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Strategy Management

ZOKRI is the leader in managing a wide range of strategic planning concepts.

You can align your OKRs with Strategic Pillars, Balanced Scorecard Perspectives, One-Page Strategies, Narratives or your Strategic Company OKRs and then enjoy watching your strategy get executed.


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OKR Management

ZOKRI has is state-of-the-art OKR software that makes rolling out OKRs and ensuring best-practices are followed, easy. 

Everything from Key Result types, end-of- quarter roll-overs, OKR grading and streamlined processes like check-ins, are there for your teams to use and enjoy.

If you’re new to OKRs, we provide courses and one-to-one or many expert training as well.

OKR Sign-off Workflows

Better goals create higher levels of performance. ZOKRI makes it easy to use questions, instructions and prompts to ensure OKRs are written, structured, discussed and resourced before being signed-off and committed to.

ZOKRI Sign Off Workflow

Check-in & Meeting Management

Your Strategy will only get executed if your OKRs align, check-ins and meetings happen and information flows. ZOKRI makes these best-practices simple to adhere to for teams. 

KPI Management

OKRs and KPIs have a synergistic relationship. The best strategy and OKR coaches recommend the use of KPI scorecards alongside OKRs, with KPIs also being selectively used in some Key Results.

To make life really easy, integrate KPIs with tools, spreadsheets or manually update them.

ZOKRI Culture

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Culture Management

With ZOKRI, your Values and Guiding Principles will align with your Strategy and OKRs. You can then integrate them with your other Force Multipliers. 

Tag Shouts Outs With Values, Guiding Principles & Other Fabulous Traits & Gather People & Team Analytics

Feedback is great better in the moment so we’ve made it really easy to recognize colleagues. You can also tag your comments with your values, guiding principles and any other behavioural attributes you want to encourage and reinforce. 

You can then see the analytics by individual, team and the company as a whole. It’s also available in appraisals along. 

ZOKRI Roles and Responsibilities

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People Management

The process of aligning strategy with OKRs and roles is about painting the bigger picture and then showing each person where they fit within it. Treating everyone as individuals, unlocking potential, and recognizing and rewarding excellence. 

Personal Developmental & Performance Goals

Continuous personal development drives growth and employee retention.

Personal OKRs can be seen by you, your manager and HR and can be used for development and personal performance goals.


Fair & Balanced Appraisals

If you use annual or quarterly development plans, review or appraisals and you want a process that’s easy to follow and manage, you will love what we have created.

It’s so easy to use any of the data ZOKRI has on company, team and personal OKRs,  KPIs, shout-outs and 360 reviews. Layer on to this the ability to ask questions of any type with a huge variety of answer formats, including dual entry (manager and report) answers. Saving time on everyone’s part on both data entry and analysis.

Easy To Manage Incentive Plans

Continuous personal development drives growth and employee retention.

Personal OKRs can be seen by you, your manager and HR and can be used for development and personal performance goals.


Get A Pulse On Wellbeing

Check-ins that update progress on OKRs, Activities and KPIs can also be used to check-in on how people are feeling. Gathering data on whether your people are happy, optimistic, energized, or being heard is easy and out customers have been able to employees through tough times as a result. Turning this data into insights by team is can also be game-changing.

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Your strategy, OKRs, and values will be trying to unlock the value technology can bring. One of those opportunities is the management system being used to manage your Force Multipliers. Which is why we want you to try ZOKRI.

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How to harness the power of strategy, OKRs, people and technology to force multiply your revenue.