Set & Track OKRs The Right Way, Give Your OKRs A Pulse

OKR tracking refers to the processes and software that you use to ensure that your OKRs are relevant, current and accurate.

There are two parts to OKR tracking that need to be understood and implemented if you’re committed to OKRs as your way of setting goals, achieving company-wide growth, and improving collaboration, and alignment. 

Firstly you need to learn, plan and set OKRs the right way. Secondly, you need to decide, implement and manage your check-in and meeting policies. This is how you do that.

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ZOKRI - Checking-in

Setting OKRs That Are Perfect For Tracking

Setting OKRs The Right Way

Who would create OKRs the wrong way, you might ask. Although it’s not hard to create great OKRs, many learn the wrong way, and rather than being a framework that speeds you up and is transformational, it actually slows you down. Here’s are a few mistakes to avoid. OKR tracking software like ZOKRI will help you avoid these and others.

Setting OKRs the right way

Too Many OKRs Being Tracked

OKRs done well are an expression of your priorities. They are not expressions of everything everyone is doing. So a key part of the OKR planning process are the conversations you have around what your biggest challenges and opportunities are, and which of them are most important to focus on during the year or quarter, without disrupting important business-as-usual activities. To help check-out the OKR Canvas and workshop tutorial.

Not Measuring What Matters

As part of the planning process you’re going to need to work out how you’re going to define and measure each objectives success. A lot of the time you will want to use a metric or KPI. This means you’re going to need to either start tracking it if it’s new and get what is called a ‘baseline’, or make sure you have access to it. If it’s something you track now then you might also want to consider whether it can be integrated with and accessed via ZOKRI, making progress updates automatic.

measure what matters

Projects & Tasks Are Key Results

Key Results are the outcome you want at the end of a period of time like a Quarter. The inputs that allow you to achieve the outcomes are projects or tasks which are usually called Initiatives. 

So if the Key Results your tracking look like projects or tasks then a good question to ask is: “if I complete this, which metrics would I hope to improve?” The answer may help you define better Key Results and align Initiatives with the right outcomes.

ZOKRI - OKR Canvas

Plan OKRs The Right Way First Time

An OKR Canvas Template
That Works Everytime

This OKR Canvas Template has been designed to eliminate many of the issues teams have with planning and creating OKRs.

It’s a perfect template for both preparing individually and debating in teams. It’s these conversations that are going to ensure you create great OKRs.

An OKR Tracking Policy That Gives You A Single Point Of Truth

OKR Tracking Software Delivers Here

There are essentially three parts to tracking OKRs successfully.


The first is setting and managing your check-in policy. The most common cadence is weekly and it should be mandatory.

The information that is being collected and shared during the check-in is:

  1. Key Result Status e.g. Active, Slow, Stuck, Complete
  2. Key Result Progress i.e. progress towards the target
  3. Key Result Confidence i.e. how are you feeling about achieving the Key Result target?
  4. Comments i.e. what’s holding you back, going well etc.

When these are updated they are shared with your team so they can reply, like, and hopefully resolve the comments holding you back.

The same information might also create agenda points for your next meeting.

ZOKRI has check-in reminders, streamlined workflows, and comment sharing so everyone is in the know.

ZOKRI - Check-ins
ZOKRI - Regular Meetings

Regular Meetings With OKRs As Agenda Item

Having OKRs as part of your team meeting agendas ensures you’re having the right conversations, resolving outstanding issues, and planning for the week ahead.

ZOKRI has meeting management features that not only allow you to know that meetings about OKRs are happening, but know that agendas are being planned, actions are being assigned and decisions are being captured.

OKR Progress Reporting

OKR progress tracking should be happening on a number of levels. The simplest if for one OKR at a time.

Because OKRs cascade with parent child relationships, with an OKR supporting another OKR or Key Result,  progress tracking can track this cascade as well. Giving you a progress number and chart for branches of OKRs.

And of course tracking progress by teams is also really useful as well and can form a core part of your OKR reporting.

ZOKRI - OKR Progress
Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?
Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?