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Force Multipliers

Your Guide To Scaling-Up Growth Using An OKR Centric Business Operating System.

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"Finally a book that goes easy on the theory and jargon to show you how to leverage strategy, OKRs, people and technology to multiply revenue."

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3 Planning Mistakes That We Ensure You Won't Make

Goals Are Not Strategy

A strategy is not to revolutionize a industry, or double growth, or become the leader in your market.

Everyone Can Say That

Making a ‘great product’ and ‘increasing sales’ is what everyone is trying to do and is not a strategy.

That’s Fluffy Waffle

Because it has verbose and grandiose language does not make it a strategy that is clear and understood by all.

We help You become More Strategic

You have a great strategy when you have aligned your winning aspiration with a deep understanding of the value that customers will pay for, and have you have a plan to deliver that value better than your competitors, to the point where you can often outmanoeuvre competitors and sustain that competitive advantage for a long time.

You sustain your focus on your strategy by combining other planning concepts like goal setting and KPIs with executional processes and rituals that become part of the fabric of your company and how you manage your business.