Matt Roberts

Price’s Law – Why does this feel like it might be true?

Price’s Law states that the square root of the number of people in a domain do 50% of the work. What this means is: 10 employees: 3 of them do 1/2 the work 100 employees: 10 of them do 1/2 the work 10,000 employees: 100 of them do 1/2 the work I’ve certainly worked in […]

The Key Result Difficulty Debate – Where Do You Stand?

One of the general rules of OKRs is the Targets set in Key Results should be a stretch and that achieving around the 70% mark can be seen as a success. So is the rule you should follow as simple as that or is it nuanced? Here are some nuances you should consider.

Why Spotify stopped using Individual OKRs

OKRs at the company level allow Spotify to set out the priorities for the upcoming period. Teams can then align their OKRs around these, and plan how they are going to execute and deliver. But what about Individual OKRs?

37 SaaS Sales Tips & Tricks

During the SaaStr Annual 2019 there were boards where attendees were able to share their Sales Tips and tricks on a board. Watching the board evolve over the week was fun and sometimes inspiring. Here are the best tips and tricks from the board for you to enjoy. Don’t be afraid to say they aren’t […]