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OKR Software With Everything You Need To Succeed

Where ZOKRI Excels

Strategy Management

ZOKRI is the leader in managing a wide range of strategic planning concepts.

You can align your OKRs with Strategic Pillars, Balanced Scorecard Perspectives, One-Page Strategies, Narratives or your Strategic Company OKRs and then enjoy watching your strategy get executed.


OKR Management

ZOKRI has the most complete set of professional OKR capabilities. All made easy to understand and use. Making the application simple, but far from simple.

Everything from Key Result types, end-of- quarter roll-overs, OKR grading and streamlined processes like check-ins, are there for your teams to use and enjoy.

KPI Management

OKRs and KPIs have a synergistic relationship. The best strategy and OKR coaches recommend the use of KPI scorecards alongside OKRs, with KPIs also being selectively used in some Key Results.

To make life really easy, integrate KPIs with tools, spreadsheets or manually update them.

Personal Developmental & Performance Goals

Continuous personal development drives growth and employee retention.

Personal OKRs can be seen by you, your manager and HR and can be used for development and personal performance goals.

Free OKR Training

Executive Briefing On OKRs

This is a 15 minute executive briefing on what is needed to successfully use Objectives & Key Results (OKR) to deliver your strategy, increase performance, & improve culture.

Unique Features Customers Love

OKR Sign-off Workflows

Better goals create higher levels of performance. ZOKRI makes it easy to use questions, instructions and prompts to ensure OKRs are written, structured, discussed and resourced before being signed-off and committed to.


Team and 1-on-1 Meeting Management

Great agendas provide an outstanding Return On Time Invested (ROTI). So without ever having to create a meeting slide or spreadsheet, follow the perfect weekly meeting agenda, take notes, track and follow-up on actions. You can even track meeting ROTI!

6 Other Features That You Can ConfigureYourself

Weekly Priority Setting

Share the priorities for the week ahead and see priorities across all the members of your team in a single view or in our meetings feature.

Track Values & Principles

Codify your culture in ZOKRI and recognize employees at any time for behavior as well as performance, reinforce values and guiding principles.

Sub-Tasks & Saved Lists

It’s easy to create Initiatives with sub-tasks, with progress measured by their completion. You can even create re-usable saved lists things like processes. 

Issue Sharing

Centralize the issues that teams are facing, combine similar issues, get them discussed in meetings and resolved faster.

Opportunity Capture

Opportunities are a great source of new OKR inspiration. Centralize yours, combine them, discuss them and make OKR ideation easier.

Roles & Responsibilities

Share your org chart and see in a click who does what, which OKRs they are supporting, and see the recognition they have received.

You will have all of the know-how and controls you need to turn our extensive feature list on when you’re ready.

12 More Features Customers Asked For Frequently


In app private or company-wide dashboards and exportable PDFs & CSVs make reporting on OKR and KPI performance easy.

Departments & Teams

Cascade departments into teams and sub-teams if needed and see performance for a single team or the whole branch in a click.

OKR Progress Flexibility

See progress for Strategic Pillars, Branches of OKR, Teams, Tag Groups, Owners and other combinations and filer by Confidence / Risk and more.

Mission, Vision

Share your long term Vision and perhaps a Winning Aspiration with your teams before sharing your strategy. Watch OKR align and KPI scorecards improve.

North Star

Some companies use the concept of a North Star Metric to guide performance. ZOKRI allows you to create a North Star and put it alongside your Vision.

KPI Integrations

Update KPIs via spreadsheets and tools so teams can do less admin and concentrate on what is going to move the needle.

Project Tool Integrations

JIRA, Asana, Trello and more all seamlessly integrate into ZOKRI for use in Key Results or the Initiatives / Activities that support OKRs.

Slack / Teams

Notifications, alerts, comments, updates with replies can all happen in the place where your internal communications happen + email of course.


Google, Active Directory, and OKTA come as standard so you can control who and how ZOKRI is accessed with comforting control.

HRIS Integrations

Over 30 HRIS integrations make it easy to do jobs like adding teams and reporting lines to ZOKRI and keep them in sync – Bamboo, Namely, Sage and many more.


ZOKRI has been designed to be used on the move. From check-ins, to seeing how teams are doing and providing praise and support.

You Control Everything

ZOKRI is built around you, not how we think you work. What you enable is up to you. What you call things like OKRs is up to you. The list goes on.

HR Features You Might Choose To Bolt-On Now Or Later


The best and fairest appraisals that do not over emphasize OKRs, and do use lots of other inputs like 360 reviews can happen in ZOKRI.


ZOKRI makes it easy to get a pulse on how everyone is feeling, not just how they are performing. You’ll be amazed at what you discover.

Incentive / Bonus Plans

ZOKRI has a module that makes it easy to define what triggers bonuses, collects evidence and can manage authorizations as well.

Coaching & Support On-Demand

Winning Strategy

If you’d like an easy to follow strategic planning process you can follow yourself or would like us to facilitate, we can help you.


If you’re new to OKRs or are struggling, we can teach you to unlock the benefits and avoid the pitfalls quickly in a fun and interactive way.


