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Looking for an easy and effective way to master strategic planning and implement and track your OKRs? Look no further than ZOKRI – the leading OKR software platform. With ZOKRI, you can quickly and easily set up your OKRs and start tracking progress towards your goals. But that’s just the beginning of what ZOKRI can offer.

Here are some of the benefits and features that set ZOKRI apart from other OKR software tools:

  1. Best practices guidance: ZOKRI doesn’t just help you set and track your OKRs – it also guides you through goal executional best practices to help ensure that your OKRs are not just set, but actually achieved. ZOKRI provides clear instructions on how to write effective OKRs, align them with company goals, and track progress.

  2. Customizable dashboards: With ZOKRI, you can customize your dashboard to get the information you need at a glance. Whether you want to see your team’s progress towards their OKRs, monitor performance metrics, or get an overview of your company’s OKR progress, ZOKRI has you covered.

  3. Real-time progress tracking: ZOKRI’s real-time progress tracking feature helps you stay on top of your OKRs at all times. You can see how much progress has been made towards each objective, and receive automatic updates when key milestones are reached.

  4. Automated reminders: ZOKRI helps keep your team accountable by sending automatic reminders to update progress and keep everyone on track. This feature ensures that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and stays on top of their objectives.

OKR planning and management that
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OKR implementations risks & issues
have all been solved

We’ve spend 5 years supporting companies that are both new to OKRs and those that have tried and struggled to implement OKRs

During this time we have seen first hand where the potential pitfalls of OKR are. We’ve then build features, systems and processes that de-risk them to ensure ZOKRI customers succeed, first time and quickly.

For example, after you’ve done a strategic planning workshop, OKRs can sometimes been seen as complicated and as having lots of rules.  So with ZOKRI the complexity and human burden of OKR management has been minimized. What to do, how to do it, and what to do next has all been made clear and streamlined.

Where a tool integration would make life easier, we’ve made the tool available in just a few clicks.

Where coaching support is needed, we’ve made experts available and ready to answer your questions.

Top 10 OKR Implementation Mistakes & Challenges Solved By ZOKRI