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Guide To OKRs

How To Deliver Customer Value Through Shared Purpose, Aligned Goals & Agile Execution

Highly effective teams have shared outcome-based measures, rather than individual activity measures. The Objectives & Key Results – OKRs framework is the leading outcome based goal setting framework.

The adoption of OKRs is an easy way to move from silos to collaborative relationships and shared goals.

This free guide gives insight into the benefits of OKR with real examples as case studies.

Guide Highlights

  • Who should use OKRs and why – check to see if they’re a fit for you
  • Best-practice OKR tutorials that are easy to follow
  • How to navigate OKRs vs BAU
  • Key Results with metrics, milestone based and binary outcomes
  • Activity based Key Results or Initiatives?
  • How to get OKRs to work for all teams, not just some teams
  • The story of ABC Inc. OKRs from Strategy to Departments and Team Examples
  • OKR grading and why hard stretch goals work so well
  • How to plan, run check-ins and transition between quarters
  • The science of goal setting and why OKRs work so well
  • Case studies and stories about OKRs


What are OKRs?
Guide Highlights
01. An Introduction To OKRs
     The Aim Of This Guide
0.2 Clarity Matters
0.3 OKR Fundamentals
0.4 Writing OKRs With Examples
     How To Write An Objective
     How To Write Key Results
     ABC Inc – OKR Examples
0.5 Committed vs Aspirational OKR
0.6 ‘Doing’ Drives Metric Change So Initiatives Really Matter
0.7 OKR Management
0.8 OKR Case Studies & Stories