THRIVE – Episode #2 – Steve Grout & Nikhil K Maini

It’s remarkable to see how companies have adapted their goal setting in OKR software since Covid-19 plunged the normal ways of working into something quite different. After almost a year of lockdowns, ZOOM calls and adjusted ways of working – agile companies that have adapted are coping well and are sure to succeed, while the ones who are attempting to behave as we used to may start to suffer in 2021.

Learn more about writing great OKRs to help you align and improve performance management for 2021.

“Many companies say "We used to work like this in the office - now we'll just do it like this on ZOOM" - but are people happy or satisfied? Are they aligned and engaged?”

This podcast doesn’t offer advice on ‘how to work remotely’ or ‘how to connect with your teams during the Coronavirus’– we’re already quite well rehearsed with working remotely.

This podcast offers much more than that. How can your company truly push itself from Q1 to Q2 during this pandemic if you’re not sure what exactly you’re doing? How can your company push itself far into the future if priorities and goals aren’t clear or communicated right now?

It’s more important than ever to align yourself and channel focus, purpose and productivity into the right areas. Measuring the right KPIs and implementing Objectives into OKR Software play an important role in this.

“A huge number of organisations are waking up to the power of OKRs - a great way to plan goals and prioritise what it is that the company wants to focus on, but also choosing the areas that they DON’T want to focus on. That’s a critical decision as well.”

Welcome to episode #2 of THRIVE – a podcast that explores the science of workplace performance. In this episode we are joined by OKR experts Steve Grout of Coleville and Nikhil K Maini of OKR International who focus on exactly how companies can become more resilient in 2021.

We also discuss how to get the most out of people and productivity during uncertain times as well as dissecting the culture needed for OKRs to accelerate performance in your teams and company.

“OKRs not only help organisations in really focused goal management and planning - they also provide a great framework in helping organisations execute and implement those goals.”

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