Health Metrics or KPIs make OKR adoption easier

OKRs do not cover everything you do or want to do, they focus on the thing you must and are committed to improve in the coming quarter. 

So other aspects of what is being worked on and contributed to are not ignored you have Health Metrics or KPIs. Health Metrics are a small subset of KPIs a company, department or team tracks to prove you’re healthy. Metrics that are an issue can often then be used in Key Results.

KPI Management

Make owning and collaborating on Health Metrics easy

ZOKRI allows you to have and manage your Health Metrics or KPIs alongside your OKRs. Checking them in like OKRs, updating progress and using Red, Amber, Green labels, and other metric management best-practices.

Whether you call them Health Metrics or KPIs, they are part of every team and employee’s story and workday. Did you know that most employees are helping to maintain or improve Health Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but not very many know what theirs are, what the targets are, or how they are progressing. This stops them connecting the work they are doing with measurable outcomes and knowing that their hard work is having a positive impact. 

Shared & always up-to-date 

Whether your Health Metrics or KPIs are updated weekly or monthly, ZOKRI will ensure that owners are reminded to update their metrics and comment on the progress update.

Use easy manual updates or connect spreadsheets and tools to automate the latest values. Commenting ensures you get to see and keep the narrative that goes with changes in performance.

Metrics with targets

Create targets to increase, decrease, maintain, keep above or below. You can even create targets that are the sum of weeks or months or averages across a period. Make metrics part of your Performance Management processes.

Go from Metrics to Key Results with ease

If a KPI becomes a priority and you want to make it a Key Result that is seamless as well. You can even set an ambitious target that stretches and inspires your team.

Personal and shared dashboards

See your KPIs on your ‘Home Page’, or embed KPIs in Dashboards. You can even add KPIs to planned meeting agendas in ZOKRI.

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ZOKRI has spent years helping businesses of all sizes succeed with either a mix of coaching and software or self-serve OKR software with education and on-boarding support built in. We’ve become leaders at ensuring customers don’t just have OKRs, they have great OKRs, are feeling the full benefit, and employees understand and like the framework, and can see how it help them to succeed. This ground-up adoption matters to your long term success.

If you’d like to talk to us about OKRs, how best to implement them correctly, and learn how ZOKRI has helped companies successfully embed OKRs to improve alignment, engagement and performance, book a call, we’ve lots of valuable advice to share.


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