The 4 Types Of OKR Employees Need To Know

OKRs like all types of goals are there to focus our efforts and shape our priorities. Goal setting is a business critical process that is usually done in annual and quarterly OKR cycles.

It’s ‘business critical’ because imagine if we did not have a way of focusing our efforts and shaping our priorities, or keeping score on how we are doing as a company, a team or individuals.

What is an OKR? An OKR is a specific goal format that requires you to describe your Objective and how you propose to measure the success of that Objective using what are known as Key Results. You typically see two or three Key Results per OKR – any more than that is usually the answer to why OKR fail.

There are 4 types of OKRs or goals that impact employees:

Company OKRs


Company OKRs vary from company to company. We find there are three common types:

Team OKRs


There are two types of team:

Team Objectives have an Owner, although Key Result ownership might be shared amongst other people.

Initiatives that are helping to progress the OKR are often owned by a range of people from the team. And even if you don’t own anything, you should always be aware of your Team OKRs and Initiatives as you may be able to support them in some way.

Individual OKRs


Individual OKR are OKRs that only you will be working on achieving. A sales representative is a good example of an Individual OKR. Like Company and Team OKRs, Individual OKRs are usually visible to others in the organization, building trust and ensuring support can be offered where needed by a wider group of people.

Personal OKRs (Developmental OKRs)


Personal OKRs have a limited audience, the owner and usually a manager and HR. These OKRs are usually either performance based or developmental.



ZOKRI allows you to create OKR cycles easily, with the different types being clearly distinguable.


Typical Frequency

Strategic Intent OKR


Company Strategic OKRs


Supporting Strategic OKRs


BAU Optimization OKRs


Cross-Functional OKRs

Quarterly When Needed

Personal OKRs



There’s no right way to align OKRs, but differentiating what is strategic from BAU optimization is really useful.

In ZOKRI, OKRs are included in OKR best-practices like check-ins, meetings and retrospectives within the software platform. We also have many preset OKR examples to work from or help inspire writing your own.

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