Whichever framework you’ve chosen, we can help you set yourself up for success by platforming the concepts, tools and processes in ZOKRI. Our team will help set the ZOKRI platform up just the way you want your Business OS to work and give your team the training required to make future changes yourselves.

Increase the impact of every employee

Business OS

$ 12 50
  • Per User Per Month
    Paid Annually
  • And could be as low as $4

    The bigger your company and the more users you add,
    the cheaper ZOKRI becomes. Our largest customers pay
    just a few $'s per employee.

    Read-only Users are FREE

Enterprise Support

  • With Enterprise plans we offer custom features,
    integrations, and training and support levels. What ever
    you need there’s a good chance that we could
    offer you exactly what you need.
  • SSO
    Security & Compliance
    Custom Integrations
    Custom Features
    Custom Onboarding Support

Why is ZOKRI the right choice?

Versus OKR tools?

We are a BOS and know that when OKRs thrive other concepts, tools and processes need to also be used. When they sit alone, their impact is reduced.

Versus other BOS tools?

We are can do what they do and way more and allow you to also start to work out what is working for you well and what needs a tweak.

Versus documents

Sure, documents are free, but we find that the concepts and processes you want are not consistently followed snd engagement is typically low.

Frequently asked questions