ZOKRI Makes Using & Rolling-out OKRs
Easier Than You Would Ever Dare To Imagine

ZOKRI ensures you are running text-book OKR cycles and processes, and are achieving high levels of alignment, focus and accountability across the whole organization.

OKR Management Basics Done Brilliantly


Simple User Interface

It’s clean, easy to user and requires little to no user guidance to use ZOKRI, making adoption easy and fast.

Customizable By You

Build you perfect OKR system with the most customizable platform on the market.

Goal & Impact Mapping

See how company, team and individual goals align, and how everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Transparency Made Normal

See who is working on what and why, how they are doing and how they might be supported, or praised.

Performance Analytics You Trust

Discover performance hotspots and bottlenecks faster than ever before.

Performance Reviews Made Simple

Whether it’s the board, senior leaders, team meetings or 1-on-1, starting a review meeting takes just a few clicks.

Pain Free Reminders & Chases

Whether it’s time to check-in, report, or do a retrospective, we will do the chasing via the app, email, slack, or teams.

Desktop & Mobile

It’s really easy to check-in, update and be updated at anytime and from any device to ensure everything is always kept up to date.

Unlimited Users & Extended Free Trials Of These Features

With Advanced Features Offering You Even More Performance Boosting Possibility


Share Your Strategy

Combine Strategic Pillars, Balanced Scorecard, or Strategy Maps With OKRs

Make KPIs & OKRs Make Sense

Tracking KPIs and OKRs is made easy and makes sense in ZOKRI. Taking you OKRs to a whole new level.

Think & Do OKR At Scale

Build custom OKR creation and sign-off workflows to help everyone create and debate amazing OKRs at scale.

OKRs & Initiatives

Separate and manage OKRs and Initiatives. Connect Initiatives to your current project tools to automate progress updates.

OKR Meetings Managed

Never have to create an OKR meeting slide, and capture action in the meetings for follow-up next time.

Grade, Score & Stretch

What ever OKR scoring or grading method and labels you’ve settled on, we’ve got them covered.

Department, Teams, Sub-teams

Cascade team structures as well as OKRs to make it easy to see how departments, teams and sub-teams are performing.

Help Managers Manage

Define reporting lines so managers can see how their reports are doing, who’s engaged with their OKRs, who needs help, and praise.

Run Positive Retrospectives

Retrospectives can be an opportunity to reflect, share and learn, grade the success of an OKR for a final time, and decide whether to continue.

Public & Private Data

If it’s too sensitive to make public, make dashboards, OKRs, KPIs, or Initiatives private, restricting to a smaller group or team.

Fast Growth Companies Across the Globe Use ZOKRI

ZOKRI helps organizations unlock the benefits of strategic and goal setting frameworks like OKR. Systematically ensuring strategic alignment, and keeping teams engaged and focused on achievement throughout the quarter. 


“I took the time to enter our executive OKRs into 3 platforms to test and demonstrate them to the broader team, after investigating 9. I found that ZOKRI was considerably easier than the others to enter the data into. 

Beyond the ease and intuitiveness of the platform, the actual structure of the OKR builder was the most comprehensiveIt easily accommodated % based Key Results and even allowed me to create thresholds.

Finally, having KPIs and OKRs separated but living in the same system is wonderful. The ability to have KPIs and OKRs in a team meeting or a dashboard whilst maintaining their separate functions, complex health metrics and working priorities is incredible.”


Rachael Stott
Director of Culture – GoCanvas