Online OKR Course With Guides, Templates, Handbooks & More

Maximize your OKR mastery with lifetime access to a complete training program for team leaders to optimize strategy planning and execution.

The 7 Steps To Learning & Using OKRs


Watch Full Training Video

Watch our OKR training video, designed to help managers learn how to use OKRs correctly to support company growth, optimize team performance, learning and development.


OKR Presentation Slides

Download presentation slides for reference. You might also want to do an internal presentation. If you do, feel free to use and adapt our slides for your own presentations. 


OKR Course Notes

There’s no need to take lots of notes. Read and use our 46-page course handbook, featuring lots of useful OKR examples with step-by-step guidance.


Practice Writing OKR Using Our Templates

Practice writing OKRs using our coaching teams tried, tested and trusted OKR templates, designed to guide and simplify OKR writing. 


30-Minute Expert Course Completion Q&A

Book a Q&A with an OKR coach. Show them your OKRs, ask questions, get advice on how they might be improved. This session bridges learning and practical application in a user-friendly environment. If the coach is happy you can write OKRs and manage an execution cycle, you will get our OKR Course Completion Certification.


Download & Customizable The Employee OKR Handbook Template

Introduce your team to the world of OKRs with our downloadable and customizable OKR Employee Handbook.

This essential guide is crafted to help employees understand and adopt OKR methodologies within your company. It outlines clear expectations and specific requirements for effective OKR usage, ensuring everyone is aligned with your organizational goals.

Tailor it to fit your company’s unique approach and use it as a foundational tool for seamless OKR integration across your team. You might choose to use the examples you created during the course in the handbook.


Stay Updated Via Regularly Updated OKR Resources

We’re committed to continuous improvement, ensuring you always have the latest OKR know-how and insights at your fingertips. Buying this course today grants you life-time access to an ever-growing vault of OKR know-how, keeping your skills and know-how up to date.

“ZOKRI and their team have massively improved our strategic planning processes.
We are now using OKRs the ‘right’ way and we’re seeing the results.”


Questions & Answers

Who Is The Course For?

Designed For Managers & Their Teams

An easy to follow course that uses video, a course course handbook, unique templates and an expert ‘show and tell’ to help managers learn how to use OKRs correctly, quickly, at their own time.

How Is The Course Accessed?

Accessed Via Online Learning Platform

Once signed-up you will have a login to our earning platform where the video and other course assets will available to you. During or after you’ve done the course you can book your expert Q & A.

How Long Do You Have?

Over 90 Days

It goes without say that you can work through the course at your own pace. It is expected that you will book and complete the ‘show and tell’ / question and answer session with the coach within 90 days.

Do Your Need To Buy Software?

For Users & Non Users Of Our Software

The course is independent of our software for managing strategy, OKRs, KPIs, culture and individual performance management. Which is why we created some great OKR writing templates.

Discounts For More People?

Discounted Rates For More People

If you’d like to out a number of people through the course and have a coach work with them on their OKRs we can organize that if you email support [AT] zokri [DOT] com.

OKR Workshop Facilitation?

Let Us Facilitate Your Next Planning Workshop

If you would like an OKR coach to facilitate your next OKR planning workshop please get in-touch. We can discuss what you want and ensure your next OKRs are great ones.