Set Yourself Up For Success

Strategy, Goals & KPIs Are Too Important For Slides & Sheets


The value of delivering your strategy, hitting your goals, keeping your talent engaged, focused and happy will be obvious to you. So don’t use fragmented tools that are not great at that job.

With ZOKRI you will share your strategy (Pillars or Balanced Scorecard) and watch teams use OKR or SMART goal to align with it, become more aware of KPIs, and get results. 

Never wonder how any team is doing. With ZOKRI progress updates will always happen on-time, problems get surfaced and solved quickly and praise is given where it is due.

ZOKRI - OKR Software

Silos Out, Cross-team Collaboration In


ZOKRI makes it easy to ensure teams have discussed and agreed goals between them as part of the goal setting process. It’s also easy to create project teams, tribes, and squads that are formed around specific goals.

Silos Out, Cross-team Collaboration In
Establish An Effective Planning & Execution Rhythm

Establish An Effective Planning
& Execution Rhythm


Deliver change by using a planning and execution cadence that works. Make it easy for your people to update progress, share and discuss problems and resolve issues. Maintain a single point of truth on strategy, goal and team performance that underpins a culture of transparency, accountability, ownership, psychological safety and ambition.

Connect Everyone To Your
Business Pulse


Nobody will be waiting for updates to happen or wondering how teams and individuals are fairing. Every team will automatically know what’s falling behind, where the blockers are, and what needs to be discussed at the next team meeting. They will also know where praise is due and have an easy way to recognise success.

Configurable Modules & Features


Strategic Planning

KPI Management

Personal Development & Wellbeing

Goal Setting & Management

User Management

Connect Your Most Important Tools

ZOKRI Integrations

Set-up & Get Going In Minutes


Define your year start and end, choose your preferred sign-on method, connect your tools and go. You can even connect your HRIS and invite teams in a click. Everyone then gets the onboarding experience you want and uses the goal creation and management workflows and schedule that matches the way you want to plan and work.

Simple To Use, Comprehensive
& Configurable


Decide on which new ways of working and habits are to be adopted first and which can come later and get going. Take your people on a stress-free and transformational journey.

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Fast-Track Your Way To Systemised Growth

Fast-Track Your Way To Systemised Growth


Use our tried and tested onboarding and roll-out workflows to be up and running in minutes not days. Invite your team to collaborate on and agree their aligned goals and establish a goal setting and execution rhythm that works first-time.

Make What Most Companies Do Poorly Your Opportunity


Strategies in slides are frequently presented once and are rarely revisited. This leaves to the data like this Analysis of 124 organizations revealed that only 28% of executives and middle managers responsible for executing strategy could list three of their company’s strategic priorities.

The opportunity is to bring your strategy to life, share it and make the alignment to it part of the normal business strategy delivery processes that include quarterly goal setting.

Sure, spreadsheets are flexible, they are also where goals need high levels of maintenance to get going and then suffer from low levels of engagement as goal cycles progress, soon becoming out of date.

The opportunity is to invite departments and teams to propose, discuss and set the aligned goals with outcome based measurements that matter easily. Then watch progress get updated and reported, problems get solved and wins celebrated.

Tools and BI systems are great at doing what their users need them to do. They are not great at being a company-wide, friendly and inclusive way of focusing team and cross-team discussions on groups of KPIs that matter to both strategic goals and business operations.

The opportunity is to connect lots of tools and bring the subset of KPIs that show how a team is doing to a central place. The metrics then form part of meeting agendas along with goals and executional plans.

If your teams are setting and discussing goals in an ad hoc cadence then there is every chance their time is being swallowed up by business-as-usual work and firefighting. The ‘keeping the lights on’ activities.

The opportunity is to commit and keep to a planning cadence. Establishing a goal and execution rhythm that keeps a balance between what’s strategically important and the day-to-day. Doing this maximizes alignment, collaboration, innovation and problem solving.

Time is every company’s most precious commodity and asset. It needs to be directed at work that moves the needle. Meetings are rarely where work gets done. If you can reduce meeting time by 20% and productivity by 20% that is probably going to have a huge impact.

The opportunity is to unlock time to achieve more, way more. Not to mention average meetings being a source is frustration. You do this by blending asynchronous goal and execution updates with better, more focused meeting agendas.