Comprehensive Success Optimization

Strategy, Goals & Individual Performance Management Excellence –

Mission and

Everyone loves to know where the organization is going and why they should be excited. ZOKRI makes your accessible and allows you to add a North Star to guide everyone.

Values and

Everyone knows the influence culture has on performance. Yet the strange this that the tools and processes to define it and reinforce it are often missing, we've integrated them.

Roles, Responsibility
and Accountability

Having the right people in the right seats is critical, as is having current and accurate view of what they do, what they are working towards. supporting, issues being faced as well as praise received.


Strategy and strategic focus are how you are going to serve your customers better than your competitors. A system that executes that strategy ensures you deliver your strategic plan.

Goals, KPIs
and Execution

Goals using frameworks like OKRs, along with KPIs and executional processes like commitment, priority and issue sharing are how you align your teams and execute your strategy.

Evaluation, Development
and Reward

Fair evaluations that take into account team goals, personal performance and developmental goals and individual feedback mean a huge amount to your people and are streamlined.

Modular & Configurable

Mission & Vision

Share where your organization is going and how it’s going to get there.

Mission, Vision, Purpose and North Star

Make sure everyone knows what the the ultimate goal and lay the foundations for strategy and goal setting.


Watch your people demonstrate the behaviors that reflect the values that drive you towards you vision.

Values & Behaviours

Be specific about what you value and which behaviours are key to your success.


Tag values in shoutouts to encourage and reinforce you desired to culture.

Appraisal Question

Ask values and behaviour questions in ZOKRI managed evaluations, appraisals and development plans.


Get individual, team and company analytics on who is being culturally tagged in shoutouts.

Org. Chart

Build teams of people who share your core values, know their roles and are happy to be accountable for helping you achieve your vision.

Visualize your org. chart and reporting lines

See your whole org., reporting lines, zoom in or out, click and learn more about colleagues.

Roles & Responsibilities

Manage your own Roles and Responsibilities – includes sign-off workflows, and see colleagues.


See which goals any individual is working towards or supporting.


See which tasks are being worked on to support goal achievement.


See the issues being faced by any individual and help them to solve them.


See what any individual has been recognized for as well as give a shoutout.


Define your field of play and the battles you have chosen to fight and win, align goals and keep score with KPI scorecards.

Pillars or Perspectives

Use Strategic Pillars or Balanced Scorecard Perspectives alongside goals and KPIs to execute your strategy.

Aligned Goals & KPIs

Watch teams align their goals with your strategy and then execute it.

RAG Statuses

Red, Amber and Green coding allows you to see areas of risk that need support.

Progress Narratives

Go beyond the RAG status and number, read the supporting narrative written by the goal and KPI owner.

Reporting To PDF

Export your strategy reports to PDF in a click.

Goal Setting

Create goals that are aligned, can be resourced and make a huge impact.

Master Any Leading Goal Framework e.g. OKR, 4DX, EOS

Configure ZOKRI for OKRs management of any other leading goal framework in seconds.

Extensive Range Of Outcome Types

Every conceivable outcome type ensures teams track the right success measures.

Annual, Half year, Quarterly, Academic Terms

Flexible planning periods makes ZOKRI work for all types of organization.

Integrate Goals With KPIs

If a Key Result / Success Measure is a KPIs , connect the two in a few clicks.

Company, Team, Individual & Personal Goals

Cascade goals so everyone knows how they are helping you succeed.

Strategic, Learning & Personal Performance Goals

All the goal types in one place makes ZOKRI work for every organization.

Incentive Plan Goals & Management Processes

Manage incentive plans goals and payments separately and discreeetly away from strategic, team and personal goals.


Make learning a key part of your goal setting cycle.

Customizable Goal Creation & Sign-off Workflows

Provide goal setting guidance in the form of a sign-off workflow and watch better goals get created.

Initiatives, Tasks, Commitments

Plan and track how goals are being achieved with Initiatives, Tasks, Commitments.

Sub Tasks

Create sub-tasks and get even more specific and granular about what needs to get done to achieve your goals.

Saved Task Lists

Save proven processes that are getting the results in a list and re-use them again and again to achieve goals.

Goal Cycle & Update Management

Enjoy a current and accurate view of how everyone is doing without asking.


Schedule check-ins and we’ll do the chasing, make it an job to be done and share the update for you.

Variable Cadence Options

If weekly doesn’t work for all teams, change the cadence or run a variable check-in cadence.

Reporting Narratives

Get a monthly download on how a goal is progressing from the goal owner.

Reminders and Chases

We remind people before, on the day and after if it’s not been done, so there are no excuses.

