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Happy and engaged people power growth

Here you will find some examples Human Resource OKRs that help ensure you focus on optimizing your brilliant humans. There are many more you could create though. You’ll not go far wrong when writing a Key Result if you use a Verb with a KPI and a Target Value, so take a look at these HR KPIs as well as they can all be used in Key Results. 

OBJECTIVE - On-time critical hires

KEY RESULT 1 – Hire [JOB TITLE] by 31 November  METRIC – Hire
KEY RESULT 2 – Hire [JOB TITLE] by 31 November  METRIC – Hire
KEY RESULT 3 – Hire [JOB TITLE] by 31 November  METRIC – Hire

When you’re growing, hiring the best people at the right time becomes business critical and this OKR recognizes those key hires.

OBJECTIVE - Smiley happy people

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Annual Employee Retention to 85%  METRIC – Annual Employee Retention
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Employee Happiness : Really Happy to 80%  METRIC – Employee Happiness : Really Happy

Imagine not working hard to make sure your people are happy. Worse still, imagine not knowing if they were happy or not. This OKR targets Smiley happy people.

OBJECTIVE - Cost effective recruitment

KEY RESULT 1 – Reduce Average Cost Per Hire to $5K  METRIC – Average Cost Per Hire
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Referred New Hires to 20%  METRIC – Referred New Hires

Hiring is expensive. Reducing your Cost Per Hire through cost effective channels like Referral is a good OKR to have.

OBJECTIVE - Nurture and develop our talent

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Annual Internal Promotion % to 30%  METRIC – Annual Internal Promotion %

Developing, nurturing, stretching and rewarding your talent by developing careers and promoting them is best done based on performance, and in a deliberate and planned way. Setting the % is hard and will depend on the size of company.

OBJECTIVE - Glassdoor is a talent magnet

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase Glassdoor : Recommend A Friend % to 35%  METRIC – Glassdoor : Recommend A Friend %
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Glassdoor : Culture & Values to 4  METRIC – Glassdoor : Culture & Values
KEY RESULT 3 – Increase Glassdoor : Work/Life Balance to 4.5  METRIC – Glassdoor : Work/Life Balance
KEY RESULT 4 – Increase Glassdoor : Senior Management to 4  METRIC – Glassdoor : Senior Management
KEY RESULT 5 – Increase Glassdoor : Comp & Benefits 3.5  METRIC – Glassdoor : Comp & Benefits
KEY RESULT 6 – Increase Glassdoor : Career Opportunities 4  METRIC – Glassdoor : Career Opportunities

OK it’s out there. Your current and potential employees look at Glassdoor. This means setting OKRs that improve feedback is good for everyone. 

People are the engine room of a company. Ensuring you have the right number, at the right times, and that they are happy, engaged, and motivated team members, that are being developed, is core to growing. These HR OKRs show how these goals can translate to OKRs.

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