Finance OKR Examples

Having teams of people managing money well is business critical

And yes, they can benefit from OKRs as well

OBJECTIVE - High margin high growth

KEY RESULT 1 – Increase our Gross Margin % to 85%  METRIC – Gross Margin %
KEY RESULT 2 – Increase Average Monthly MRR Growth Rate to 20%  METRIC – MRR Growth Rate
KEY RESULT 3 – Reduce Average Net MRR Churn % to 1%  METRIC – Net MRR Churn %

Understanding costs and balancing cost efficiencies with investment in growth is hard. This OKR is designed to measure the achievement of that balancing act.

OBJECTIVE - On-time collections

KEY RESULT 1 – Reduce Accounts Receivable Days : Over 60 days to 20%  METRIC – Accounts Receivable Days

Managing cash-in and out means cashflow is optimized. This OKR targets the cash-in metric.

OBJECTIVE - Investors are managed brilliantly

KEY RESULT 1 – Board-packs Circulation : On-time is 100%  METRIC – Board-pack Circulation
KEY RESULT 2 – Investor Financial Management Satisfaction : High is 100%  METRIC – Investor Satisfaction

Investors need to be managed. Managing investors can mean ensuring they get documents they require on-time, every-time. It can also mean they are Highly Satisfied with the Financial Management of the business.

Finance OKRs are interesting. How you define these are very dependent on your runway, access to funds, growth stage, growth rate, and more. Here are some interesting examples to get you started.

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