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The Ultimate Guide To Objectives and Key Results – OKRs

08. Managing OKRs Quarter-to-Quarter, Week-to-Week

Managing and tracking OKRs

In this section we’re going to share how you can approach the day-to-day, week-to-week, and quarter-to-quarter management of OKRs. The end-state we’re heading to is to make regular goal setting, measurement, alignment, accountability, transparency, teamwork, ambition, and agility, every-day behaviours and habits.


OKR check-ins

Committing to OKR means committing to sharing updates and having great meetings at agreed cadences. This creates a pulse that drives progress and the whole business forward. 

If you set-and-forget your OKRs there is every chance performance and achievement levels will slip. 

Weekly Check-ins: Weekly check-ins are where individuals update OKR and Initiative progress and include a commentary for colleagues to read and respond to where appropriate. Sharing what is holding you back – dependencies and blockers are especially important.

Weekly Team Meetings: OKRs are part of the agenda for start of the week meetings where there’s more of a focus on executional plans, problem resolution and what needs to be accomplished in the coming week. You can also do a ‘Friday Wins’ meeting or round-up where you get to show-off successes and share learnings.

Monthly Meetings: Monthly meetings where to review the progress of all of your OKRs and agree what needs to be done in the next 30 days.

Quarterly Retrospective & Planning: Quarterly retrospectives are meetings where you review your OKR performance, discuss what you have learned and agree your priorities over the next quarter.

Annual Retrospective & Planning: An annual retrospective looks back on the past 12 months and where you plan the next 12 months.


OKR Meeting Agendas

OKRs thrive when teams have having regular well planned meetings where OKRs are a core part of the agenda. The Monthly and Quarterly Retrospective / Planning meetings are the meetings that go into OKR progress, plans and problems at the most depth. 

Meetings really matter to the OKR process and ZOKRI is the only goal management platform that has meeting management built-in.

ZOKRI ensures agendas are set, meetings run smoothly, actions and notes are captured and shared.

Getting these meetings planned and in diaries via ZOKRI. Commit to them and ensure they happen. Cancelling these meetings is detrimental to performance and the OKR process.

ZOKRI automates and manages OKR meetings. Everything that ensures great meetings happen has been thought of for you. 

  • One-off and recurring meetings like the weekly team meetings, monthly review and quarterly retrospective can be scheduled and added to diaries – ensuring great OKR meetings are committed to and happen
  • Participants can propose and votes on discussion points
  • OKRs, Initiatives and KPIs can be added to agendas in a few clicks
  • Recurring discussion points help you set the scene and gather information
  • Previous meeting action are at hand already and nothing is forgotten or lost
  • Meeting notes can be taken as you go, and meeting actions assigned for follow-up in the next meeting
  • Presenter mode ensure screen sync for all participants
  • Post meeting emails share notes and actions
  • Optional post meeting surveys provides insights on how good your meetings are.

Set- yourself up for OKR success from day 1 with ZOKRI. Everything from OKR coaching to OKR software is covered so employees can learn the right ways fast, and enjoy the clarity and agility OKR bring