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Seamlessly Transition to New Ways of Working with ZOKRI

At ZOKRI, we understand that change, though necessary, can sometimes be challenging. We believe that with the right people in the right roles, this transition can be a smooth and rewarding journey. Here’s how we can help your organization embrace new ways of working:

Appointing Stakeholders with Clear Roles & Responsibilities

We endorse a strategic structure of leadership that ensures everyone feels supported and heard during the transition:

Executive Stakeholder

A senior leader with the clout to make critical decisions and allocate resources. They secure buy-in from other senior leaders and set the tone for the rest of the organization.

Project Lead/Champion

Overseeing the transition process, they motivate and guide the team through the change. Their commitment and leadership inspire others to get on board with the new ways of working.

HR Lead

They align HR policies and practices with the new ways of working. They play a key role in adapting performance evaluations, training programs, and more to the changes.

Team Leads

These are change agents within their respective teams. They facilitate communication, provide support, and address specific concerns within their team.

These strategic appointments create a support network that guides and assists each team member through the change, driving towards a successful transition.


Stages and Ways of Working

The transition is carried out in thoughtful stages:

Strategic Communication

We explain the ‘why’ behind the changes, the benefits, and the specifics of the new rituals. We ensure everyone understands the strategic objectives.

Leadership Buy-In

Our appointed leaders embody the changes, demonstrating their commitment to the new ways of working.

Training and Development

We provide targeted training sessions to help teams acquire the necessary skills and understand the new rituals.

Pilot Implementation & Feedback

We start with a pilot group to identify and address challenges early, allowing for adjustments before a wider rollout.

Reinforcement with Systems & Processes

We adjust systems and processes to align with and reinforce the new ways of working.


Expert Coaching and Implementation Support

Our expert coaching in areas such as OKR offers guidance and support that’s directly relevant to the new ways of working. We also provide part-time or fractional implementation support for a flexible, tailored approach to your organization’s specific needs.

Change doesn’t have to be daunting. With ZOKRI, your organization is equipped with the right people, resources, and expert support. We assure you that the transition will run smoothly, and the benefits of these changes will be quickly felt, propelling your organization towards a future of growth and success.


Our Team We Will Work With You Every Step Of The Way

Fractional Implementation Support

If you’ve not got an internal coach and champion or need candidates mentored for 3 – 6 months, having a fractional implementation support might be the way to go.

We will give you the time you need to train teams, give feedback on goals and any other areas of confusion, and be there week-on-week to ensure new ways of working become business-as-usual and habitual and everyone has a high level of goal setting and execution competency.

Over the months the knowledge you need will flow from us to you and the goal is that you won’t need us anymore because you’re thriving by yourselves.


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