Connected Performance, Culture & Wellbeing For Everyone, Everywhere!

It’s been ages since we’ve blogged. We didn’t think the time was the best use of our time to blog about remote working, or maintaining cultural values remotely and all of the other topics we could have written about. There was a huge body of amazing COVID content out there helping us all do just that and more already.

So my team and I decided to go for a COVID-19 and beyond ‘Moonshot’ – making lemonade from lemons. So here it is.

Connected performance, culture & wellbeing for everyone, everywhere! There is also a free version for everyone – unlimited time and users.

I’m really proud of ZOKRI and love it. I only hope you love this OKR software too!

So what’s in V2? The list is really long but here are some of the highlights:

  • Redesigned UI to make succeeding with OKRs easier than ever for teams in an agile working environment
  • Added lots of new To-do features and integration options that make sharing what you’re doing to achieve KPIs and goals better and easier than ever
  • New Check-in workflows keep Key Result and Initiative States, Progress & Confidence, current and accurate – keeping everyone’s finger on the pulse
  • Structured commenting so that ‘What’s holding you back’ and ‘What’s going well’ can be surfaced with the right people fast
  • New team views to make stand-ups, weekly meetings and retrospectives, whether on ZOOM or on-premise, effortless
  • New contextual Wellbeing Surveys to help Managers spot people that need support
  • New Manager views help Managers be better Managers, whether near or far away – tracking Performance, Engagement and Wellbeing in one place.

There’s lots more to discover as well! 

I’d like to publicly thank the ZOKRI team, our customers that worked hard with us to refine what they needed now and going forward post COVID, and investors for supporting our mission to make the workplace better after the virus than before it struck.

Oh, did I mention that ZOKRI’s OKR Software is FREE for UNLIMITED people

Learn more about writing OKRs with great examples, as well as how to align them in your business.