Why it is OK to miss your OKRs this Quarter

You’re on the ZOKRI website, so the chances are that you have chosen OKRs as your goals setting framework. So why is it OK to miss your OKRs this Quarter?

3 reasons why it’s OK to miss your OKRs
OKR Direction

The first reason is, success is all about the direction of travel over long periods of time.

When you know the big picture, and by that I mean, where your organization and team is trying to go in the long term, which usually takes the form of a Mission, Vision, Purpose and North Star Metric.

When you know what your organizations Strategic Pillars are, these are the three or so key battlegrounds you need to win, and how the KPIs that align with these pillars are trending.

And when your company and team OKRs and Initiatives align with everything from your Mission to your KPIs, then your direction of travel is good, and your resources are focused on getting there.

Learn how to write OKRs with great examples and how to align them right now.

OKR Journey

The second reason is it’s not just about the destination, it’s also about the journey.

When your culture is one you can be proud of, and when you’re acting in a people first manner, putting customers, employees and your social responsibilities first, then how you are achieving your goals is something you can be proud of, and in the long-term also means your goals are more likely to be met.

OKR Ambition

And finally, when your OKRs are naturally set to be a stretch, because setting hard goals is a safe place to be, because your culture recognizes the need for ambition, innovation, and teamwork, and frowns upon individualism and personal glory hunting – something amazing happens.

You free yourself from being obsessed with the now and you focus on the long game. And when organizations are planning and working with the long-game in mind, whilst ensuring the now is being optimized to succeed as well, you find that suddenly a few missed OKRs becomes pretty unimportant.

Of course if you’re creating your OKRs in a bubble, and you don’t feel like you’ve got a purpose or long-game, and you feel like you’ve got to create OKRs that you can hit 100% of the time, every time, or else, and how you’re going about achieving your easy-to-achieve OKRs is something you are not proud of, then you might need to reach for the reboot button.

Reboot Your Organization

And if pressing that button feels like a really hard thing to do, talk to the ZOKRI team. We’ve the OKR Software and the partners to help you transform into an organization that is set-up to win the long game and thrive in the now. Try ZOKRI now.