OKRs & Performance Management

Performance Management that’s fair and consistent

It takes lots of different kinds of people to make a company work. Different roles, responsibilities and behaviours are needed and result in different ways of contributing towards success.

See and value everyone for what they do, what they’ve achieved, and who they are.

ZOKRI is an OKR Software where you get to see who’s working on what, and where. You know exactly where you fit it and how you’re helping.

Performance Management Software

Build a more complete picture

If you want a complete and accurate conversation about how an employee has contributed, you need to know more about them and their goals.

Make OKRs only part of the story

If OKRs are a big part of how you will recognise employees then you are encouraging them to express as much of what they do as possible in an OKR format. This is a common and it’s a big issue that’s solved because OKR software like ZOKRI has the whole story.

Break down the silos

It’s easy to have a “this and them divide” happen if you don’t share more than OKRs. You’ll find that transparency that includes KPIs and project work allows everyone to feel part of the whole company, and silos can be broken down.

Recognise the visible & invisible heroes

There are people in every company that quietly do amazing work. They are the unsung heroes that can easily go unnoticed and be under appreciated. Having a place where they get seen, are valued and their contribution can be recognised matters to you and them.

Make learning and develop happen

Everyone wants to learn and be developed. Having a plan that aligns the needs of the company with the needs of each individual is easier in an OKR tool like ZOKRI.

Track wellbeing & catch people that fall

Weekly pulse surveys allow employees to share how they’re feeling and managers and HR to catch them if they need help.

1-on-1s Planned & Recorded

Schedule and plan 1-on-1, PDP sessions, and appraisals, create agendas, take notes, assign actions and more.

Have the best appraisals ever

There will be no need to ask anyone to remember what they did months ago. It’s all there, it’s complete and the conversation can quickly become one of recognition and reward.

ZOKRI - Step-change


Strategy, Goal & Culture Management eBook

A practical guide for C-Levels to optimize strategy, OKRs, people and company culture to create a step-change in performance.