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Free 14 Day Trial

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“I took the time to enter our executive OKRs into 3 platforms to test and demonstrate them to the broader team, after investigating 9.

I found, that despite being the first platform I used, ZOKRI was considerably easier than the others to enter the data into. It stands to reason that by the 3rd platform I would be interacting more intuitively. However, I found that it took more clicks and head-scratching to achieve with the others what I managed effortlessly with ZOKRI. In fact, one of the leading platforms I was unable to set up part of the experience as it requires an onboarding specialist and back-end support.

Beyond the ease and intuitiveness of the platform, the actual structure of the OKR ‘form’ was the most comprehensive. It easily accommodated % based key results and even allowed me to create thresholds, i.e. keep over 85% or keep below 22%. I haven’t seen this functionality in any of the 8 other platforms I looked into and it is incredibly useful.

Finally, having KPIs and OKRs separated but living in the same system is wonderful. Many platforms allow for KPIs only if they are already an objective or key result. A construct that unnecessarily muddies the waters. The ability to have KPIs and OKRs in a team meeting or a dashboard whilst maintaining their separate functions, complex health metrics and working priorities, is incredible.”

Rachael Stott, Director of Culture – GoCanvas

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