22 SaaS Marketing Tips & Tricks

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At the SaaStr Annual 2019 there were boards where attendees were able to share their Marketing Tips and tricks. We enjoyed watching the ideas get added everyday and made notes of the best ones so we could share them here.

If you don’t measure KPIs you don’t grow.

Write about what you customers care about, not your product all the time.

Get smart about you content strategy, it works wonders.

Do fewer things, but really really well.

If you have a Marketing Manager, if you only measure one thing, measure him or her on the Qualified Leads generated.

Hire diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Start implementing an agile working environment.

Don’t think about generating leads, think about generating value.

If you ask your customers the right question they will write you marketing copy for you ….. just listen.

Discover your best Social Media and focus on that one.

Assign your team members health metrics not processes.

Focus on the job people are hiring your product to do and the desired outcome.

Don’t do everything, do some things really well.

Measure what matters and stick to your OKRs, preferably in OKR Software. You can find great OKR examples on our Ultimate Guide To OKRs.

Know your customers better than you know yourself.

Content is no longer king, distribution is.

Sales and Marketing need to work as a team.

Don’t hesitate to try new things, you never know what works.

Leads are lagging indicators. Hire a Product Marketer first to listen and tell the story of how you solve their problems and leads will come.

Make it work, them make it better.

Your team is the power so build a great one.

Market to you clients too.

Share your story. Market your story. Products and Services are great, but stories engage customers.

What do you think? Which are the best Marketing Tips and Tricks for SaaS in the list? Which are missing that you’d like to add?