The Expertise & Support You Need To Create A Step-change

Let our global network of coaches guide you through a trusted strategic planning process, along the way teaching you management skills like OKRs, a competency that has  a huge ROI.

If you want to go further and have you plan set-up in our Business OS, that too can be made part of the engagement.

Step 1
One-day Audit

An expert will meet your team, review current documents and discover where you are now, what is good to go, and agree what needs to be done. Think of it as an audit mixed with practical advice that will help you speed up the process.

This will form the basis on a proposal to create a winning plan, develop new skills like OKRs, and if required embed better management rituals and systems to keep you on track.


Step 2
Detailed Proposal

Based on the audit and the scope of work that has been agreed. We will create a proposal based on the first session based on where you are now and where you need to get to. 

Each step of the process being proposed will be shared, in addition to lots of session details, like who would will required to be present, and how much time we expect is needed, and what success looks like.


Step 3
Facilitated Planning

We will run the sessions agreed at your offices, at an off-site location or online. During the workshops will capture the inputs and over the following days create a clearly articulated plan in documents or software.

You will be proud to share this plan with internal and external stakeholders . What’s more, belief in the plan will be high, and everyone will know how to execute it.

$10,000 – $20,000

Let Us Guide You Through A Strategic Planning Process & Help Navigate Blind Spots

Decisions shape the future of companies. Yet, an often-unacknowledged player influences these decisions – cognitive bias. As a business owner or executive, you are constantly making choices based on a plethora of information. But how often do you stop to consider that your perspective might be subtly skewed?

Here’s where the role of an external consultant becomes pivotal. Think of this consultant as a catalyst for clarity and challenge. Unencumbered by the company’s internal dynamics, they offer a fresh, unbiased perspective. Their questions and insights can reveal overlooked areas and open up new strategic avenues.

The external consultant’s role is not to have all the answers but to provide skills and perspectives that can highlight areas that may be hidden in plain sight. Their objective perspective can help deconstruct and rebuild the strategic narrative, making it more comprehensive and resilient.

In our experience, a leader seldom holds all the right answers. More crucially, they should know how to uncover these answers by intelligently leveraging the collective wisdom around them. Part of this process involves understanding and mitigating the influence of cognitive biases.

It’s about enhancing your expertise and insights with an acute awareness of potential blind spots. This will always sound self-serving, but trust us, it’s not. Engaging an external consultant is more than a tactical move; it is often a big strategic step toward ensuring your decision-making process is comprehensive and well-informed.

Thus, it’s vital to recognize the subtle yet profound impact of cognitive biases on business decisions. For a company’s leadership, an external consultant can be invaluable. They play a pivotal role in identifying these biases and expanding your strategic view, paving the way for more informed, future-focused leadership.


We Bring More Than, ‘Know-how’, We Bring ‘Can Do’

We know a lot about strategic planning, goal setting and execution. We would love to share that and transfer that to your teams to help you craft a winning strategy and goals that will be the stepping stones to its achievement. What is often not talked about before we are engaged but is always experienced is our energy and what is sometimes called ‘can do’. We are happy to solve problems on the fly, or work to schedules that are tight, or even work with the odd prickly character.


Affordable Coaching & Workshop Facilitation

Over the last 5 years we’ve created a series of coaching modules that help us train and support customers on their planning and growth journey’s. These include agreeing a winning aspiration, formulating a winning strategy everyone understands and believes in, setting OKRs to execute the strategy, using KPIs to keep score, articulating and breathing life into values and guiding principles. 

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Online OKR Course

We created easy to follow online OKR course that uses video, a course course handbook, unique templates and a one-on-one Q and A to help managers learn how to use OKRs correctly, quickly, at their own time.