraisals, PIPs and more, then you’ll love what our platform has to offer. 

ZOKRI, makes it incredibly easy to build forms that use any of the data on your company, team, and personal OKRs, KPIs, shout-outs, and 360 reviews. You can even ask questions of any type, with various answer formats, including dual entry (manager and report) answers. This saves time for everyone involved, both in terms of data entry and analysis.


Easy To Manage Incentive Plans

Using ZOKRI for personal incentive plans can result in improved performance, growth, and job satisfaction. These plans are co-created by you, your manager, and HR to help you achieve your personal development and performance goals.

Get A Pulse On Wellbeing

Check-ins can be used to update progress on OKRs, activities, and KPIs, but they can also be used to check-in on how people are feeling. Gathering data on whether your team members are happy, optimistic, energized, or feel like they are being heard is easy to do. By doing this, our customers have been able to support their employees through tough times. Turning this data into insights by team can also be game-changing.