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The Ultimate Guide To Objectives and Key Results – OKRs

10. How To Start With OKRs

Start an OKR Pilot

And Share Your Experience With Other Teams

If you’re totally new to OKRs you can start with OKR Pilot – perhaps just in one team.

  • Share this OKR guide amongst your team so you’ve had the same introduction.
  • Try creating one unifying Company OKR e.g. a good start-up OKR is:

Achieve product market fit and be easy to invest in

As measured by:

MRR increases from X to Y
Churn has reduced from X to Y
LTV : CAC Ratio is over 4
NPS is 80+

  • Is there a team system or process that could be improved to support your Company OKR?
  • Is there an OKR that would unite teams and could answer the question: ‘how could our product be improved to help customers?’ For example, what if your product was harder to learn than you would like and it’s stopping you from getting scale. The value you need to provide is:

Make learning our product really easy

As measured by:

80% of new sign-ups complete all 5 engagement tasks
50% of new users invite 5 colleagues to the app

  • Which teams would work together to deliver your OKR?
  • Brainstorm for Initiatives to achieve this goal and move ahead with the best ones. These are the activities that will deliver the outcomes you want.
  • Commit to weekly check-in and discussion.
  • Sign-up to ZOKRI – it’s free for the pilot and there’s lots of exclusive eduction in the platform itself.
  • Add your Mission, Visions, Purpose and Strategy if you have it – don’t worry if you don’t.
  • Connect tools like Jira, Spreadsheets, Google Analytics … to automate some of your KPIs and Initiatives 
  • Create Manually updates KPIs and get reminders and workflows to update them
  • Choose your check-in cadence – most people choose weekly
  • Manage your OKRs in ZOKRI, get check-ins reminders, share problems and much more
  • Present your findings and experiences at the end of the Quarter

Want OKR Coaching to help you in the early months?

We’ve a number of coaching options available to help.