Integrate ZOKRI with your Google Analytics account

In just a few clicks, create Key Results with automatic progress updates.

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ZOKRI- Google Analytics Integration
ZOKRI- Google Analytics Target Values

KPIs and Key Results made easy

Better Key Results with no progress to update

Google Analytics is used by over 85% of websites to track analytics. But what you can’t do with Google Analytics is goal setting.

ZOKRI makes it easy to create KPIs and Key Results with Target Values.

There's also no need to update Key Result Progress as that happens automatically.

It's so easy

Marketing OKRs made easy with no progress to update

Creating Key Results from Google Analytics data is so easy. Just choose 'Integrated KPI' from the Key Result Builder, and add your Google Analytics account.

You can also create Dashboards of Marketing KPIs from Google Analytics. Keeping your Marketing Dashboards and OKRs together in one place.

ZOKRI- marketing OKRs
ZOKRI- no vanity metrics

No Vanity Metric here

Combine Sessions with Channel & Goal Counts

Assuming you’ve set up Goals like ‘Sign-ups’ in Google Analytics, you can create KPIs and Key Results like ‘Sessions from Organic Search to Sign-up’ in a few clicks in ZOKRI.

Or if you don’t want to work at a Channel level, just use Sessions or even New Users.

Focus your CRO Initiatives

What about conversion focused Key Results?

Having a focus on increasing the Conversion Rate to Goal completion can have a dramatic impact on the size of your funnel.

You might want to pair Key Results focused on a Quantity of Conversions with goals to also increase the Conversion Rate.

Want ideas for Initiatives you can use to increase Conversion Rates? Look at the Initiative Resources tagged with CRO in Resources Section, then add them to your OKR..

ZOKRI- focused key result

Progress your way

Last Value, Sum, and Average Targets

There are a number of ways to set a target and calculate progress.

To create a Target based on the sum of the weekly or monthly values, for example, you might want to achieve 1,500 sign-ups this Quarter and have set up the KPI to fetch that data weekly. ZOKRI will then sum every weeks data during the Quarter towards that goal, and report progress towards that goal as part of the Key Result.

Or perhaps the goal is to ensure an average of 150 sign-ups a week are generated. Set the Calculation method to Average and you’re good to go.

Finally, if the target is to achieve 200 sign-ups a week by the end of the Quarter, then you could use the Last Value setting.

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