Growth Made Easier

Execute Your Strategy, Manage Your Growth & People More Effectively

Growth Made Easier

Execute Your Strategy, Manage Your Growth & People More Effectively

Keep Your Whole Company Focused On The Mission.

Get Everyone Behind Your Mission

Get everyone behind your Mission or North Star, and track your North Star Metric.

Focus On The Right Customers

Define your Ideal Customer Profiles and Personas – focus on customers you really want.

Provide Corporate
Goal Clarity

What does success look like? Define your longer term Corporate Goals / OKRs.

Introduce Growth Management Systems

Fast growth companies implement OKRs, Growth Initiatives and Check-ins. Fact.

Use The Right Tools
For Growth

It’s true, Sheets aren’t the right tool to deliver a high impact, business critical, company wide, system of managing growth like OKRs. Why compromise?

Feel The Benefit Of
Best Practice

Obviously, OKRs are a goal framework that you need to use correctly to feel the full benefit, so we built OKR best practices into the product.

Give Back Time By Integrating Metrics

Updating metrics every week can be time consuming. Integrate your tools and there is no need, progress is always up to date.

Use Consistent & Effective Workflows

OKRs, Growth Initiative and Weekly Check-ins have been made easy to set-up and use, with minimal new employee training required.

Use Your Best Ideas & Ours

Start By De-risking Execution

Having goals is not enough, you need aligned, focused and impactful actions. We built a whole system to execute Growth Initiatives just for you.

Be Inspired By Our Initiatives Library

We have hundreds of tried and tested Growth Initiatives that scale your pipeline and MRR, ready to use today. And of course you can add your own too.

Your Peoples Best Ideas,  Focused

Your people have great ideas. So we have made it easy for anyone in your company to suggest ideas for reaching goals to any team or individual.

Recognize Effort
& Results 

Imagine knowing that your best ideas are going to be noticed, potentially adopted, and that you’ll see progress and the results, and be recognized. 

The Best Growth Machines Have The Best Parts

Invest In Your People First, Then Product

You’re product matters but not more than your people. Onboard, manage and develop them. Make your company a talent magnet.

Align Metrics With Everything Else

Having and tracking key metrics in Dashboards and aligning them with your goals are key to performance management and of course fundraising.

Allow Transparency To Drive Excellence

When your company, and teams are transparent about goals, initiatives, and progress, you’ll find extra gears you didn’t know you had.

Scale Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition needs to be strategic, data-driven and creative. So we built a revolutionary App to help you be just that.

Don’t Let Know-how & Learnings Drain Away

Know The What,
When, & Why

Know what has been done, what is being done right now, and what you’re going to do next to reach your goals.

Make Results Visible
To Everyone

When progress and results are there to be seen, shared, and praised. It brings out the best in people.

Make Learning Your New Advantage

Get smarter everyday. Wrap up each activity with learnings, and make your cumulative learnings your new advantage.

Plan To Minimize
Brain Drain

Talent leaves. Don’t lose their best work, and minimize downtime by making it easy for new recruits to pick-up from where leavers left off.

Your Shot & Time To Shine, We Can Help

We Can Do it

There are promises that have been made and dreams dreamt. We know because we’re just like you. We are totally invested in creating a product that supports your success.

Continued Development

Being a professional executive isn’t easy as there’s a lot to know and do. Our focus on SaaS growth and everything we learn will be shared, and where useful, productized.

Have More Control

There are a lot of moving parts to manage, and a fast growth business can sometimes feel out of control. We put you in control by telling you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Enjoy It

Yes being an Exec is fun. It’s also challenging, stressful and sometimes even lonely. The good news is we can help you enjoy being a SaaS leader even more.

And of course we have ….

  • An obsessional focus on helping you grow
  • OKR examples libraries
  • Growth initiative suggestions
  • Comments
  • Alerts
  • Role based permission
  • 3rd party data integrations
  • Self-serve and human onboarding
  • A product team that cares what you think and want
  • A fast moving roadmap
  • Scalability & security
  • Ambition and a plan

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