Of course we have that covered. However, our software needs little to no support because it’s easy to use.

All You Now Need To Do Is Experience ZOKRI

This is not a sales meeting. It’s a 30 minute software configuration and jump-start meeting to ensure you have what you need to succeed for you, your stakeholders and the project as a whole.

We have more than software. We have presentations, ROI forecasts and more to support your initiative so please do let us help you.

OKR Coaching & Workshops

Let Our Strategy & OKR Experts Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Developing your strategy and OKR competencies quickly helps you to improve your business performance.

OKR Software

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are one of a number of goal setting frameworks used by companies to guide and productivity, and optimize business performance.

The OKR framework has a number of attributes that makes it different to simpler goal methodologies that SMART. Those being:

  • Objectives With Meaningful Measures – The separation of the Objectives from the measures that will track the Objectives achievement. These measures are carefully chosen to be meaningful, which is why they are called Key Results.
  • Naturally Supportive – The ability to support the achievement one OKR with another. This is often referred to as alignment. It should always be possible to see which part of a company strategy the OKR you’re working on is supporting.
  • Sometimes Aspirational – The practice of setting aspirational outcomes that are likely to get missed can be seen as a little strange if you’re not familiar with the reasons why and the benefits of that approach.
  • Frequently Updated & Discussed – The reliance of continuous (usually weekly) check-ins and planning meetings that keep teams focused and accountable for results.

As we mentioned above, OKRs and therefore OKR software that helps you manages them are part of a wider strategic planning system. 


ZOKRI’s Competitors Are Not Other OKR Software Vendors 

OKRs have a job to do. It’s an important job as well. understanding the job they do and the role of OKRs in an company will help you adopt them correctly and select the best OKR software for your needs.

  1. Execute Your Strategy – Team OKRs are there to help a company execute it’s strategy. A strategy is not a revenue target, it a compelling and cohesive story that articulates where you are, the problem you need to solve that requires change and your hypothesis for how  you the get an edge / competitive advantage that results in you winning.
  2. Provide A Roadmap – Think of OKRs are a tool that teams can use to roadmap what needs to be achieved in order to execute the strategy and move the big lagging indicators being tracked in KPI scorecards.
  3. Focus Conversations – OKRs are not a ‘set and forget’ goal setting framework. They are a ‘set and focus’ goal framework. The aim is to make conversations about them continuous and habitual.
  4. Share Information & Accelerate Performance – OKRs have a lot of information gathered around them. The information you want to collect have have flow to the right people and followed up on includes: Progress, Confidence / Risk Levels, Issues, Opportunities, and Priorities. Having a this information improves goal outcomes.

Who are ZOKRI’s true competitors? Honestly, our biggest competitor is not having a real strategy and a formal strategic goals setting process. Our second biggest competitor is having strategy and goals managed in lots of documents and tools. Both of these from a business growth perspective are at best sub-optimal, and not especially rational.

Strategy and goal setting is proven to make a material difference to revenue growth, employee productivity, impact and retention. Why would you not become really good at both of these?

Strategy and goal setting is proven to make a material difference to revenue growth, employee productivity, impact and retention. Why would you not become really good at both of these

Because ZOKRI is more than a pure-play OKR software tool, it sits in a category you recognize ‘OKR software‘, but it’s not directly comparable.

By design and careful selection, ZOKRI has capabilities that you need that ensure OKR success, that competitor product do not have. This makes an OKR software comparison hard and easy – “We can do everything they can do, and we do all of this as well, which you’re going to love!” 

Our job is to delight you with those ‘magic’ features during your trial.

The Business Case For OKR Software

The variables at play are complicated. Let us unpack the variables of the OKR Software ROI equation: We’ve got the:

  • Strategy Value: The value of your strategy, or more specifically, the value of you succeeding to execute your strategy. ZOKRI increases the likelihood your strategy will be seen and understood, and actions will then be shaped by this awareness and the subsequent operationalization, which creates accountability.
  • Productivity Value: High performing teams have goal, roles and plan clarity, in addition to routines and rituals that keep them productive and on-track. How many Full-time Employees do you have? Multiply that by 1,700  – the average hours per year worked. Now what if you could add 20% of that as extra productivity to your output? By making what is done more strategic, value based, and rationale, that is what you could and should be doing.
  • Effort Value: When employees are involved in goal setting and related project / activity planning, they are more engaged, energized and resilient. They are more likely to be giving you their discretionary effort, and less likely to be ‘soft peddling’. Having goal progress made public also increases focus and effort – we are all more likely to do what is ‘inspected’ than ‘expected’.
  • Meeting Value: Everyone knows a lot of money is wasted on average meetings with a low Return On Time Invested (ROTI). When you have goal, roles and plan clarity and you have weekly meetings with a set ‘performance and planning’ agenda, you need fewer meetings in the middle. What if you could reduce the time spent in meetings by 30%? What is that worth?

When you have your trial of ZOKRI, ask us for our ROI calculator and do the math. It’s extraordinary.