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With ZOKRI you can create a central performance hub, connect and even consolidate tools and save on tooling.

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Questions & Answers


Which modules can be shown or hidden?

With ZOKRI you can start with a light-weight version and get teams used to setting goals and doing check-ins, and extend from there. Modules you can turn on and off yourself include:

  • Mission / Visions
  • Strategy – Pillars or Balanced Scorecard
  • Dashboards
  • Draft to Signed-off Workflows
  • OKR & KPI Reporting Narratives
  • OKR & KPI Retrospectives
  • Initiatives  / Activities / To-dos
  • Weekly Priority / Win Sharing
  • Meeting Management
  • Manager / Report Insights
  • KPI Management
  • HR e.g. Personal Goals, Culture, Recognition, Appraisals

What other set-up options do I have?

ZOKRI has a depths of features that are controlled by administrators that allow you to work in the way you want to.

For example:

  • User Access Levels
  • Departments, Teams, Sub-teams, Cross-functional Teams
  • Private OKRs, Initiatives & KPIs
  • Team Level Check-in Cadences
  • Multi-Manager & Multi-Individual Sign-off
  • Key Result Type Controls e.g. from X to Y, projects, milestones, % complete …
  • Key Result Grading Customization
  • Stretch Targets
  • RAG Threshold Control
  • Check-in Cadence Controls
  • Retrospective Customization
  • Document uploads
  • Tags

What can read-only users do?

Read-only users can access the platform and view data, but they can’t create, edit, or comment on anything in the platform.

Does ZOKRI work on a mobile?

We’ve invested a lot in creating a great mobile user experience for key on-the-move processes like check-ins, KPI updates and reporting.

Does ZOKRI integrate with team tools?

ZOKRI integrates with KPIs tools like spreadsheets, CRM and analytics systems and developer tools like Jira.

ZOKRI also integrates with project tools so that Key Results and Initiatives can be linked to the progress of projects or groups of tasks.

Communications tools like Slack and MS Teams also come as standard.

How much time does OKR and ZOKRI require?

Proposing OKRs and talking about them with other teams every quarter before they are agreed and launched is hours not days.

Weekly check-ins done by individuals is < 5 mins a week and can be done on a mobile or desktop. Because it is easy and has been streamlined you should always make this mandatory.

Team meetings should be quick and focused on weekly priorities and issues. Under 15 mins is a good target to aim for.

Retrospectives should take slightly longer and can usually be done in an hour.

Why can’t I just sign-up now?

We have a lot of features and options. Some need explaining and discussion. We have found that a 30 minute on-boarding call to configure the modules you want initially with you is best for you in the long-run. There’s no hard-sell and these calls are the best way to start to trial our amazing software. 

What training options are there?

ZOKRI comes with free training and on-boarding.

We also offer leader training, strategy and OKR creation workshops to kickstart and accelerate the process.

Key documents like playbooks / handbooks for staff on-boarding also come as standard, all with the option to customize based on your organizations and set-up.

What User Management options are there?

SSO and email / password management options come as standard.

HRIS integrations can also sync users, teams and manager data.

Where is ZOKRI hosted?

Google’s ultra secure data centre in Frankfurt.

What are ZOKRI’s USPs?

You will have noticed that ZOKRI has a lot of features and those features and hugely configurable. So if we had to put our USPs into words it would be depth, width, configurability and ease-of-use. Everything you will need now or in the future is in one place.

Which tools does ZOKRI often consolidate?

ZOKRI is used as a central hub, connecting to lots of tools via integrations. It’s also common for teams to consolidate their strategy management, KPI dash-boarding, task-management, employee goal, meeting management, appraisal and recognition tools with ZOKRI

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