Create amazing OKRs & Dashboards with Jira

Create amazing OKRs and Dashboards with Jira

In just a few clicks OKRs will accelerate the way Product teams
work and release software.

In just a few clicks OKRs will accelerate the way Product teams work and release software.

ZOKRI- Jira Integration

OKRs for Engineers and Product Management

Agile teams integrate OKRs
into their workflow

Jira is software primarily used by Engineering and Product teams to plan, track, and release software in an agile way.

With OKRs also being favoured by agile teams, lots of the users of ZOKRI come from these teams so it made sense to make the creation of OKRs with Jira totally seamless, with progress updating automatically.

There are two types of Key Results that can be created with ease.
The Project / Card Completion Key Result and the Key Results that use KPIs from Jira.

Complete what really matters

Complete cards projects, epics & tasks

You can create operational Key Results that target the completion of specific Projects, Epics or Tasks.

The alternative is to use Jira KPIs.

ZOKRI- Jira - projects and cards
ZOKRI- Jira - projects and cards

JIRA KPIs in dashboards & Key Results

Share Team Performance via Dashboards and Key Results

Sharing how your team is performing via Dashboard and Key Results is easy. Using Stories, Epics, Bugs and their age and lifetime is so easy. As is targeting Story Points.

Below are a few of the KPIs you can use with the added capability of filtering by Assignee and Priority.

Stories In Progress Count
Open Stories Count

Epics In Progress Count
Open Epics Count
Closed Epics Count

Open Bug Count
New Bug Count
Closed Bug Count

New Backlog Count
Total Backlog Count

Age & Lifetime
Average Age of Open Stories
Average Age of Open Epics
Average Lifetime of Closed Stories
Average Lifetime of Closed Epics
Average Lifetime of Closed Bugs

Sprint Points
Total sprint points of closed stories

ZOKRI- Jira - projects and cards

Progress your way

Last Value, Sum, and Average Targets

There are a number of ways to set a target and calculate progress.

To create a Target based on the sum of Weekly New Bugs, for example, you might want to Reduce New Bugs to 20 this Quarter and have set up the KPI to fetch that data weekly from Jira. ZOKRI will then sum every weeks data during the Quarter towards that goal and report progress towards that goal as part of the Key Result.

Or perhaps the goal is to ensure an average of 500 Story Points a week are completed.
Set the Calculation method to Average and you’re good to go

Finally, if the target is to reduce the Open Bug Count to ZERO by the end of the Quarter, then you could use the Last Value setting.

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