Align Strategy With Execution

There are lots of strategic battles that could be waged in every company. There are lots of goals that could be set, there are even more metrics that could be improved. One of the hardest tasks for leaders to do is to provide clarity on what matters most at every moment in time.

Deliver Strategic Focus

What to focus on and what to put down made clear

There cannot be many companies that have suffered from being overfocused on what matters most, if any. There are however lots of companies, teams and employees that are victims of not having clarity on priorities, being spread too thinly, fighting too many battles at any one time, and not having a toolkit to discuss conflicts and put things down.

ZOKRI gives you the software and frameworks to define, share, align and manage the outcomes of conversations about where you want your focus to be.

Long-term planning made clear

ZOKRI is where to share your one-to-three planning:

Mission: What you do and who you do it for
Vision: What achieving you Mission looks like
Purpose: The cause employees and customers are joining

You can also share your North Star or One Metric That Matters (OMTM) with your company. What you choose is influenced by:

  • The business that you’re in
  • The stage your company is at
  • Your audience

Key battlegrounds specified

To achieve your Mission you can’t fight every battle on every front. In any one year you will have a few key battlegrounds you want to focus on and intend to fight to win. These are often called Strategic Pillars.

ZOKRI allows you to share your Strategic Pillars. Common battlegrounds set include:

  • Financial battles like Growth
  • Customer centric ones like Customer Experience
  • Operation ones like Efficiency or Geographic Expansion
  • Human ones like Employee Development & Wellbeing

These can be changed annually or in shorter cadences as and when required. They are also an invitation to align more specific goals using OKRs with Strategy, with misalignment being something to be aware of.

OKRs narrow focus
further and ensure ambition

Company OKRs are designed to unite the company towards achieving an annual or quarterly goal. What you’re going to commit to focusing on and delivering every quarter is what teams are going to help you decide. OKRs are a small subset of what is being worked on that will provide massive and material gains.

ZOKRI is where OKRs can be set, tracked, collaborated on and delivered from week to week and quarter-to-quarter.

Initiatives deliver your outcomes

Your best ideas for how you will achieve your OKRs are Initiatives. This is where the execution and doing happens. The quality and efficiency of Initiative delivery is what drives the measurable outcomes set-out in your OKRs.

ZOKRI manages Initiatives from Ideation to Completion. It even captures and shares the learnings with teams so there’s a clear obvious learning loop in place.

Health Metrics or KPIs
catch the rest

If OKRs are the most important goals that are being committed to, the general health of a company or team should also be monitored and shared.

Any deterioration in health whilst OKRs are being worked on needs to be flagged, and contributions towards business-as-usual maintenance also need to be recognised so everyone feels valued.

ZOKRI has this covered as well, ensuring every aspect of what helps to create a strategically aligned, focused, empowered, autonomous and happy workforce is in place.

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Want To Help Your Teams Learn OKRs?

ZOKRI has spent years helping businesses of all sizes succeed with either a mix of coaching and software or self-serve OKR software with education and on-boarding support built in. We’ve become leaders at ensuring customers don’t just have OKRs, they have great OKRs, are feeling the full benefit, and employees understand and like the framework, and can see how it help them to succeed. This ground-up adoption matters to your long term success.

If you’d like to talk to us about OKRs, how best to implement them correctly, and learn how ZOKRI has helped companies successfully embed OKRs to improve alignment, engagement and performance, book a call, we’ve lots of valuable advice to share.


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