Give OKRs a Pulse With Easy Check-ins & Brilliant Meetings

If you want OKRs to work you need plans, progress and problems to be update regularly via check-ins and then you need great meetings to happen either in the office or on video calls. 

ZOKRI’s unique check-in and meeting management features ensure that when you do meet, you will have updated OKRs on screen alongside proposed discussion points, previous meeting actions and more. 

Free to use with no limit on time or users

ZOKRI - Return On Time Invested

Better Meetings End-to-End

What Great Meetings Looks Like

Prepare To Meet

Prepare Brilliantly 

Check-ins are how OKRs and Initiatives have progress, confidence and comments like what is holding them back added. These are usually set to happen weekly.
Pre-meeting Review and Comment
Before meetings it’s best to review and comment on OKRs and Initiatives so you’re up to speed. You might even be able to resolve issues pre-meeting so they’re not on the agenda.
Agenda Discussion Point Proposal & Voting
Now you have seen how everyone is doing and what they are doing. Propose and collaborate on agenda discussion points for the next scheduled meeting and vote up other proposed discussion points.
Action Review
Review meeting actions assigned at the last meeting and their status.
OKR and Initiatives To Focus On

ZOKRI makes it easy to decide which OKRs and Initiatives should be the focus of this part of the meeting as there is often no need to add them all to the agenda.

Prepare For Meetings
ZOKRI - Remote or in person

Meet In Person Or Remotely

Running and attending great meetings has never been easier. The agenda is right there, and assigning actions and taking notes as you go is a doddle.

Whether you are attending via a video call or in the same room, the presenter controls the meeting and your screen will move from agenda item to agenda item. Or change presenters as the meeting goes.

Decisions Documented, Actions Actioned

Meeting actions are assigned and when complete marked as done. No need to follow-up or chase. Actions can then become an agenda item for the next meeting.
ZOKRI - Remote or in person
Return On Time Invested

Feedback Is A Gift

Sometimes you may want to get feedback on meetings like a Return On Time Invested (ROTI) Survey. This and other agenda item elements are available to add.

The aim is to take your first meeting baseline and then watch how ZOKRI increases your ROTI scores.

You might even want to compare how different team are performing in meetings.

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Check-in reminders
Via email, Slack, Teams to make sure Status, Progress, Confidence and ‘What’s holding emplyees back’ is captured.




Simple checkin workflows
Deeplinking to what needs to be checked-in and easy workflow to capture the required information.


Check-in Comment Sharing
When comments are shared like ‘what’s holding me back’, you want these shared via email. Slack and MS Teams.



OKR Meeting Management

There are various meetings that require OKRs on the agenda. Weekly Team, End of Quarter Retrospective & Planning, 1-on-1’s. These need to be scheduled, agendas proposed and shared, OKRs discussed, actions assigned, notes and decisions captured. ZOKRI’s comprehensive Meeting Management features allow you to do all of this, and you will know policies are being followed and great meetings are happening.



What The Research Says
3 Billion Meetings

There are more than 3 billion meetings held per year


Of meetings are spent discussing irrelevant issues


Of people find meetings to be unproductive


Of people do other work in meetings


Of people have had no formal training on how to have meetings

Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?
Ready To Create Happier, More Engaged And Better Performing Teams?