Optimized For Mobile

Check-ins on the go are not a problem because we’ve optimized the mobile experience.


See who is and isn’t doing their updates.

KPI Management

KPIs and KPI Scorecards compliment all aspects of strategy execution and goal setting, in addition to team and individual performance management. ZOKRI has a comprehensive set of KPI management features.

Manually & Automatically Updated KPIs

We make it easy for KPI owners to update their KPIs at the required time along with a reporting narrative. Or you can choose to update KPIs from spreadsheets and tools.

KPI Targets

Set KPI targets independently from goals and see the delta i addition to RAG statuses as you deviate from where you’d expect to be.


Create Scorecards that help teams track company, team and individual performance, and set the scene for better goal setting.

KPIs Used In Goals Like OKRs

Some KPIs work well as success measures like Key Results. Adding a KPI into a goal takes just a few clicks and progress will automatically update.

Issue Management

Never let unknown or forgotten issues hold you back from achieving your goals.

Share, Discuss and Escalate Issues

Add issues, assign owners, discuss in comment threads, define as short or long-term and escalate the big ones.

Combine Similar Issues

Similar issues often come to light so drag and drop them together to create an issue group.

Attach Supporting Documentation

Attach supporting documents to provide even more context.

Priority Management

Focus individuals and teams on the priorities that matter each week.

Last Week, This Week, Next Week

Share priorities between weeks and see how they align with your colleagues.

Priority 1, 2, 3

Not all priorities are equal so get agreement and clarity on the biggest ones.


Sharing wins are are great habit to form as well – everyone loves good news.

Meeting Management

Meeting are important but can be ineffective so we ensure the right conversations are happening.

Slides For Goals, Scorecards, KPIs, Issues, Priorities & More

Have slides on screen for goal and execution related meetings with no preparation time needed.

Assign Actions & Take Notes

Track Actions between weeks and see notes in contact reports.

Share ZOOM and MS Teams Links in Calendar Invites

Connect your meeting tools for a seamless meeting experience.

Appraisals & Development Plans

Performance and personal development conversations matter a lot to individuals so we built you the tools to make them happy.

Unlimited Templates

Create a range of templates that match the needs of all parts of your organizations.

Streamlined Data

All goal, KPI and feedback data in place and ready to discuss.

Custom Questions

Every question type makes it easy to create amazing experiences.

360 Feedback

Request feedback from colleagues.


Get insights in people and teams on who is where in the process.

Wellbeing Surveys

You employee humans so we wanted to make it easy to ask people how they are feeling whilst gathering goal updates as one impacts the other.

Customizable Questions

Choose from pre-sets or ask your own questions.


Get company, team and individual analytics on how people are faring as well as performing.

Incentive Plans

Ambiguous bonus schemes are awaful so we made it easy to provide clarity on what will trigger incentives and bonuses and manage the process.

Discreet & Comprehensive

Employees love the clarity and managers love the simplicity of this new feature.

Sign-off Management

A review and sign-off of bonus payments process has never been this simple.

Key Integrations

Easy to configure integrations make time consuming processes fast and easy.

Communications Tools

Slack, Teams, Email and in App communications keep everyone informed.

KPI Tools

Spreadsheets and team tools like Google Analytics and CRMs provide KPI data.

Project / Task Tools

If a goal or a initiative is being executed in a team project tool, connect them to see progress updates in one place.


Over 30 HRIS integrations streamline how users are added to ZOKRI.


Manage user access via your favourite SSO provider.

Small Things That We Often Find Matter

We are often asked for small features that make a big difference to a few key people. If we didn’t have them we usually created them as part of the contract. Here are some example

User File Upload

Upload a CSV of employees along with their reporting lines.

Free Read-only User

We were told that some people should be able to see ZOKRI but don’t need to add information.

Variable Check-in Cadences

Leadership teams often don’t need to check-in goals weekly as their goals re being driven from sub-goals. So we allowed for different cadences.

Key Tool Integrations

We’ve frequently been asked to integrate with an important team tool, which usually has been done in just a few weeks.

If There Is Something That Matters To You, Please Ask

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us, so please ask on a demo call.


Outstanding support for experts in their field.

Strategy & Goal Setting Coaching.

Let our team share best practices and facilitate workshops.

Fractional Implementation Support.

Let our team give you X hours a month to support you in the early months.

Support On Demand

Ask questions and get fast responses from our team via the app.

Knowledge Base

Our comprehensive knowledge base gives you most answers to most questions.

Custom Onboarding

Let out team create training videos for your teams watch to streamline training.

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