OKR Coaching & Training That Establishes The Right Behaviours At Scale

Getting the right know-how seeded, and then having scalable ways of delivering the consistent application of that knowledge ensures you can spread OKR best practices from tens to hundreds of people, and then even thousands. Getting this done in months not years is transformational.

ZOKRI is more than OKR Software. We have pioneered new and exciting ways of helping you platform your teams for success using a combination of Expert OKR Training, Software, and Onboarding-as-a-Service.

Let’s plan to roll-out OKRs correctly the the first time and fast.

Successfully Embed OKRs & Transform Your Business

ZOKRI will work with you through the entire life-cycle of the project and ensure you succeed.

OKR Introduction
Executive OKR introduction and discussion covering the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of making OKRs work in your company.
OKR Planning Workshop
Facilitated OKR planning workshop for typically 2 – 10 people, where planning exercises are given, reviewed and discussed, and common questions and issues are surfaced and resolved.
OKR Ready
Define the OKR Lead role and train them with a view to them becoming your internal champions. Work through implementation checklists, customise learning resources and assets. Create OKR policies.
OKR Software
ZOKRI is where your OKRs will live and thrive. Management teams will be in control and teams will be engaged and empowered to deliver your most important priorities.
Expert All Access
Access OKR expert time. Discuss, refine and perfected your OKR implementation. Topics might include translating strategy to OKRs, aligning culture and more general HR policies with OKRs.

ZOKRI provides expert OKR coaching, OKR software, and scalable onboarding throughout the entire lifecycle of your project.