World-Class & Global OKR Training & Coaching

Learn and get really good at Strategy and OKRs

The Best Way To Learn OKRs Is By Doing OKR

  • Learn a little about the theory of OKR before jumping in and creating your own.
  • Enjoy facilitated discussions where OKRs naturally get defined and that ‘aha’ moment happens .

Handbooks / Playbooks & OKR Cycle Support


Let our team guide set you up with the internal training collateral you’re going to need to launch OKRs and guide through a full OKR cycle, answering questions and solving any issues as the quarter progresses. 

The C-Suites Guide To OKR

OKR Champion Coaching & Mentoring


Identifying and supporting your in-house OKR champions or leads makes the rollout of OKR better, easier and more sustainable.

Leadership Commitment

Wider Team Roll-out

  • Learn a little about the theory of OKR before jumping in and creating your own.
  • Enjoy facilitated discussions where OKRs naturally get defined and that ‘aha’ moment happens .

Fast Growth Companies Across the Globe Use ZOKRI

ZOKRI helps organizations unlock the benefits of strategic and goal setting frameworks like OKR. Systematically ensuring strategic alignment, and keeping teams engaged and focused on achievement throughout the quarter. 


“I took the time to enter our executive OKRs into 3 platforms to test and demonstrate them to the broader team, after investigating 9. I found that ZOKRI was considerably easier than the others to enter the data into. 

Beyond the ease and intuitiveness of the platform, the actual structure of the OKR builder was the most comprehensiveIt easily accommodated % based Key Results and even allowed me to create thresholds.

Finally, having KPIs and OKRs separated but living in the same system is wonderful. The ability to have KPIs and OKRs in a team meeting or a dashboard whilst maintaining their separate functions, complex health metrics and working priorities is incredible.”


Rachael Stott
Director of Culture – GoCanvas

OKR Training & Coaching That Ensures You Succeed


Getting the right know-how seeded, and then having scalable ways of delivering the consistent application of that knowledge ensures you can spread OKR best practices from tens to hundreds of people, and then even thousands. Getting this done in months not years is transformational. Which is where our OKR consultants come in.

  • Training and coaching gets you up the learning and OKR maturity curve faster

  • We know how to implement OKRs fast and at scale inside or out of OKR software

  • The faster they are up and running the faster you benefit

It’s much harder to re-launch OKRs than to get them right first time.

OKR Training That Shortens The OKR Adoption Curve


We have a team of OKR consultants and trainers. Some have worked in companies like Google and Amazon, others have founded and run fast growth startups.

The ‘right fit’ coach will work with you and help you learn the basics before moving to drafting your first OKRs and running check-ins and retrospectives.

Together we will roll-out OKRs correctly the the first time and fast. Let world-class OKR consultants guide you through the OKR adoption curve and ensure you avoid potential pitfalls.

  • Learn the right way first time
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Have a neutral expert voice to support and manage stakeholders
  • Access learning materials that can be used in-house for new starters
  • Invest in learning and up-skilling in this business critical area

It won’t even take long or cost a lot. It’s relatively inexpensive and what your get in return is transformational for your company, with employees gaining skills that will serve them throughout their careers.