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Our Strategic Planning and OKR Toolkit is the most comprehensive collection of business planning tools, concepts and processes available. Because of its effectiveness we call it the FAST Transformation Toolkit.

  • We’ve perfected an easy-to-follow strategic planning process
  • The process includes teaching you and your teams how to use the OKR framework successfully
  • Support is on hand via our global team of planning and execution experts
  • You can then bring your strategy and OKRs to life using our software

The toolkit has been structured in a logical and sequential order that is really easy to follow. We call this the 6 Steps of Cohesive Planning.  Each step has explainer videos, notes and examples that make understanding what is required easy and straightforward.

The valuable and inspirational assets are accessed via a dedicated learning platform that guides you through via video tutorials and downloadable PDF.

Upon purchase you will also be sent a link to the Miro Whiteboard Planning Board file. You can upload this file to your own Miro account. From Miro you will be able to watch the same videos, read the same guides, and see the same examples. However you will also be able to complete the templates in Miro with your teams, or even adapt them.

By the time you have used the toolkit we’ve spent over three years perfecting you, you will have a winning strategic plan, new planning and execution skills, team buy-in and a desire for change.

Read the story of this amazing strategic planning and goal setting toolkit!

Be Workshop Ready With Your Teams For $800

Who Should Invest In The Toolkit & Why

Strategically Strong CXO’s That Want To Jumpstart This Years Strategic Planning

One of the most important months of the year is the month when you create your annual strategy. It’s also when you bring together your best and most valuable people, and you want to use them well. It needs to go well and you need to unlock than value.

The FAST Transformation™ Toolkit  will save your weeks of preparation time as it has all of the steps, questions to debate, and templates to complete, ready to go as a downloadable PDF and in Miro to create a brilliant strategy and leverage all the know-how, ideas and energy in your teams.

CXO’s New To Strategic Planning That Need Planning  Excellence Fast 

Every company needs a strategy, along with the knowledge, tools and processes needed to execute it. However, knowing how to run a comprehensive planning process efficiently is a new skill for many and learning takes time. So ideally this management learning curve would be shortened and accelerated.

With the FAST Transformation™ Toolkit, you will learn quickly, acquiring planning skills like using OKRs to execute strategy. You will come out of the other side with a winning plan, and the systems and processes needed to execute it.

Anyone New To OKR Goal Setting Or Those Wanting To Improve How OKRs Are Being Used

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are our preferred and recommended goal setting methodology. We’ve coached teams on how to use OKRs for over 5 years and have distilled that know-how into our learning platform, ready for you to buy. We have supplemented that know-how with examples, unique templates, and of course our software. All for $800!

Because OKRs are one planning concept amongst others, like Mission, Visions, KPIs and Strategy, we teach you how to approach them and give you the questions to start debates that will help you articulate them as well. They can also be brought to life in our software, ZOKRI.

What Are The 6 Steps We Guide & Support You Through?

There are 6 easy to follow steps that can be done on or offline, in workshops and spread across teams. The output of these can then be operationalized in our software ZOKRI.

You might have much of the information already so of you do, there is obviously no need to repeat that work.

Step 1: What is our Mission, Vision and Winning Aspiration?



Winning Aspiration

Step 2: Where can we play and win?

Articulated Customer Profile, Segments & Value Proposition For Market Fit

Step 3: What do teams know that could help us win?

Insights & Ideas That Include Opportunities To Be Seized & Issues To Be Solved

Step 4: What is our winning strategy?

Step 5: Which goals do we need to commit to NEXT to execute this strategy?

Step 4: What is our winning strategy?

What is our winning strategy - Scorecards

Step 5: Which goals do we need to commit to NEXT to execute this strategy?

Step 6: What management systems are required?

Planned by you and brought to life and operationalized in ZOKRI

Meet the Curators

Our comprehensive toolkit isn’t an accident – it’s the product of years of hard work, meticulous planning and extensive field experience in an ever evolving landscape.

Matt and Doug are both creators and curators of business concepts, tools and ways of working. 

Their primary role being to make sure they are easy to understand, learn, and leverage. As such the FAST Transformation™ toolkit is always evolving, based on the feedback from customers, our Fractional Chief of Staff, and best-practices learned from being an part of other business operating system communities. 

Needless to say, your life-time access to toolkit ensures you will always have the latest version, videos and downloads.

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Straightforward Answers

Can you facilitate these sessions for us?

Yes, we are happy to have one of our Fractional Chief of Staff team facilitate the workshops for you so that you can concentrate more on participation, if you think that would be useful. It’s also a good way to get to work with potential Fractional Chief of Staff candidates if you like that idea. 

You can buy the toolkit and 10 hours of expert facilitation for $5,000. That time can be spread across a number of days. it’s most common to have 2 or 4 hours session over the course of 1 or 2 weeks.

What templates & canvases are included?

The FAST Transformation™ toolkit follows 7 steps that when followed result in a cohesive plan and roadmap to success. These cover areas like: Mission, Vision, Winning Aspiration, Customer Pain Points, Value Proposition, Trends, Empathy and Customer Journey Mapping, Process Audits, KPI Planning, Capability Planning, Opportunity & Issue Analysis, AI application, Sales & Marketing Funnel, High Performing Values & Behaviours, Key Role & Responsibility Planning, Strategic Pillars, Scorecards, OKRs, Executional Plans, Plan Management & Management Systems.

The toolkit comes in different formats, including Miro, and all come with video and examples to inspire you.

How long will it take and who should be involved?

It typically takes leadership team between 8 and 12 hours to learn about and then use the toolkit in workshops, coming out the other end with a really good plan. This should be done over 3 to 5 days as time to reflect and gather inputs from teams is important.

This means that each manager should also allow between 2 and 4 hours to capture inputs from their team at various stages.

What if I have a lot of this information already?

If you already have the planning steps needed and everyone feels heard and is in agreement that is great. But don’t be afraid to take the time to check that what you have is still your best work.

How does the interactive whiteboard work?

The templates and canvases come in a range of formats. One is a Miro Board. Invite us to your Miro Account (Free Accounts Available) and we will set it up for you and you can then remove us from your account.


Top-down & Bottom-up

Our approach embraces a top-down and bottom-up strategic method, as we believe in leveraging the wisdom and insights scattered across your organization. Engaging not just top management, but also various teams, fosters alignment and boosts collective investment in the plan.

This toolkit provides an inclusive, energizing, and effective method to tap into that collective wisdom.


Cost-effective & Personal

The toolkit follows a learning-on-demand model, allowing you and your team to learn, debate, and agree on your plan at your own pace and time. It’s a cost-effective solution that respects your productivity.

Once ready, the process culminates in a two-hour coaching session with an experienced Fractional Chief of Staff. They will provide you with insightful comments and recommendations, aiding you in your transformation journey.


Strategy & OKR Planning Course

Follow a proven strategic planning process, learn new skills like OKR, run amazing planning workshops.


Fractional Expert Support

Get coaching and ongoing support from our global team of Fractional Chiefs of Staff.


Strategy & OKR Management Software

Let our strategy, OKR and people management software keep everyone on-track and watch KPIs improve.

Simple, Effective & Powerful

All-in-One Software Solution For Managing Growth

We’ve included a Starter Plan with 10 annual user licenses, with your purchase -FAST Transformation Strategic Planning Toolkit. It’s worth over $1,000!

De-Risk Your Strategy Execution

Fractional Chief of Staff & Best Practice Tools

After formulating your plan, proceed with an easy and affordable next step by letting our Fractional Chief of Staff oversee the execution of your strategy.

We’re committed to empowering growth and accelerating your journey towards success.