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"OKRs transform ambitious goals into tangible results, turning vision into actionable steps for continuous improvement and success."


Matt Roberts is the co-founder of ZOKRI, the innovative strategy, OKR and people management platform. ZOKRI is Matt’s second technology and consulting company, the first exiting in 2016. ZOKRI’s mission is to make OKRs more effective by embedding them in a complete Business Operating System (BOS). 

Matt role is ZOKRI is to train new consultants in how to find a winning strategy and use OKRs to deliver it using ZOKRI’s tried and test multi-step process. He’s based in Spain and the UK and also works directly with some European customers. 

How do you believe effective organizational strategy can transform a company’s performance, and what role does leadership play in shaping and executing this strategy?

Effective organizational strategy is the cornerstone of a company’s success. It’s not just about setting goals, but aligning these goals with the company’s core values and mission.

As a leader, my role involves not only defining a clear and compelling vision but also ensuring that every team member understands and is committed to this vision.

Leadership in this context is about inspiring, guiding, and providing the resources needed for teams to excel. By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, we can transform strategy into actionable plans that drive real results.

In your experience, what are the most common challenges organizations face when implementing the OKR framework, and how can they overcome these challenges to ensure successful adoption?

Implementing the OKR framework often presents challenges, primarily in aligning individual objectives with company goals and ensuring consistent tracking and evaluation.

In my experience, the key to overcoming these challenges lies in communication and education. It’s essential to clearly articulate the purpose of OKRs and how they benefit both the individual and the organization.

Regular check-ins and adjustments are crucial to keep everyone on track. By making OKRs a part of the organizational culture, companies can create a more engaged and focused workforce that is collectively working towards common objectives.

Can you explain how the ZOKRI platform specifically aids organizations in enhancing their performance management and goal-setting processes, and what makes it stand out from other tools in the market?

ZOKRI stands out as it is designed not just as a tool, but as a solution to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

Our platform facilitates seamless integration of OKRs into daily operations, ensuring that goals are always front and center. We offer features like intuitive goal-setting, real-time tracking, and insightful analytics that empower organizations to not only set ambitious goals but also achieve them.

The platform’s flexibility allows it to cater to various organizational sizes and needs, making it a versatile tool for enhancing performance management and goal-setting processes across diverse industries.

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