Simple OKR Management Software

The Easiest Way To Manage OKRs

If you’re new to OKR and you want a simple and lightweight OKR software application that ensures teams learn and follow OKR best practices and help you manage the OKR cycle, this is the plan for you.

Documents and spreadsheets are a suboptimal way to manage OKRs. They have low levels of engagement, don’t manage key OKR processes, are hard to connect team tools to, and are a not as secure as they should be.

At less than $1 per user per month, this plan gives you a cost effective alternative, solves those issues and ensure OKRs are used correctly and have the desired impact.

Easy To Use – No Training Needed

OKR Management

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OKR Software For Whole Orgs Or Teams

We’ve designed this plan to be the best OKR software for start-ups, single departments with sub-teams, single teams that want to manage their OKRs in a tool designed to make OKR management easy. We often talk to leaders that want to test out OKRs before their roll them out to their wider organization. In all of these use cases, we think we’ve given you just what you want and need. At less that $1 per user per month. it also at a price that’s perfect for where you are right now.

Best OKR Software
For Start-ups

Departments Or Team That
Want To Use OKRs

Want To Test OKRs
Before Wider Roll-out

OKR Management Made Really Really Easy

Check-ins & Reporting Are Totally Streamlined

Connect Tools & Data, Streamline & Share Key Result Update


MS Excel


Google Sheets







Azure DevOps



MS Teams






Bonus Features We've Included That Also Drive Growth

Mission, Vision, Strategy For OKRs To Align With & Deliver

Get Clarity On Goals, Roles, Responsibilities, & Use Discreet Personal OKR

The Perfect Time To Move From A Spreadsheet To ZOKRI

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Force Multipliers

"Finally a book that goes easy on the theory and jargon to show you how to leverage strategy, OKRs, people and technology to multiply revenue."