Start Using ZOKRI.

Start Using ZOKRI.

If you just want to trial our amazing OKR software platform and improve how your OKRs are managed we’d love to help.

  • Starting with a meeting is an easy and better way to review and buy software BUT if you CAN’T or WON’T meet us tell what you need in the form and we’ll try and help

  • Book a meeting and let’s talk through which features and integrations you want to start off with and how long you need the trial to run for

  • In under a day you’ll be set-up, will have learned the basics and will be adding your team and OKRs to ZOKRI

  • Nothing is hidden, try out all of the features you want and if you love it, and most do, you can buy ZOKRI from $5 per month per user

  • If you want to get lots of people involved don’t worry, we offer unlimited user trials for short or extended periods of time

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“Not only does ZOKRI run our OKR process, it is what is on-screen when we meet and the focal point of team meetings.
Capturing priorities, solving problems, assigning actions, and keeping everyone on track. Transformational.”

Collette Easton, Yard Digital

The Best OKRs Software For Systemizing Goal & Execution Alignment